How to Sell Land for Cash in Utah

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How to Sell Land for Cash in Utah

Bart Waldon

Utah is a beautiful state located in the Western United States, known for its red rock formations, national parks like Arches and Zion, and ski resorts. With diverse terrain including mountains, high deserts and salt flats, Utah provides ample opportunities for land ownership. However, when the time comes to sell your Utah land, doing so can be tricky without the right approach.

This guide will provide useful tips for Utah landowners on how to navigate the local land market and sell your property for cash to an investment company. We’ll cover key steps in the sales process, what to expect time and money-wise, and how to position your land for the highest sale price.

Navigating the Utah Land Market

The Utah real estate and land market has unique attributes to understand before listing your property. Utah has experienced fast population and economic growth in recent years. The state attracts new residents and real estate investors with its outdoor recreation options and business-friendly tax policies.

At the same time, a lot of land in Utah is remote or lacks access and utilities. While the views may be spectacular, there are limitations on developing and building on such land. Maximizing the sales potential means properly pricing based on land use limitations and demand from buyers.

Utah also has a high percentage of land owned by the federal government, which reduces the private land available for sale. With high demand and low inventory, prices for land have increased rapidly, especially near urban centers like Salt Lake City.

However, the market for remote recreational or desert acreage is less competitive. The targeted buyer profile seeks discounts off full market value for issues like no utilities access or zoning restrictions. Patience is required, as this buyer niche is smaller.

Key Steps to Sell Your Land

Selling Utah land typically involves either listing through a broker or agent, selling directly to an individual buyer, or working with a land buying company for a cash offer. Here are key steps if you choose to sell directly to a company:

Research Land Buying Companies

Specialized real estate investment companies exist in most states that purchase land outright for cash. These companies buy acreage and land to hold or resell for a profit. In Utah, there are several established buyers focusing on remote plots priced under market value.

Researching multiple land buyers lets you compare business histories, specialties, buying criteria, and cash offer pricing. Make sure any company is licensed, insured, has 5+ years of operations, and has closed 100+ direct land transactions.

Request a Cash Offer

Once you identify reputable buying companies, request cash offer quotes. Be prepared to provide details like parcel identification number, acreage, zoning, property access, terrain, utilities availability, and any other special features.

The more insights provided upfront, the more accurate the cash pricing estimate will be. Some may require an on-site visit to fully evaluate the property condition and market potential prior to finalizing an offer.

Negotiate Offer and Close the Sale

Typically, land buying companies make discounted offers compared to listing on the open market. However, they close sales quickly with flexible terms compared to selling yourself. Consider their offer, and negotiate if it seems too low for the property details.

Once you agree on pricing and terms, move forward to close and get paid promptly. Closing remotely is common when working with land buyers. They handle all sale paperwork and fees so you simply sign documents and collect payment on the spot.

What to Expect When Working With a Land Buyer

Selling directly to a land buying company in Utah provides a relatively smooth and hands-off process for property owners. However, it comes with tradeoffs to understand upfront versus an open market or auction sale.


A land buyer closes deals on your timeline, which may be as fast as a few days or up to a month. In comparison, listing land through an agent or FSBO often takes many months to get an acceptable offer, and longer still to finalize.


Land buying companies must purchase properties at deeply discounted prices to profit through resale. Their offers generally range from 60-80 percent of market value. However, exact pricing considers development potential, terrain, access limitations and demand in that area. Remote and difficult to build on land will receive lower offers.


One major incentive when working with Utah land buyers is flexible terms. For example, some companies offer gradual seller financing terms. Others provide lump-sum cash at closing with no finance charges, which reduces taxes owed. Be sure to inquire about options if needed.


Land buyers handle all required marketing and sales activities related to purchased properties. As the seller, you avoid the hassle of showings, open houses, paperwork and more. The buyer also assumes carrying costs for taxes, maintenance fees and more after purchase.


Avoiding hefty real estate agent commissions is another advantage of selling directly to a buyer. Typical Utah agent commissions range from 5-6% of the total sales price. With a $200k property, that’s $10,000 - $12,000 out of your pocket.

Tips to Position Your Land for Top Dollar

Follow these tips if you want to maximize the cash price received when selling land:

Get Clear Title

Resolve any open liens, title issues, boundary disputes, easements or other complications tied to the land early on. Land with clouded title or restrictions dramatically reduces what buyers will pay.

Spruce Up Appearances

Make sure vegetation and brush is cleared so buyers can properly assess the grounds. Trash piles, old vehicles or debris also brings down price perceptions if visible.

Highlight Details

Focus your description on land aspects that matter most to buyers like expansive views, development potential or recreational amenities nearby. Providing photos and boundaries maps also builds appeal.

Research Market Rates

Check online property records to see what similar vacant land near your parcel has sold for recently. While a land buyer won’t match full rates, it provides useful context during offer negotiations.

Be Flexible

Consider creative offers like seller financing terms, gradual payments over time, or delayed transfers of deed. Providing flexibility often results in higher bids from serious investors and developers.

Spread the Word

Market the land availability through local agents, online listing sites, or your social network. Broadcast the key details to attract interested investor buyers to contact you directly.

Selling Utah land for cash allows property owners to exchange their unwanted land for lump-sum payments quickly. Working with established local land buying companies can streamline the sales process through fair cash offers, flexible terms and handling all closing logistics. With the right partner and preparation, your property can become cash in hand rapidly.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land in Utah can be a complex process, but also rewarding when done right. With a hot real estate market and influx of new residents, demand for land ownership will likely continue rising across the state. Landowners seeking to sell undeveloped acres or other rural tracts have options like traditional listing agents, auctions, or direct sale to investors. Weighing the pros and cons of each route and putting in preparation work enables pricing your rugged mountain retreat or high desert plot at maximum value. Partnering with an established land buying company provides Utah sellers an easy exit strategy through all-cash offers, flexible terms, and avoiding most sales burdens. For those ready to liquidate their asset into spendable money, understanding these local land market nuances, buyer motivations and connecting with the right purchaser can pay off through a fast, fair and simplified transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to sell Utah land for cash?

Selling directly to a land buying company can allow you to sell your land in as little as a few days up to a month. Traditional listing agents may take 6 months to over a year locate a qualified buyer and close.

How do I get the highest price when selling my Utah land?

Steps like clearing title issues, removing trash/debris, showcasing views and development potential can help maximize your Utah land sales price. Comparing multiple investor offers and negotiating also typically yields a higher cash deal.

What costs come out of the proceeds when I sell land in Utah?

When selling Utah land yourself, expect to pay agent commissions (6% of sale price), legal fees, and other closing costs. Land buying companies pay all fees so sellers pocket the full offered amount.

What kind of land do Utah land buying companies purchase?

Companies purchase many types of rural land including remote acreage, ranches, hunting grounds, off-grid parcels and more. As long as zoning allows, location and access are less important to investors.

When should I consider seller financing when selling my land?

Seller financing presents advantages like higher offers, gradual income instead of lump payment, and tax benefits. It works best if holding some mortgage appeals to you and the buyer is vetted financially.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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