How to Flip Land in Illinois?

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How to Flip Land in Illinois?

Bart Waldon

With over 27 million agricultural acres blanketing its extensive prairie plains plus ample developmental investment potential gracing regions like Chicagoland suburbs, Illinois offers bountiful land flip opportunities to opportunistic investors willing to embrace moderate risks assessing property prospects. Industry research indicates the state currently contains approximately 37 million total land acres of which nearly 63% maintains private ownership presently. For enterprising minds visualizing opportunistic buys converting vacant acreage into flipped sales feeding commercial development visions or even speculative holds benefiting from inevitable local economy expansions over long-terms, understanding navigational nuances promises smoother executions. This guide examines key steps stacking probabilities favoring success flipping land in Illinois’ 102 counties.

Illinois Land Ownership Breakdown

When evaluating viability flipping Illinois properties acquired from motivated sellers, current land possessions statistics across the state should guide feasibility analyses on eventual resale outlooks within buyer categories willing to pay market rate pricing later enabling profitable flips for initial investors. Figures show:

  • Total Illinois Acreage - 37 million acres
  • 63% Private Lands - 23 million acres
  • $7,200 = Median Illinois Land Value Per Acre

With ample farmland and suburban transitional acreage already under private individual or institutional investment ownership presently, Illinois offers flippers no shortage of aging asset holders eventually open considering liquidations for estate planning or shifting investment allocation purposes. The key becomes proper targeting and value optimizations.

Evaluating Land Flipping Opportunities

Successfully flipping vacant land in Illinois first requires prudent property selections avoiding overpaying upon initial purchases. Investors should focus locating sites exhibiting factors like:

Prime Development Zones 

Parcels situated along metro outskirts positions or within anticipated commercial corridors possessing infrastructure making construction projects simpler to actualize once zoning allowances confirm intended usages.

Distressed Seller Scenarios 

Owners facing financial hardships, relocations, estate mandates etc. typically convey flexibility accepting comparatively discounted offers beneath ideal market rates if immediate cash closes expedite sales.

Value-Add Potential 

Land with existing usage barriers requiring incremental improvements investments to enable higher value utilization chances down the roads - like drainage enhancements opening farming possibilities - provide motivated buyers optionality.

Careful due diligence uncovering the above traits prioritizes better positioned flipping deals later accessible when exploring distressed holdings brought to market by private owners in respective counties.

Securing Prime Acquisition Pricing

Once identifying well-located raw land acreage discounted from peak valuations because impatient owners lack adept sales exposure capabilities or face external financial motivations expediting land divestures, investors seeking eventually flips at profits must negotiate prudent initial purchase offer pricing conservatively below present appraisals. Tactics further motivating eager sellers into forfeiting discounts include:

Structure Flexible Terms 

Provide conditional escalating payment bumps tied to future sale contingencies or offer staged installment schedules spreading capital needs protecting eventual downside risks.

Provide High Touch Services 

Volunteer handling heavy property listing promotional burdens for stressed sellers via digital channels and investor networking events. Provides invaluable visibility aids.

Close Swiftly 

Emphasize sales execution speed and reliability closing within days of reaching agreements avoiding uncertainties lingering for seller life/business affairs. Reduces anxieties chasing better piece of mind.

With patient yet persistent negotiations, investors often convince opportunistic sellers into accepting 60-70% initial valuations cuts while still perceiving deals reasonable given personal challenges. This spread cushion furnishes vital flipping profitability improvement chances.

Rezoning & Permits Preparations

After seizing originally distressed Illinois land assets at temporarily reduced rates sensible sellers oblige during narrow windows, prudent interim flip project managers immediately assess rezoning adjustment needs and permit planning phases necessary elevating land ultimate usages sales values later. Key activities should determine:

Verification Development Alignments 

Seek area planning authorities’ guidance on confirming intended commercial, residential or industrial development usage conformance given regional growth directives and infrastructure capacities.

Rezoning Petitions Requirements 

Local county and township boards detail processes meeting new zoning classifications applications should redevelopment intentions shift from prior land utilizations under previous owners.

Permitting Checklists Expectations 

Building departments provide code rulebooks and construction authorization protocols spanning site engineering reports, environmental impact mitigations and more that land developers must satisfy before receiving permissions breaking ground.

Although requesting local zoning variances and seeking permits approvals imposes certain administrative costs and longer lead times, enhanced land utilizations permissions achieved dramatically bolster subsequent sales prices when exposing upgraded development-ready opportunities.

Maximizing Resale Values

With freshly entitled vacant properties in hand capable supporting new construction reflective of area demands and zoning alignments grounding legal usages per county validations, Illinois land flippers must implement assertive sales marketing campaigns showcasing enhanced potentials unlocking supreme valuations upon asset dispositions. Tactics aiding peak resales include:

High Visibility Listings 

Showcasing lands through multiple commercial real estate marketing channels like Loopnet optimizes wider investor eyeballs. Provide development vision illustrations.

Targeted Investor Outreach 

Direct engagement initiatives with regional construction firms, architects and aligned asset backed lenders familiar with local building cost economics and permitting processes educates tailored project opportunities differentiating property prospects.

Patient Deal Structuring 

Avoid pressures forfeiting prices below appraisals prematurely without allowing lengthy investor marketing periods materializing previously unseen upper valuation limits backed by credible bidding wars eventually.

Through customize buyer engagements and tempered sale timelines, optimized marketing campaigns frequently yield lucrative transaction multiples when sellers demonstrate flexibility around closing terms allowing ideal pairings.

Streamlining Closings with Attorneys

Following extensive marketing outreach securing satisfactory Illinois land valuations aligned with enhanced development usage potentials achieved via previously uncertain rezoning victories and permits approvals, backing into escrow and closings phases requires managing key legal formalities guaranteeing flawless completion executions. Attorneys greatly aid coordinating intricacies including:

Title Conveyance Validations 

Verifying no outstanding title disputes exist between current flip sellers and original distress purchase dealings from predecessors through updated title insurance reports and registers records.

Tax Implications Navigation 

Appropriately accounting for capital gain tax liabilities from Illinois investment profits mandated for filing considerations following sales. Helps ensure Uncle Sam obligations get addressed avoiding penalties.

Settlements Administration 

Lawyers administer escrow accounts dispensing funds dispersals upon county registrations updating deed records to finalize smooth legal transfers protecting all involved stakeholders satisfactorily during ownerships changes.

While statutory disclosures and closing procedures resemble residential sales, land flipping transactions need added project development statuses confirmations given intended usage materiality carrying forward affecting valuations beyond mere site conditions important verifying with new buyer parties. Attorneys ensure necessary communications prove sufficient addressing remaining questions before escrows close.

Key Takeaways Flipping Land in Illinois

In summary when evaluating viability pursuing opportunistic raw land flips across Illinois’ diverse counties, thoughtful considerations around initial purchase pricing thresholds given inherent zoning and developmental uncertainties, adept negotiations structuring flexible seller terms, properly budgeting for entitlement activities costs and implementing patience allowing optimal buyer surfaces ultimately determine profitability potentials or losses incurred. Proper sequencing market exposures ahead of administrative improvements phasing prevents premature sales leaving substantial equities unrealized. Consult experienced real estate attorneys for personalized guidance addressing unique project nuances all along the way from distressed sites acquisitions through to entitled vacant properties resales. Their insights pave avenues streamlining successful high probability land flipping outcomes bearing fruitful reward potentials serving those pursuing property positional plays or speculative holds for retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What key traits make Illinois land parcels prime prospects for profitable flips?

Ideal investment flip candidates exhibit development-ready infrastructure access or inhabit metro periphery zones anticipating residential/commercial demands spreading as municipalities grow. Underutilized acres with fixer-upper needs like drainage remediations or clearing overgrowth also offer value-add upside potential for visionary developers. Additionally, discounted pricing from distressed sellers facing financial hardships or relocating creates initial purchase cost cushions improving profit odds reselling at market rates later.

How can I determine fair purchase pricing on land I hope to flip in the future?

Verify property appraisals through an accredited professional inspection assessing true current market valuations beyond outdated tax assessments. Then scrutinize local land listing sales comparisons in county records revealing prices similar adjacent parcels traded recently. This establishes respectable offer ceiling ranges protecting against excessive overpayments. Also consider hiring real estate attorney consulting on property title histories, zoning designations and developmental barriers hampering usages or warranting future remediation investments subtracting from purchase bids placing equity buffers safeguarding purchase risks somewhat.

What hidden land flip costs should I budget for between acquisition and resale attempts?

Typical expenses range from basic brush clearing/ cleanup efforts to major utility infrastructure builds necessary supporting future construction intents making land viable building platforms. Also file rezoning applications and permits securing intended commercial or residential construction allowances. Even sporadic property taxes accrue for holding durations. Finally marketing requires photography, listings placements and broker commissions around 5% - 10% of eventual sales valuations. Model worst and best-case expense scenarios estimating required profit spreads justifying undertaking flip risks.

What land aspects most positively influence eventual resale valuations?

Properties with certifiable development-ready statuses like cleared spaces, favorable permeability test observations, feasible access points and borders where no shared walls require subdivisions typically obtain highest bids from ready-to-move builder investors. Also commercial zoning allowing mixed usages or multifamily dwelling construction enables broader buyer appeals. Having major utility tie-ins available at parcel street fronts also saves builders headaches and municipal permitting hurdles down the line adding convenience appeals attracting lucrative bids.

Should I sell my land flip properties myself or hire brokers?

Brokers prove extremely useful marketing land opportunities by circulating creative listing collateral showcasing zoning allowance upgrades or value-added site enhancements made since initial distressed purchases. This reaches wider audiences than individual web promotions. Also broker affiliations with key commercial contractors and property investors frequently catalyze successful auction outcomes meeting profit goals. Just make sure to verify their references first and test marketing independently to compare against their sales results.

What legal guidance should I obtain before closing Illinois land flip sales?

Seeking real estate attorney supports who validate updated title status showing no discernible ownership encumbrances leftover from original purchase dealings provides pivotal reassurances for buyers worried about claims emerging later from heirs or tax debts tied to prior land owners. Also counsel structures terms optimizing tax treatments on sale profits and ensures disclosures satisfy statutes. They'll manage settlement statements, title insurance issuance and county registrations filings as well. Their reasonable fees grant invaluable risk reduction protections securing peaceful flips completions.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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