How to Sell Land Fast in Arizona

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How to Sell Land Fast in Arizona

Brylle Roquero

If you own a property in Arizona and you have decided to sell your land for whatever reason, there are many ways that you can do so. We will try to go through some of the most common ways that you can sell your Arizona land.

Publish Your Listing Online

One of the easiest ways to reach a lot of people is by publishing your listing online. Almost every person in the world has some form of access to the internet and one cannot deny that digital marketing is the most effective way of reaching your target market.

In selling your Arizona land, you have to have a big consideration for listing your property in online channels. There are a lot of websites that you can check out that will make your listing reach a lot of potential buyers. Some of the most popular are Craigslist, Zillow, and Facebook Marketplace.

Each of these platforms has different features that you can take advantage of when publishing your Arizona land. But I would suggest that you publish your listings on all three websites since they do not ask for payment anyways.

You probably know Craigslist, you might even have a thing or two in the house that you bought from here. Basically, Craigslist is an online marketplace for anything that is for sale. You can go to the site and look for a new table or chair. Surprisingly, vacant land is being posted on Craigslist too! Creating an account (if you do not already have one) is very simple, and you can post your Arizona land within minutes.

Zillow is more of a niche type of site that is more for buying and selling real estate properties. Unlike Craigslist where you can find all sorts of things, Zillow only lists houses and land. The site is also free to use and you can publish your Arizona land easily without hassle.

Who would not know about Facebook Marketplace? Aside from everyday items, electronics, clothing, and almost anything – Facebook Marketplace is also a great place to buy or sell real estate. Many people are already posting their properties on Facebook Marketplace since it is easy to use and many people are using the platform on a daily basis.

Again, for maximum exposure, make sure to publish your listing on these three platforms. If you can find another land listing website, you can publish it there as well. Be sure to be very informative in your listings so potential buyers will have all the necessary information that they need in a single glance. Another important tip: be sure to use high-resolution images of your property when publishing your Arizona land online so your buyers will have an initial look at your Arizona land from the listing.

Sell With Real Estate Agents

If you do not want to do the sale by yourself, you can connect with real estate agents to do the sale for you. Selling land is absolutely hard, even with the help of real estate agents. It is totally understandable if you do not want to burden yourself with this responsibility. To give you a perspective, according to a report from Prycd, selling land in Arizona will take you 265 days if you sell by yourself or even if you ask for help from realtors. That is more than 8 months on average, and during that period your land will be waiting while you or your agent is looking for a possible buyer.

However, one advantage of tapping the help of real estate agents is that you are not going to spend time so much since your realtor will take care of selling for you. But, this service will always come with a price. Real estate agents will typically ask for a 6 to 10% commission once they are done selling your property.

One insider tip that we can give you if you decide to sell with real estate agents is to look for someone who already had experience in selling raw land. You have to keep in mind that land is not easy to sell especially if you compare it with fully furnished houses. There is just too much work to be done on vacant land and that is primarily the reason why it does not appeal much to buyers. Here is an article from our Managing Partner, Bart Waldon on the seven reasons why land is hard to sell to give you a clear picture of how hard the process can be.

Sell To Land Boss

I saved the best for last in this article. Without trying to sound too biased, if you want to sell your Arizona land easily, sell to us here at Land Boss (or any land company that you prefer).

Compared with the first two options, selling directly to land companies will not take years for you to receive the payment for your Arizona land, it won’t even take months. As far as we are concerned, we can give you the cash offer for your land in as fast as one week! And you read it correctly, we’ll buy it in cash.

What makes land companies unique is unlike real estate agents, we will not help you look for a potential buyer for your Arizona land, but we will be that buyer ourselves. Once we bought your property, it will become our own and it will be our responsibility to find a buyer for it.

But I have to be honest with you, you have to be prepared to accept an offer from us that is slightly lower than the market price of your property. As I have already established, finding a buyer for your Arizona land is going to be extremely difficult and it will take a lot of time. While we are experts in selling land, we do not control the market and it can still take months or years before we find a suitable buyer. That’s why buying your property at a lower price will enable us to recover the cost of our marketing efforts while still earning a profit.

You may take a look at our seller’s page and watch the video from Scott from there. Scott was one of our previous clients who decided to sell his property to us and he received a fair deal, what made the experience better for him is that he only waited for days to receive his check! In his words, Scott mentioned that the experience was “very easy” and he was “glad that he did it”.

If you are ready to sell your Arizona land to us, send us a message today and we will get back to you with a cash offer as fast as we can!

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