How to Sell Land for Cash in Arizona

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How to Sell Land for Cash in Arizona

Bart Waldon

Over 113 million acres represents Arizona's total land area, filled with diverse terrain from the renowned Grand Canyon and red rock vistas to rugged desert valleys and pine-forested high country. The Arizona State Land Department manages approximately 9 million acres of endowment trust land designated as assets to generate income benefiting public schools and institutions. Yet the majority of Arizona acreage sits in private hands including farmland, ranches, and both developed and undeveloped real estate. 

Many landowners, especially those inheriting undesired or non-income generating parcels, decide selling for instant cash can provide needed liquidity versus waiting for traditional financed deals. As experienced cash land buyers helping Arizona owners liquidate properties, we simplify the process so sellers receive fair prices without extended time on market. By realistically pricing land, directly contacting reputable buyers accepting cash terms and transparently communicating all factors affecting value, Arizona landowners can successfully sell properties for cash to meet financial goals or other needs.

Get to Know the Arizona Land Market

The land market in Arizona can vary greatly depending on which part of the state you are in. Understanding land values and trends in your local area is key to pricing and marketing your land appropriately. Some factors that impact land prices in Arizona include:

  • Location - Land near metro areas like Phoenix and Tucson will command higher prices than rural land. Proximity to amenities like highways, airports, and recreation areas also boosts value.
  • Zoning and land use - Land zoned for commercial or residential development is worth more than agricultural or vacant land. Know your land's zoning and potential uses.
  • Access and utilities - Land with good road access, electricity, and water/sewer already connected will sell for more than raw undeveloped land.
  • Natural features - Things like lakefront access, mountain views, trees, etc. can increase desirability. Lack of access to water may decrease price in Arizona's arid climate.
  • Comps - Studying sales of similar nearby plots gives you solid comps to help determine competitive pricing. A reputable real estate agent can help with this.

Before listing your land, research recent sales of comparable land parcels in the same city or county using online listings or an agent. Current fair market value will dictate the potential sales price and terms you can realistically expect. The local assessor's site also provides land valuations for tax purposes to factor in.

Prepare Your Land for Sale

Making some improvements to get your land sale-ready can help boost the price and sell faster. Consider taking these steps:

  • Clear brush - Removing any overgrown vegetation, trash piles, and debris makes vacant land more appealing to buyers.
  • Upgrade access - Improving roadway access with gravel or pavement helps buyers visualize using the land.
  • Install utilities - Having electricity, water, septic tank, etc. connected adds value over raw land, though costs more upfront.
  • Survey boundaries - Getting a professional survey done provides buyers with confidence about the exact property boundaries.
  • Divide parcels - Splitting large acreage into smaller 1-5 acre parcels can expand your buyer pool.
  • Obtain approvals - Having construction permits, mineral rights access, water rights, etc. sorted out speeds the sale process.

Though optional, making these types of fixed improvements can enable you to command a 10-25% higher price over weed-filled or poorly accessed land.

Determine the Best Sale Method

How you sell your land will impact price, speed of sale, and your workload as the seller. Common options for selling land in Arizona include:

  • Realtor listings - Hiring a real estate agent to list your property in MLS databases opens it up to thousands of agents and buyers. Typical commission is 5-6%.
  • For Sale by Owner - You can list your land on popular sites like Zillow and Craigslist yourself if willing to show it to buyers directly. Lower fees but more hands-on.
  • Auctions - A reputable auction company will advertise and facilitate competitive bidding for your land on auction day. Fees vary but higher prices are possible.
  • Word of mouth - Spreading the word about your land to friends, family, neighbors often surfaces interested buyers. Low effort but limited exposure.
  • Investors - Companies that buy land may make a direct cash offer to purchase your property quickly, but often at deep discounts.

Weigh the pros and cons of each method as some will maximize price over speed, while others prioritize convenience. Setting a date by which you wish to sell can dictate the best approach.

Price Your Land Competitively

One of the most important factors in selling your land is pricing it correctly. Overpricing will deter buyers, while underpricing leaves money on the table. Consider these tips:

  • Price near the low end of your property's fair market value range. High prices attract few, if any, buyers.
  • Factor in your parcel's unique pros and cons relative to the recent sales used as comps. Adjust your price accordingly.
  • Account for required fixes buyers may request you make to improve access, utilities, etc.
  • Consider local market conditions - depressed areas may require lower pricing. Booming markets can support higher prices.
  • If willing to subdivide your land, price each individual parcel at a premium per acre over your bulk price.
  • Your asking price can be 10-15% above your minimum acceptable amount, giving you room to negotiate.

Re-evaluating your asking price every 2-4 weeks based on buyer response is recommended if no activity to ensure it is competitive. Being flexible on price is key to selling for cash quickly.

Marketing Your Arizona Land

To generate interest among cash buyers, robust marketing of your land for sale is a must. Some low-cost options to get the word out include:

  • Post a For Sale listing on high-traffic sites like Zillow, Trulia, Lands of America, Loopnet, etc.
  • Create a basic website for your property with photos, maps, details on access, zoning, etc. SEO can help people find it.
  • Design full color flyers to post on community bulletin boards at local stores, libraries, etc.
  • List in classified sections of local newspapers and penny savers.
  • Tell all friends, family members and neighbors who may be interested or know someone who is.
  • Post in Facebook Groups and on Nextdoor for your city/town - especially ones for housing, real estate investors, etc.
  • Add custom yard signs or banners on the property, ideally facing main roads with contact info.

The more exposure you generate, the greater chances a motivated cash buyer finds and contacts you about your Arizona land for sale. Refresh ads every few weeks to stay atop of search results.

Negotiating Effectively with Buyers

When serious buyers emerge, be prepared to negotiate offers and terms strategically to optimize your cash return.

  • Reconfirm your minimum acceptable price ahead of talks to stand firm on price.
  • Get all offers in writing from buyers with their proposed price, contingencies, and timetable.
  • Counter offers higher if buyers open lower than your listing price. Provide comps to support.
  • Decline lowball offers politely. State "I'm looking for offers in the range of $XXX."
  • Increase price if multiple buyers bid against each other. Let them know others are interested.
  • Accept the best offer that meets your price goals and has few contingencies tied to it.
  • Reasonable concessions like closing costs or delayed closing may be warranted to seal a deal.
  • Don't take lack of interest personally. Stay confident in the value of your property.

With the right mix of pricing, marketing, negotiations, and persistence, you can maximize the cash return on the sale of your Arizona land.

Closing the Sale and Getting Paid

Once terms are finalized in a purchase contract, you're nearly at the finish line. Be meticulously prepared for the closing process to ensure it goes smoothly.

  • Work with a qualified real estate attorney to review the purchase contract.
  • Gather preliminary title work, surveys, and any approvals needed for closing.
  • Disclose liens, easements, zoning restrictions, or other encumbrances on the land upfront.
  • Make any minor repairs or cleanup requested by buyer during final walkthroughs.
  • Follow the title company or escrow service's procedures during closing.
  • Bring government-issued I.D., keys, codes to access property, and other items required.
  • Review closing documents carefully before signing. Get copies of executed deed, transfer forms, etc.
  • Deposit the proceeds from the sale immediately upon receipt for safety.

Closing the sale and receiving a cash payment for your land is a major accomplishment! With persistence and the right approach, you can sell your Arizona land for top dollar.

Should I Consider Selling to a Land Buying Company?

For some land sellers, receiving a direct cash offer from a land buying company may be an attractive option over traditional sales. Companies like Land Boss buy land for cash in Arizona and nationwide.

Here are some potential benefits to selling to a land buying company:

  • Speed - The sale process can be completed in as little as a few days in some cases.
  • Certainty - Cash offers provide certainty the sale will close, unlike contingent buyer offers.
  • No showings - No need to accommodate random buyer showings and visits to property.
  • Professionalism - Established land buying firms handle all the details and paperwork professionally.
  • As-is condition - No need to pay for improvements or cleanup - land is purchased as is.
  • No commissions - Sellers keep more money without realtor commissions deducted.

Of course, the main trade off is that land investors will pay below full retail market value in order to profit reselling it. Their cash offers may be 20%-50% lower than asking prices. So it requires a trade off between maximizing price and a quicker, easier sale process.

For Arizona landowners needing to sell quickly for emergency cash, or wanting to offload the burdens of selling it themselves, reputable local land buyers can provide that fast exit strategy.

Final Thoughts

With unique natural landscapes ranging from the Sonoran Desert to pine forests, Arizona offers terrific opportunities to sell vacant land for cash if you follow the right process. Do your homework on the market, make improvements to maximize value, use smart pricing and marketing strategies, negotiate firmly and close the deal smoothly.

Selling land on your own takes time, effort and persistence, but the financial rewards make it worthwhile. Or consider approaches like direct sales to land investors if you need to sell your Arizona land for urgent cash needs. With the guidance above, you can successfully monetize your land assets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it usually take to sell land in Arizona?

On average, vacant land parcels in Arizona take 2-6 months to sell if priced competitively and marketed actively. More desirable locations and properties in high demand may sell in under a month. Difficult to access or remote land could take over a year to find the right cash buyer.

What costs are involved in selling land in Arizona?

Primary expenses are marketing fees like online listings, signs, flyers. Realtor commissions of 5-6% if selling via an agent. Legal transfer fees of under 1%. No state income taxes to pay on profits in Arizona. Minor costs may include title search, appraisal, survey, or land clearing.

Should I get my property appraised before selling land in Arizona?

An appraisal isn't required, but can help if you have no recent comps available to properly determine fair market value and pricing. Appraisals cost around $500-$1000 for vacant land. A comparative market analysis from a realtor is a lower cost option.

How can I locate interested cash buyers for my Arizona land?

Realtor listings, online ads, auction sites, and your own network will reach most potential buyers. Land acquisition companies also offer direct purchases if you want a quick and simple sale. Local real estate investors may buy smaller vacant lots.

What steps can I take to make my land more attractive to buyers?

Making improvements like clearing brush, building access roads, doing minor grading work, surveying the parcel, and staking property lines can boost a property's salability. Having utilities already connected is a major plus too.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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