How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Maryland?

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How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Maryland?

Bart Waldon

As average per-acre agriculture land values across Maryland topped $9,000 statewide last year according 2022 USDA data – with certain high-quality central counties approaching $15,000 per acre – inheriting vacant land or underutilized parcels holds significant value for heirs residing both within the state and out-of-state as well. However, marketing inherited land smartly still remains essential for success.

This article outlines key steps Maryland heirs should take to liquidate unwanted land tracts or accelerate sales of unutilized acres inherited through estates and trusts in order to unlock their fair cash value quickly instead of holding properties indefinitely accruing further taxes and upkeep costs.

How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Maryland

Confirm Ownership Transfers Legally

Before advertising any inherited land for sale, ensure county property records properly show estate ownership changes or title transfers filed into the current heir names now legally able to sell parcels. Any uncertainty could render sales invalid. Also assemble parcel identifying details like plot numbers, acreage and plat maps.

Research Local Market Value Factors

Study recent area land sales per acre based on comparable terrain, roadway access and zoning restrictions using county tax assessor data. Higher price potential exists for tracts allowed to add housing or buildings within residential growth corridors as counties expand. Target listing pricing accordingly.

Create Marketing Materials

Draft an overview on the land highlighting dimensions, classifications, features, usage qualifications and potential for buyers under area zoning allowances. Local partner realtors can assist creating customized property flyers. Maximize online land listing exposure through leading marketing sites like Lands of America and Land and Farm.

Advertise Listings Aggressively

Broadcast land sales listings across regional farmers peer networks, agriculture industry email lists drawing newer and expanding farmers seeking ground and county economic boards helping attract commercial/retail developers needing available land parcels for upcoming projects as communities grow.

Vet Potential Buyers Carefully

Question all potential buyers to gauge intended usage plans for inherited ground. Determine any infrastructure or approvals required for development intentions. Verify financial credibility through bank references able to confirm access to capital required. Share disclosure details on any easements or restrictions early when able.

Negotiate Win-Win Land Sale Terms

Avoid rushed sales without allowing full due diligence by purchasers regarding intentions feasibility aligning with property conditions or limitations. Seek solutions addressing concerns raised over boundaries, titles or restrictions. Leverage competitive bids to maximize sale pricing. Be prepared to re-list until locating an ideal buyer match able to fulfill obligations.

Close Cautiously Using Legal Guidance

Utilize real estate legal counsel when navigating more complex partial land sales, commercial installments beyond 36 months or parcels with income generating infrastructure requiring tax implications calculations. Record title restrictions or reversion clauses protecting former owners if projects fail to start after closing within agreed timeframes.

Top Reasons to Liquidate Unwanted Inherited Maryland Land

In addition to inheriting vacant land lacking operational alignment with an owner's capabilities or vision, motivations pressing heirs to liquidate unutilized acres bequeathed in Maryland through wills or trusts include:

  • Avoiding continued property tax and maintenance costs
  • Mitigating risks of declining residual land values as interest rates rise
  • Freeing tied-up estate capital for redeploying toward other financial goals
  • Preventing family disputes arising over unwanted shared inherited assets
  • Funding major personal priorities like college savings or retirement

With America’s farmland price growth potentially slowing amid inflation and higher lending rates, marketing inherited land presents savvy estate planning.

Alternatives to Accelerate Sales Processes

Alongside traditional facilitated sales requiring engaged efforts by inheritors over 6-12 months, services exist expediting land sales without the hassles. Cash buyers and investor networks offer direct “As-Is” purchase deals simplify liquidations using attorney-managed title transfers and tax preparations. Though maximum resale pricing gets sacrificed, massive time savings and convenience help heirs shed unwanted land assets and obligations faster.

Key Takeaways on Maryland Inherited Land Sales

When seeking to sell undesired inherited property quickly in Maryland, primary steps involve:

  • Verifying all deed transfers conveying ownership to heirs
  • Identifying acreage dimensions, zoning designations and any limitations
  • Advertising online consistently to maximize buyer exposure
  • Fielding all purchase offers transparently with disclosures
  • Working through feasibility concerns raised by buyers
  • Avoiding rushed sales without safeguard contingencies

Selling land still requires judicious efforts. But unwanted inherited acres should get prioritized for strategic liquidation, considering market and financial trends. Proactivity pays.

Final Thoughts

Offline networks and online listing sites empower heirs seeking to shed inherited land assets by accelerating sales. However, collaborating reasonably through due diligence with buyers remain vital avoiding disputes. Seeking expertise from specialized brokers, attorneys and tax professionals proves prudent navigating documents and taxes. But for better or worse, clearing unwanted land from estates presents a valuable opportunity during inflationary times. The dedicated can unlock sufficient value from acres to fund other priorities if approached diligently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ownership verification documents must I gather before selling inherited MD land? 

You must collect recorded property deeds, title transfers or estate documents that legally convey inherited land ownership into your name along with details like acreage plat maps, parcel identification numbers and plot surveys confirming boundaries. Lacking clear titles will derail sales. 

Where can I research recent land sales to appropriately price inherited acres? 

Check county tax assessment databases listing recent agricultural, residential and commercial land sales transaction details including prices per acre. Search for comparable parcels by factors like location, zoning classification, and whether public utilities or roadway access is established. Mirror prevailing market rates. 

What online platforms offer the greatest exposure marketing inherited land? 

Leading specialty land sales sites like Lands of America, Land and Farm and Landwatch powered by CoStar enable creating customized property listings searchable by buyers nationwide seeking investment acreage which maximize visibility. Convey all easements clearly. 

What key qualifications should I verify vetting potential land buyers? 

It is prudent to verify critical buyer details like intended usage plans for inherited ground, inquiries about necessary approvals if substantial development is envisioned per county rules, and requests to provide concrete evidence on financing availability enabling deals completion as negotiated. 

What contingencies can I add to land sales contracts before closing deals? 

Wise inherited land sale terms may involve requirements compelling buyers to commence agreed agriculture planting or commercial building construction within 12-24 months after ownership changes hands or sales payment installments conclude in order to guarantee land utilization aligned with sellers’ wishes. 

When does utilizing dedicated land buying firms to sell acres faster make sense?

Heirs prioritizing convenience and accelerated sales can transact directly with trusted land buying companies possessing resources to purchase inherited properties completely through cash offers and handle title recordings, taxes and closing procedurals on clients’ behalf, vastly simplifying liquidation logistics versus traditional facilitated sales that demand equal seller involvement.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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