How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Kansas?

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How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Kansas?

Bart Waldon

As average Kansas farmland values rose over 9% in 2022 to reach approximately $2,850 per acre statewide last August according to a Kansas State University report, inheriting vacant plots or untillable acres holds potential for financial gain. However, marketing land and attracting buyers requires targeted strategies addressing limited demand.

This article outlines key steps for Kansas residents to complete selling unwanted inherited property quickly to liquidate value, rather than letting parcels sit neglected accruing further taxes and maintenance obligations.

How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Kansas

Verify Ownership Transfer Details

Before listing inherited land, ensure county deed records properly show estate transfer into current owner names to prove legal authority selling the property. Any ownership uncertainties or disputes between heirs must get resolved through probate court filings first. Title insurers will check for clean title conveyance later.

Gather Parcel Details

Compile all available details surrounding the inherited land, including acreage surveys, plat maps, mineral/water rights and whether beneficial farm program eligibility transfers remain. Identify any limitations like easements or flood zones flagged on federal hazard maps. Catalog all property assessment details.

Research Local Land Value Factors

Study recent area land sale comparables through county assessor data to gauge prevailing per acre rates based on proximity, acreage size and use feasibility as irrigation, livestock or recreation land. Greater productivity potential and parcel desirability increase values. Target listing pricing accordingly.

Prepare Marketing Materials

Create an informative factsheet on the land tract highlighting dimensions, classifications, property features/benefits and potential qualified uses under area zoning allowances. Draft engaging online listings with photos of the property. Leverage property marketing sites providing maximum exposure to interested buyers.

Advertise to Wide Audience of Buyers

Broadcast land sales listings to regional peer networks of farmers, acreage investors and county planning contacts who may know newly arriving farmers or developers seeking available parcels. Utilize sites like Lands of America and Land and Farm to reach more lifestyle buyers nationwide also searching for rural property assets producing passive income.

Qualify All Potential Buyers

Vet all prospective buyers to understand intended usage plans for inheriting land. Determine any development intentions requiring permits or approvals. Assess financial capability reassuring sellers about offer credibility. Share disclosure details about limitations such as easements early in process.

Negotiate Fair Sale Terms

Avoid rushed sales without verifying purchasers conduct full due diligence confirming intentions align with property realities. Cooperate resolving any concerns raised over title, boundaries or limitations. Maximize returns through competitive bidding if possible. Re-list until locating ideal buyer match able to fulfill obligations.

Close Sale Cautiously

Income property sales require adjusted tax basis calculations. Utilize legal counsel navigating installment payment arrangements potentially spanning years on some sales. Record any title restrictions or reversion clauses within sale contracts protecting former owners if agreed usages fail to commence per established timelines after transferring deeds.

Top Reasons to Liquidate Unwanted Inherited Kansas Land

Beyond lack of farming capabilities among heirs, key motivators pressing inherited landowners to liquidate unneeded acreage include:

  • Eliminate annual property tax and maintenance costs
  • Avoid risks of declining rural land values short term
  • Free tied-up estate capital for reinvesting
  • Prevent family disputes over unwanted co-owned assets
  • Fund other pressing financial priorities amid uncertain economy

With US farmland prices potentially peaking along with beneficial Central Plains weather cycles, marketing inherited land smartly provides savvy estate planning and prudent financial stewardship.

Maximizing Speed and Value on Land Sales

Alternatives to lengthy traditional sales processes exist through direct outreach to dedicated land buying companies or agents specializing in efficient cash closings. Their networks and ability tailoring deals to inheritances streamline transfers. Sellers prioritizing speed and convenience can access fair prices using these options as well.

Key Takeaways

When seeking to sell undesired inherited land quickly in Kansas, key steps include:

  • Verifying all ownership conveyances into heir names
  • Cataloging parcel details including any limitations that could deter buyers
  • Advertising listings aggressively on leading land sales platforms
  • Cooperating fully resolving concerns identified during due diligence
  • Entertaining backup offers until closing initially-accepted deals

Move urgently yet judiciously. With farmland prices potentially topping out near-term and interest rates rising, the current market may present an opportune window for heirs to sell off non-core land assets not offering clear operational alignment or income potential for retains owners. An ounce of prompt action secures a pound of financial freedom.

Final Thoughts

Selling unwanted inherited property presents unique urgent motivations compared to traditional land owners seeking top-dollar sales through patient multi-year listings. Utilizing online land marketing sites to broadcast opportunities while prepared to address buyer inquiries promptly helps secure deals. Seeking professional guidance from those regularly transacting Kansas land sales also brings expertise smoothing closings. With the right approach, inherited acres create possibilities for heirs rather than obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What key details should I compile before listing inherited land for sale in Kansas? 

Important parcel details to gather include the deed showing estate ownership transfer to heirs, total acreage amount based on surveys, any easements or rights of way on plat maps that transfer, water/mineral rights status, beneficial property program eligibility transferring between owners, and county assessments/tax details.

Where can I research recent land sale values for pricing inherited acres appropriately? 

Check county assessor data listing sales comparables for similar sized parcels sold recently in your county based on land classification, productivity potential as cropland measured via soil ratings, and feasibility hosting any structures according to zoning rules. Current pricing averages influence appropriate asking price listings.

What online platforms should I use to maximize visibility marketing inherited land? 

Leading land marketing sites providing national exposure to pre-screened rural property buyers include Lands of America, Land And Farm, Farmflip and Landwatch. Make sure complete details on acreage limitations or development restrictions get disclosed to prospective buyers early when possible.

What questions around intentions and financial qualifications should I ask potential land buyers? 

It proves wise to qualify buyer lead sincerity and capability questions surrounding intended usage plans for inherited acres, inquiries regarding necessary approvals if any development is envisioned longer term according to county rules, and requests to provide evidence on financing ability to fund deals as negotiated.

What contingencies should I incorporate into Kansas inherited land sale agreements before closing? 

Savvy provisions to include may involve requirements new owners commence agreed agricultural planting or commercial construction within defined time periods after title transfers or closing installments complete to guarantee land gets utilized appropriately. Record any title restrictions also.

When does utilizing dedicated land buying companies or agents to sell acres faster make sense?

Heirs prioritizing convenience and fast sales can sell inherited land to dedicated real estate service providers with resources to purchase properties outright through cash offers and handle title transfers, taxes and closing procedurally on clients’ behalf, simplifying liquidation logistics tremendously versus traditional facilitated sales requiring similar levels of owner involvement.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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