How Much is One Acre of Land Worth in Georgia?

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How Much is One Acre of Land Worth in Georgia?

Bart Waldon

As the largest state east of the Mississippi River with over 57,500 square miles of diverse terrain spanning plains, piedmont foothills and mountain ranges, Georgia offers abundant land ownership opportunities. Recent statistics show roughly 24 million acres dedicated for forestry purposes alone as the timber industry thrives statewide. However, for both Georgia residents and out-of-state buyers seeking property to develop, farm or use recreationally, a key question emerges when assessing parcels for sale – how much does an acre of land cost on average across different regions? Market dynamics like proximity to major cities/amenities, plot accessibility challenges, intended land use and special features like creek frontage or wildlife have significant bearing on valuations. This article explores estimated per-acre land pricing for vacant plots and tips to evaluate true property worth in Georgia whether buying or selling.

Pricing Factors Impacting Georgia Land Values 

While no acre-level cost calculator substitutes for appraisals factoring site-specific attributes, market influences listed below significantly sway unit pricing ranges across Georgia locations:

  • Development Potential – Land near growing metro Atlanta suburbs fetches premiums amid demand for new housing and retail centers thanks to scarcity and speculative value.
  • Accessibility – Pecan groves span wide but wooded hills and hollows prove harder to build upon, lowering some land costs in rural areas despite beauty of isolation.
  • Improvements/Infrastructure – Cleared fields, existing structures/foundations and utilities availability add value versus raw acreage needing extensive work.
  • Water Features – Properties touching lakes, rivers or marshlands trade for 25-60% over median land rates given recreation appeal.
  • Mineral/Energy Rights – If oil/gas/timber acreage rights transfer or surface easements exist, industrial buyers offer stout pricing.

Applying wisdom around these core dynamics better informs price modeling as both buyers and sellers assess true 1-acre lot values discussed next by region.

North Georgia Mountain Land Per Acre Pricing 

Far northern Georgia lands stretching along the East Tennessee border from Atlanta up to Blue Ridge and Blairsville present home site and investment potential for those valuing cooler summertime climates plus gorgeous Appalachian vistas or recreational lakes access rewarding buyers with both serenity and fun. Typical per-acre costs to expect include:

  • Median Land Price Per Acre – $5,000 per acre 
  • Price Range Per Acre – $2,000 - $10,000 per acre 
  • Variables Swaying Value – River/lake frontage, septic capacity, seasonal/vacation home market demand

North Georgia Foothills/Piedmont Land Per Acre Pricing 

Transitioning to piedmont zones at somewhat lower elevations with mildly warmer weather, the acreage landscape angles toward greater Atlanta suburbs spanning habitat where bald eagles and blue herons flock and retired buyers roost. Typical per-acre costs include:

  • Median Land Price Per Acre - $9,000 per acre 
  • Price Range Per Acre - $4,000 - $30,000 per acre 
  • Value Variables – Development potential, infrastructure, pond inclusion

Central Georgia Rural Land Per Acre Pricing 

Meandering south through the heart of Georgia where peaches, peanuts and possibilities grow in equal abundance, the central swath offers pastoral farmland acreage and timber mills awaiting next generations to carry on agricultural traditions. Typical per-acre land costs include:

  • Median Land Price Per Acre - $3,800 per acre 
  • Price Range Per Acre - $2,000 - $7,000 per acre 
  • Value Impactors – Crop productivity, hunting game populations, pond

South Georgia Rural Land Per Acre Pricing 

Bordering Florida near Valdosta heading south through Cordele and Vidalia near the Alabama state line, this countryside inspires sweet onion recipes and real estate bargain hunters alike with ample acreage postcard scenes abound. Typical values per acre net:

  • Median Land Price Per Acre - $3,100 per acre
  • Price Range Per Acre - $1,500 - $5,000 per acre 
  • Notable Value Drivers – Water access, timber rights, improvements

Coastal Georgia Land Per Acre Pricing 

Saltwater marshlands meet ocean dunes where Georgia’s 100-mile coastline frames romantic Brunswick and quaint Savannah charm before yielding to Peace River’s serenity at Florida’s edge. Acreage here lures developers and dream second homers. Typical per acre land prices follow:

  • Median Land Price Per Acre - $9,000 per acre
  • Price Range Per Acre - $5,000 to $30,000 per acre
  • Core Value Factors – View corridors, conservation status, zoning

Evaluating True Georgia Land Value 

The market comparisons above outline likely per acre prices by region to help buyers ballpark budgeting and sellers establish listing price anchors. However, professional appraisals remain the route to determine any property’s true worth. For roughly $350, a licensed appraiser will evaluate:

  • Lot acreage via land surveys if unclear
  • Site accessibility and infrastructure factors
  • Limitations like flood zones or trees requiring removal
  • Improvements adding use potential
  • Recent area comparable land sale prices

Appraisers then calculate a property’s highest and best use to model fair market valuations suitable for purchasing or listing decisions. For the most accurate understanding of what your Georgia land will cost or sell for, invest in professional assessments before committing to buy or sell.

Benefits of Buying Land in Georgia

Georgia’s Rapid Population Growth Spurs Demand Driven by domestic transplants flocking to metro Atlanta’s booming job market, spillover from Florida retirees and Georgia’s natural beauty luring outdoors enthusiasts, population growth tripled the national average at 10% over the past decade. This influx of new residents coupled with streamlined business development powers demand for available land.

Ideal Climate and Terrain Options

From the temperate climate, rolling Piedmont foothills, soaring North Georgia mountains and diverse coastal ecosystems ranging from marshlands to sandy barrier islands, buyers find ideal settings matching interests. The state's moderate weather suits both year-round living and seasonal cabin getaways.

Strategic Location for Business 

Situated along the Atlantic Coast and centrally located in the Southeast accessible to 80% of the U.S. population within a two hour direct flight, Georgia offers infrastructure supporting nearly every industry. These strategic location advantages will drive economic growth and land values upward long-term.

Surging Suburbs 

While Atlanta development pushes outward, satellite cities like Savannah, Athens and Augusta also see construction booms as populations pour into outlying counties promising more affordable quality living blending urban convenience with rural downhome community vibes unique to Georgia.

Generations of Agricultural Roots 

From Vidalia sweet onions to Georgia peaches, the state’s rich agricultural legacy takes pride in farmers and food production. For land buyers seeking acreage to nurture timber, row crops, orchards or launch farm-to-table businesses, fertile opportunity abounds.

Whether seeking property to develop residential communities along I-85 corridors between Atlanta, unveil upscale resorts overlooking coastal Golden Isles beaches, grow crops in the Piedmont plateau or simply claim a private camp within North Georgia mountain sanctuaries, Georgia offers appealing land ownership potential destined to rise steadily in value as more folks discover the Peach State’s welcoming way of life and business-friendly advantage.

Final Thoughts

From the mountain vistas of North Georgia to the marshlands of coastal Glynn County near Sea Island, acreage appeals to owners prioritizing peaceful living, agriculture, timber harvesting or real estate investment across this nature-rich Peach State. Tap into regional land pricing averages and consider onsite characteristics to conceptualize what one acre may trade for in desired locales. Then enlist appraisers to establish true FMV and confidently move forward with purchases or sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What industries are fueling Georgia's rapid population and development growth? 

Major employers like the film industry, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare and transportation distribution hub activities centered around Atlanta largely spur economic and real estate expansion.

What types of land investments perform best amid Georgia's surging suburban sprawl?

Plots zoned residential/commercial along I-85 near Atlanta and around satellite cities like Columbus, Savannah, Augusta and Macon tend to net highest returns as populations spread into outlying counties.

Which Georgia regions suit agriculture land buyers best? 

The top farm production areas lie across Central Georgia near vocational agriculture schools offering expert guidance plus South Georgia fertile black belt soil perfect for row crops.

What factors make North Georgia mountain land valuable? 

Recreational zeal fuels demand for lakefront, slopeside and pastoral valley/meadow plots allowing cabin/vacation home developments catering to Atlanta's weekend adventurers and regional drive-traffic in outdoors paradise settings.

Are Georgia Opportunity Zones worthwhile for investors?

For investors with capital gains tax liability, investing in approved counties' real estate and businesses per this federal program's guidelines allows substantial tax savings - consult your advisor on advantages here.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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