How to Find Cheap Land in Kansas

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How to Find Cheap Land in Kansas

Bart Waldon

Kansas, the Sunflower State, is known for its beautiful prairies, agricultural land, and wide open spaces. With over 80,000 square miles of land area, much of the rural parts of Kansas consist of sprawling farms, ranches, and undeveloped plots of land. For those looking to purchase land inexpensively, Kansas provides ample opportunities across the state.

When searching for cheap land in Kansas, it’s important to first understand land valuations and what constitutes “cheap.” The average price per acre of Kansas farmland as of 2021 ranged from $2,250 in the northwest region to $4,200 in the east central and southeast regions. Non-irrigated cropland and pasture land tends to sell for less. With these averages in mind, “cheap” land in Kansas could reasonably fall under $2,000 per acre.

Where to Find Listings for Cheap Kansas Land

The search for affordable Kansas land starts with identifying listings in your target price range. Here are some of the top places to browse land listings in Kansas:

Online Listing Sites

Websites like Lands of America, LandWatch, and Zillow list all types of properties for sale directly from sellers and through real estate professionals. You can filter for vacant land listings in Kansas on these sites and look for parcels priced notably below average. Checking these sites regularly is key as new cheap listings appear daily.

Local Real Estate Agents

Experienced real estate agents active in rural Kansas will have insight into properties coming onto the market before they are widely advertised. Maintaining contact with agents and letting them know you are hunting for inexpensively priced land can score you some deals.

Public Auctions

Kansas holds regular public land auctions to sell off excess government land as well as parcels repossessed for overdue taxes. These auctions often have opening bids well below market value, drawing bargain seekers from all over the state hoping to score a deal.

Tax Sales

You can also look into Kansas tax sales if you don’t mind some extra paperwork. The county will auction delinquent tax debt on properties as liens, which buyers can then foreclose on to take ownership of the land for a fraction of what it’s worth. Just know there are regulations and timelines governing the tax sale foreclosure process.

Estate Sales

Executors looking to quickly settle the estates of deceased Kansas residents will advertise these types of sales. Oftentimes the families prioritize closing out the estate fast over maximizing sale price. With farmland averaging nearly $3k per acre, even a few acres for a couple hundred dollars per acre would be quite cheap.

Factors that Impact Price of Kansas Land

Understanding why some land parcels cost much less than surrounding plots goes a long way during your search. These key factors influence cheap pricing:

Limited Access or Infrastructure

Land without good road access or even landlocked parcels surrounded by other private lands often sell at massive discounts simply due to accessibility challenges. The same goes for land without utility access or needing clearing/infrastructure work.

Unproductive Land

While Kansas does boast some of the most fertile cropland around, certain plots have soils untenable for farming or building. These challenged sites languish on the market at below average prices. However, some cheap lands may still work just fine for livestock grazing or recreational uses.

Unbuildable Parcels

Listings described as “unbuildable”, “non-conforming”, or undersized remnants bifurcated from larger usable sites also tend to have lower valuations due to limited practical use cases. Those fine with the restrictions can still pick up affordable land.

Undesirable Locations

Land situated within flood zones or exposed to regular natural disasters will justifiably show depressed pricing and slower sales activity. Sites near environmental contamination, factories, landfills, highways, or in depressing decaying rural towns also tend to trade hands at less than ideal prices.

Negotiating for the Best Deal on Cheap Kansas Land

Once you spot attractively priced Kansas land listings matching your buying criteria, deploy sound negotiating tactics to maximize the discount and secure the best possible deal.

Verify Flexibility on Price

Check if the seller has set the list price in stone or if they have built in some bargaining flexibility. Many sellers price high strategically anticipating offers below asking. You’d be surprised how often an offer of 60-70% of the advertised price gets accepted.

Offer Owner Financing

One clever offer tactic involves proposing owner financing where the seller carries a portion of the purchase price interest-free or at a low interest rate to be paid off in a few years. This gives the buyer better terms while still paying the full price, just deferred over time.

Request Discounts and Credits

Ask the seller to chip in allowances for surveying, title insurance, closing costs, real estate commissions, back taxes, or planned improvements to the land. These credits and discounts boost your equity in the property.

Pay Cash Upfront

Few things motivate sellers more than a serious cash offer with no financing contingencies and a flexible closing timeline. Come ready to pay the full discounted price in cash upon closing and convey your eagerness to seal the deal fast.

Bid at Auctions

When dealing with public land auctions, assess the level of competition and general enthusiasm in the crowd to gauge bidding momentum. Typically, the greatest discounts happen right at the beginning before auction fever sets in, giving disciplined bidders opportunities to steal deals in the opening minutes.

Mastering these key land negotiation techniques goes a long way to consistently acquiring cheap land in Kansas. Time your offers strategically, demonstrate readiness to close fast with cash in hand, and show flexibility in structuring seller-friendly terms. Doing so will hugely expand your prospects of scoring an enviable bargain deal on otherwise expensive rural Kansas land.

Final Thoughts

For prospective land buyers yearning for wide open prairies or agricultural acres at buyer-friendly prices, Kansas delivers on abundant opportunities to purchase land well below market averages across the state. Following the guidelines outlined here on where to source promising cheap land listings paired with smart negotiating practices for closing superb deals, even out-of-state buyers can successfully secure their own dirt-cheap slice of scenic rural Kansas. With no state income tax and reasonable property taxes, the Sunflower State richly rewards those patient and persistent enough to uncover its many hidden land buying gems. Whether your dreams tend toward farming, ranching, investing or simple outdoor privacy, cheap Kansas land awaits to fulfill your aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost per acre for land in Kansas?

The average cost per acre for farm real estate in Kansas as of 2021 ranges from around $2,250 per acre in the northwest region to $4,200 per acre in the southeast. So "cheap" land could reasonably fall under $2,000 per acre. The average cost is lower for non-irrigated cropland and pasture land.

What areas of Kansas tend to have cheaper land for sale?

Western Kansas and more rural areas typically have lower land prices than the eastern half of the state. Counties like Greeley, Hamilton, Stanton, Grant, Haskell, and Kearny often have land parcels priced under statewide averages. Land near smaller rural towns will usually cost less than plots nearer to big cities.

Are there any hidden costs to watch out for when buying cheap Kansas land?

When reviewing super cheap land parcels in Kansas, carefully inspect property maps, boundaries, easements, right-of-ways, flood zones, and local zoning ordinances impacting the site. Also research any back taxes owed, needed infrastructure work, and possible contamination issues. Discuss with the seller exactly what is included/excluded in the sale terms as well to avoid surprise costs.

What tips would you give for negotiating the price of Kansas land down?

Some proven tips for negotiating cheaper land prices include: offer to pay cash upfront which motivates sellers; structure creative owner financing terms where the seller helps finance a portion of the purchase price for a few years; ask for closing credits or for the seller to pay for title insurance, back taxes or survey costs; make offers during the winter or at times of market dips when sellers are more motivated.

Is cheap rural Kansas land a good investment in 2024 and beyond?

As the old saying goes: they aren’t making any more land. Yet demand continues increasing for agricultural production and cattle grazing uses that rural Kansas land caters perfectly towards. Raw land also provides an inflation hedge over stocks or bonds. With interest rates expecting to keep rising, cheaper land bought today could look even better 5-10 years down the road both usage and investment-wise.

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