How to Sell Land for Cash in Florida

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How to Sell Land for Cash in Florida

Bart Waldon

Looking to convert your vacant Florida land into readily available cash? Recent data indicates over 9.7 million acres of agricultural land exist in the state alongside millions more in raw rural acreage – but marketing and selling unwanted parcels requires distinct strategies securing top dollar, especially for landowners needing expedited exits. A Federal Reserve 2022 report on cash land sales traces over $125 billion in vacant Florida land transacted over the trailing decade. However, optimal outcomes go to informed sellers who wisely navigate critical upfront preparations impacting property desirability and valuation before listing locally held land assets when ready to relinquish ownership rights. Cash buyers aim minimizing risks that extended financing brings by evaluating key indicators proving lands merits investment. 

This article outlines considerations maximizing lucrative offers for Florida land owners seeking accelerated sales completion. Topics covered include: intelligently positioning asking pricing for faster sales, what motivates cash buyers, steps enhancing land while listed, using intermediaries stimulating bids and other insider tips those holding raw acreage need when prioritizing swift land sale closings resulting in satisfying cash payouts meeting your goals.

Overview of the Florida Land Market

The demand for land in Florida is driven by a few key factors. For one, Florida's sunny climate, pristine beaches and lack of state income tax make it a highly desirable place to live and own real estate. In recent years, northern cities like New York and Chicago have seen an exodus of residents moving down to Florida.

Tourism is also huge in Florida, as people flock to Orlando theme parks, Miami nightlife, Key West beaches and more. Naturally, the businesses catering to these tourists need land to operate. Finally, Florida’s agricultural industry requires massive amounts of land for citrus groves, cattle ranching, sugarcane and vegetable farming.

However, much of Florida’s developable land has already been built on. With high demand and dwindling supply, vacant land prices are consistently on the rise. Selling land you own in Florida is a great way to capitalize on this market trend.

Preparing Your Land for Sale

Before listing your land for sale, take some time to make sure the property is in optimal condition. This “cleaning up” of your land will make it more appealing to buyers and can help maximize your selling price. Here are some tips:

Clear brush and debris: Overgrown vegetation and litter make land appear uncared for. Spend some time clearing away branches, leaves and trash from the property.

Remove any unwanted structures: If there are any buildings, sheds or foundations left on the land from previous owners, have them safely torn down and disposed of. Clear land will show better.

Get a survey done: Having an official survey of the property completed will clearly define the boundaries and total acreage of your land. This allows buyers to know exactly what they are getting.

Check for liens or claims: Research at your county clerk’s office to see if there are any outstanding mortgages, tax liens, claims or other legal issues on the property. These can complicate a sale, so best to clear them upfront.

Confirm zoning and development potential: Interested buyers will want to know details like the land’s zoning category, if development is allowed, any deed restrictions, etc. Do your homework so these questions can be easily answered.

Taking these steps gets your property sale-ready and makes for an easier, faster transaction.

How to Value Land for Sale in Florida

Setting the right price for your land is key to selling it quickly and maximizing your profit. While appraisals from real estate agents can be helpful, here are some other factors to research to value land yourself in Florida:

Area recent sales: Look at what similar vacant land parcels have sold for in your county lately. Pay attention to land with the same zoning, acreage and development potential.

Development costs: Estimate expenses like permitting, clearing land, installing utilities and building roads. Subtract this from your asking price.

Location: Land near growing cities and amenities like highways, beaches or parks can demand a higher price per acre. Remote parcels will sell for less.

Improvements: Land with utilites, paved road access, permitted plans for construction or other improvements have added value over raw land.

Current market conditions: Buyer demand fluctuates in Florida real estate just like the stock market. Adjust your pricing based on broader trends affecting land values.

Appraisal: Paying an appraiser for a professional opinion on fair market value can provide useful context for your own pricing analysis.

Take your time researching to set an optimal price per acre. Price too high and your land may sit on the market for years. But price too low and you leave money on the table at closing.

Marketing Your Florida Land for Sale

Once you’ve prepared the land and set an asking price, it’s time to start marketing the property to potential buyers. Here are effective strategies to advertise land for sale:

Hire a real estate agent: Many land buyers start their search looking at local realtor listings. Agents can also advise pricing and handle showings.

Post online classified ads: Websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace offer free classifieds to reach local buyers.

Network with local investors: Get to know real estate investors in your area. They may be interested in your land or know others looking to buy.

Create "For Sale" signage: Post signs around the land's perimeter and at nearby intersections to catch the eye of people passing by.

Advertise in local publications: Many newspapers and magazines have real estate listing sections. Placing an ad there expands your reach.

Use land listing sites: Check out websites like Lands of America and Land And Farm focused just on buying and selling vacant land.

Sell to a land buying company: Companies like Land Boss buy land directly from sellers for cash, reducing hassle and fees.

A multi-pronged advertising approach helps you connect with the most buyers and gets your land sold faster. Patience is key, as it can take several months to generate interest and receive reasonable offers.

Tips for Negotiating with Land Buyers

Once you start receiving offers from potential buyers, the negotiation process begins. Here are some tips to negotiate successfully:

Respond promptly - Let buyers know within 24 hours if their offer is acceptable or give a counteroffer. Serious buyers will move on if you delay.

Provide documents - Have property details like the survey, title insurance, disclosures ready to share. Being organized builds credibility.

Justify your price - If countering above a buyer’s offer, explain how you arrived at a higher amount based on comparable sales, land value factors, etc.

Be flexible - Most buyers expect some negotiation room. Don’t stonewall or take offense at lower offers. Counter and find common ground.

Watch contingencies - Require timeframes for inspections and secure earnest money to prevent buyers from tying up your land.

Close the deal quickly - Once you agree on price and terms, move decisively to signing. Momentum is key to get to closing.

With some savvy negotiating, you can maximize your return while the buyer feels they got a fair deal. This wins on both sides.

Selling Your Florida Land for Cash

For many property owners, the biggest appeal of selling land is turning it into immediate cash in hand. However, traditional land sales can take months to close, with the buyer needing to secure financing.

Selling your land for cash accelerates the process. Closing can happen in as little as a few days. The buyer already has capital available and no lengthy mortgage approval process to hold things up.

Who buys land with cash? Typical cash buyers include:

  • Investors looking to flip or develop your property
  • Established land development companies
  • Businesses needing land for expansion
  • Farmers seeking to increase acreage
  • Hunting clubs or recreational buyers

Cash buyers have flexibility to close quickly, but won’t pay full retail land value. Expect to sell your land for around 60-70% of market value if you want an ultra-fast cash closing. Some may consider this a “lowball” offer, but it reflects the speed and certainty of this type of land sale.

If you need to sell land fast in Florida and convert it to immediate cash, contacting local cash land buyers like Land Boss is your best option. We have the capital available to buy land for cash throughout Florida. Sell your property fast and move on without the hassles of traditional financing and closings.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land in a state as popular as Florida can be hugely profitable if you approach the process strategically. Preparing your land properly, pricing it right for the market, and marketing to qualified buyers will help attract fair offers and close the deal smoothly. For those looking to sell quickly for cash, connecting with local cash land buyers cuts out delays and gets cash in your hands fast. With high demand and rising land values, now may be the perfect time to sell your Florida land.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to sell land for cash in Florida?

Selling land for cash in Florida can happen very quickly, usually within 7-30 days from accepting an offer. Cash buyers have funds readily available and there is no financing process, so land sales can close fast.

What documents do I need to sell my land in Florida?

To sell land, you’ll need the property deed, tax records, survey/plat map, title insurance, disclosures about the land, and no liens or claims against the title. Having these ready makes for an easier sale.

Who are typical cash land buyers in Florida?

Typical cash land buyers include real estate investors, development companies, businesses needing land for expansion, farmers looking to increase acreage, and recreational buyers like hunt clubs.

How much below market value will I sell for with a cash land sale?

Expect to sell your land for around 60-70% of full market value if you want an ultra-fast cash sale. Cash buyers pay less but close quickly with no financing hassles.

What steps should I take to get my land ready to sell?

Clear any brush/debris, take down unwanted structures, get a survey done, research title issues, confirm zoning details to prepare your land. Properly prepared land can maximize offers.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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