How to Sell Land by Owner in Louisiana?

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How to Sell Land by Owner in Louisiana?

Bart Waldon

Louisiana spans over 27 million acres containing rich biodiversity across wetlands, farmlands and forested areas according to USDA data. Much of this property stays concentrated within longstanding family legacies passed generationally. However, trying conditions across industries like oil/gas extraction and shipping perpetually force difficult land ownership decisions upon Louisiana families - including liquidating assets. For landowners exploring solo property sales without engaging real estate agents, mastering marketing outreach and networking prove instrumental for securing reasonable deals. Alongside realistic pricing and patience addressing buyers’ inquiries, the path exists to successfully transfer Louisiana lands yourself if aligning efforts with current market expectations.

Pricing Louisiana Rural Land Tracts Appropriately

Among the first steps preparing Louisiana lands for independent sales includes setting asking prices rooted in current fair market conditions - not outdated assumptions or emotive sentiments. Comparing recent per acre sales prices of similar nearby vacant lands represents the most solid methodology for prudent Louisiana land valuations. Some specific data points for pricing guidance include:

  • Current Parish Trends - Values can shift substantially across different Louisiana parishes or soil regions so focus only on comparable land within yours.
  • Land Productivity - Property growing pine timber or row crops fetch different values than marshy coastline. Factor intended use possibilities.
  • Roadway Access - Significant premiums exist for lands adjoining highways versus remote backcountry.
  • Improvements - Cleared fields, existing structures/utilities boost values so factor investment needed.
  • Development Pressures - Residential or industrial speculation influences pricing around metro zones.

Checking Parish sales records through the Louisiana Tax Assessor provides valuation perspective. Seeking input from local appraisers also helps owners set alluring yet fair listing prices fundamental towards attracting buyers.

Photographing Your Louisiana Land Well

Because out-of-town buyers especially rely on online imagery showcasing listed Louisiana lands tracts prior to committing time towards in-person showings, photography ranks among the most crucial yet overlooked components towards self-directed sales success. When shooting your own land marketing photos, remember to:

  • Highlight Both Soil & Surrounding Land Uses - Panoramas depicting neighboring farms/buildings or marsh terrain better convey property capabilities than just closeups alone.
  • Capture Any Existing Structures or Infrastructure - Such as fencing, utility access, equipment sheds etc. that add value.
  • Portray Accessible Roadway Frontage - Pictures emphasizing gated entries and adequate access accommodating trucks/equipment counter access concerns.
  • Show Both Ground-Level and Aerial Vantage Points - Drones provide great aerial imagery prospects value highly.
  • Select Bright Sunny Days - Stormy gloomy conditions communicate the wrong ambience.
  • Utilize Photo Editing Apps to Enhance Images - Simple brightness filters and cleaning up distracting elements makes your land pictures shine.

Great photography captures buyers’ interest, so devote time towards showcasing scenic property aspects. High-resolution images also allow buyers utilizing mapping software to pinpoint exact Louisiana land tract locales further inspiring deals.

Marketing Louisiana Lands Through Online Listings

Once establishing attractive asking prices and securing visually-engaging Louisiana land images, expanding promotional outreach both locally and outside the immediate region transforms into critical priorities for owners self-brokering sales solo. Luckily, several free online land listing services simplify linking prospective buyers with Louisiana proprietors showcasing available acreage. Among top sites, consider creating complete land sale listings at:

  • Lands of America - One of the largest land property networks with over 2.4 million monthly visitors provides huge visibility. You can specify all Louisiana property details like pricing/acreage and embed photos/mapping links easily through their user-friendly templates.
  • Land And Farm - Particularly popular regarding agricultural and hunting lands tailored listings, Land and Farm receives searches from over 1 million serious farm and timber land buyers monthly. Traffic skews toward those making buying decisions right away.
  • Facebook Marketplace - Don’t overlook your own social network and community connections. Facebook Marketplace allows creating listings connected to your individual profiles making it simple for nearby friends to share notices drawing local interest.
  • Craigslist - The iconic Classifieds section here continues offering free postings that also extend your Louisiana land deal chances cost-effectively to parties searching broadly for real estate bargains near popular metro centers.

Casting the widest outreach net leveraging diverse outlets multiplies possibilities of securing serious buyers making independent Louisiana land sales much more viable.

Engaging Buyers Directly with Proactive Communication

As initial inquiries get fielded after Louisiana land listings start attracting traffic, savvy sellers focus efforts nurturing promising leads through open communication channels. When dealing directly with buyers instead of merely waiting passively, consider:

  • Sharing Supplementary Info - Few buyers commit travelling immediately for showings without additional details. Provide boundary maps, tract histories or recent valuation estimates proactively to solidify appointments.
  • Prequalifying Intent - Before letting looky-loos waste your time, ask questions about buying motivations, budget and timeline to filter series buyers worth prioritizing.
  • Arranging Convenient Showings - Remain flexible adjusting viewing plans to meet legitimate buyers halfway without getting taken advantage of regarding extensive travel or on-demand access expectations.
  • Emphasizing Access and Terrain - Downplay any complications regarding ingress/egress easements you resolved or navigable wetlands since remote buyers fixate on access sight-unseen. Provide reassurance.
  • Following Up Quickly Post-Showing - Interest gauges get revealed by how swiftly buyers inquire with initial deal structures or added questions post-showing. Strike while interest runs hot.

Proving responsiveness and transparency facilitates deals with those seeking Louisiana lands from afar. Savvy sellers handle myriad inquiries simultaneously while discerning buyers willing to negotiate favorably based on conduct.

Key Clauses to Address in Louisiana Land Sale Contracts

Once buyer and Louisiana land seller agree regarding an acceptable purchase offer, obtaining a written purchase agreement represents the next vital step formalizing obligations by both parties as the closing process unfolds. Key provisions to address include:

Sale Price & Terms

Define total value, payment timelines/amounts and financing contingencies if any exist.

Inspection Allowances 

Permitting buyers adequate access to assess lands protects everyone.

Survey Requirements 

Consider updated boundary mapping if legacy parcels subdivided previously.

Closing & Possession Dates 

Detail interim plans if buyers require pre-closing access for preparations or if sellers retain post-sale occupancy rights.

Title Conveyance 

Specify transferring clean property title free from outstanding debts/liens unless contractual payment plans arranged.


Include contingency clauses allowing cancellation if issues emerge like unforeseen title disputes.

Earnest Money Deposit 

Buyers provide deposit that secures the Louisiana land deal now bound by the purchase agreement. Sellers retain this deposit if buyers rescind without cause.

Consult an attorney to ensure all nuances get addressed properly for protecting respective interests when customizing purchase contracts. But remember - once both parties sign, the legal document commits the agreed upon Louisiana land transfer pending slated closing events.

Final Thoughts

Attempting do-it-yourself sales of Louisiana lands warrants significant effort from committed sellers through each process stage - from accurate initial pricing calculations to photograph touchups helping market parcels favorably online plus hours corresponding directly with prospective buyers answering questions and scheduling showings as availability permits. However substantial financial reward potentials exist for enterprising Louisiana landowners willing to exert patience and flexibility advancing deals toward eventual closings - especially as specialized real estate promoters may undervalue rural property lots unfamiliar with their niche merits. Consider consulting attorneys when crafting purchase agreements or requiring guidance on tax/title logistics. But otherwise prepare for self-directed sales remaining vigilant resolving complications and adapting communications styles keeping buyer prospects satisfied through closing dates. While more labor intensive than simply placing a listing, Louisiana landowners selling property by-owner gain added margins and retain control overseeing their legacy assets transfer intelligently to next stewards in line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What methods help Louisiana landowners price property appropriately for direct sales?

Referencing recent per acre sales of comparable nearby lands represents the best way to gauge pricing. Consider land productivity potential, road access, existing improvements and local development pressures too. 

What online outlets should Louisiana land sellers utilize to market properties?

Great options include Lands of America, Land and Farm, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist given their widespread site traffic and land buyer audiences. Complete detailed listings highlighting acreage specs and embed eye-catching property photos. 

How can Louisiana land sellers nurture promising buyer leads effectively? 

Proactively share maps, valuations and terrain insights upfront answering prospects’ questions to expedite serious showings. Qualify budgets and motivations early when possible. Follow up quickly post-showings while interest remains high. 

What key real estate clauses should DIY Louisiana land sales contracts include? 

Address sale price/terms, inspection access allowances, title conveyance contingency plans, earnest money deposits, and contingency clauses allowing cancellation if major issues emerge. Consult lawyers to customize contracts protecting all interests. 

What closing process costs may Louisiana land sellers incur selling properties themselves? 

While avoiding commissions, self-directed sellers should budget for expenses like title insurance, attorney guidance fees, county recording fees, transfer taxes and appraisal/survey costs if securing new boundary mappings or valuations.

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