How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Texas?

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How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Texas?

Bart Waldon

Selling land in Texas can be a lengthy and complex process depending on several factors like location, market conditions, and method of sale. On average, it can take 6 months to 5 years to fully sell vacant land in Texas from start to finish. However, with the right strategy focused on pricing and marketing, landowners can expedite the sales process significantly. This blog will look at estimated timeframes to sell land across Texas, strategies to sell land faster, and options like Land Boss that can provide a fast, easy land sale.

Overview of Land Sale Timeframes in Texas

Across the expansive state of Texas, timelines to sell vacant land have a wide range. In fast-growing urban areas near major metros, land can potentially sell in under 3 months. In more rural areas, the process drags out much longer with timeframes commonly over 12 months. Here is an overview of estimated timeframes to sell land by region:

  • Major Metros (Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin): 3-6 months
  • Secondary Metros and Suburbs: 6-12 months
  • Rural Lands and Small Towns: 12-24 months
  • Isolated Rural Lands: 24 months to 5+ years

These timeframes assume using a real estate agent and listing on the open market. Strategies to expedite the process will be covered later in this post. But first, let's look at factors that influence time to sell land in Texas.

Factors Impacting Time to Sell Land in Texas

Many variables impact how quickly land sells in the Texas market. Here are some of the key factors:

  • Location - Land near major metros or their suburbs sells fastest. Remote rural land takes longest.
  • Parcel size - Smaller tracts sell quicker as they attract more buyers. Large rural acreages over 100 acres can take years to find a buyer.
  • Improvements/development - Cleared, accessible land with utilities ready sells faster than raw acreage.
  • Pricing - Overpriced land lingers on the market. Price drops speed up sales.
  • Marketing exposure - Little marketing exposure lengthens the process.
  • Market conditions - Hot real estate markets accelerate sales vs. cooler markets.
  • Method of sale - DIY sales often take longer than real estate agents.

In Texas, location and parcel size are the most impactful factors on selling land quickly. Even during hot markets, isolated rural lands with 100+ acres can be difficult to sell within 12 months unless substantially discounted.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Texas Counties?

Sale timeframes for land can vary significantly between Texas counties. Here's an overview of estimated time-to-sell for vacant land in key Texas counties:

  • Harris County (Houston metro) - 3-6 months
  • Tarrant County (Fort Worth metro) - 4-8 months
  • Bexar County (San Antonio metro) - 5-10 months
  • Travis County (Austin metro) - 4-8 months
  • Dallas County - 4-8 months
  • Denton County - 5-10 months
  • Collin County - 4-10 months
  • El Paso County - 6-12 months
  • Hidalgo County - 6-12 months
  • Cameron County - 6-18 months
  • Rural counties in East Texas - 12-18 months
  • Rural counties in West Texas - 18-24 months
  • Rural counties in South Texas - 12-24 months
  • Rural counties in Panhandle - 18-24 months

As shown, counties in major metros tend to have faster sale timeframes, while rural counties can take significantly longer. Extremely remote lands may never sell unless priced for quick sale.

Strategies to Sell Land Faster in Texas

Selling Texas land can be a slow process, but using the right real estate strategies can help accelerate a sale:

Price it right - Overpricing land is one of the biggest factors delaying sales. Aim for 10-20% below comparables to attract buyers.

Get wide marketing exposure - Don't just list on MLS. Market online, put up signs, contact agents directly.

Offer owner financing - This brings in more buyers who can't get traditional mortgages.

Consider land contracts - Installment land contracts can also open up more buyer options.

Divide into smaller parcels - Breaking into 5-20 acre lots can expand your buyer pool.

Pay for access upgrades - Improving road access and clearing land expedites sales.

Act fast on offers - Don't delay when you get an acceptable offer. Renegotiating can lead buyers to walk away.

While these tips can help sell a property faster, it still takes time to find the right buyer. This leads to the next strategy...

Consider a Fast, Direct Land Buyer

To avoid months or years trying to to sell your land through traditional methods, working with a direct land buyer is an alternative way to get fast cash for your property. Companies like Land Boss specialize in buying Texas land for cash quickly and handling the entire sale process for you.

Here are the main benefits of selling vacant land to a direct land buyer:

  • Get a cash offer within days of contacting them
  • Close on your own timeline - sell in as little as 7 days
  • Avoid months of marketing and showing property
  • No need to list with an agent and pay commissions
  • Direct buyer pays all closing & title fees
  • Can buy "as-is" - no need to prep land for sale
  • Sell easier if land has access, boundary, title or other issues

While direct buyers need to buy at a discount, their speed and convenience provides significant value. You'll exchange a lower price for an extremely fast, easy sale.

For rural Texas land that may take years to sell traditionally, a direct buyer like Land Boss can be an attractive option to get cash for land fast, and avoid the headaches of DIY selling.

The Challenges of Selling Texas Land

To recap, here are some of the key challenges facing Texas land sellers:

  • Long timeframes to sell, especially rural land 12+ months
  • Overpricing land greatly delays sales
  • Remote, undeveloped land has very limited buyer pool
  • DIY sales require substantial effort and marketing
  • Real estate agents take 6%+ commissions and still can't sell quick
  • Many buyers can't get financing or reject due to land issues

These obstacles mean successfully selling land in Texas requires patience and realistic expectations on sale timeframe and price. Trying to offload land quickly at top dollar often leads to frustration.

Get a Quick Cash Land Offer from Land Boss

If you're looking to sell a Texas property quickly, Land Boss can provide a fast and easy solution to sell land fast. We specialize in buying rural land across Texas for cash.

With an offer process that takes as little as 1 business day, Land Boss can help you bypass the lengthy process and uncertainties of selling land traditionally. There's no obligation to accept our cash offer. But if you want to get a fair price without waiting months or years, let us make you a competitive cash land offer today!

Our goal is providing Texas landowners an easy exit strategy. We handle everything from offer to closing. Reach out now to get our cash land buying process started!

The Benefits of Working with a Direct Land Buyer

Using a direct land buyer like Land Boss provides a number of useful benefits compared to traditional sales methods:

Speed - Direct buyers can make an offer in days vs months or years to sell. This appeals to those wanting to exit their land quickly.

Certainty - The buyer presents their max offer upfront. There's no uncertainty about the final sale price.

No Marketing - Avoid the work of staging, listing, and showing the property to potential buyers.

Professional Guidance - Experienced land professionals guide you through the entire sales process.

As-Is Condition - Buyers purchase the property in its current condition with no requirement to prep land for sale.

No Financing Contingencies - Direct buyers pay cash so don't face financing falling through.

Given these advantages, those wanting a fast and simple land sale should strongly consider contacting a direct buyer. While you trade some money, you gain huge time and convenience.

Challenges of DIY Land Sales in Texas

Trying to sell land yourself in Texas comes with some notable frustrations and risks, including:

  • Months or years to find the right buyer
  • Handling all showings, open houses, and buyer communications
  • Extensive marketing required to get adequate exposure
  • Overpricing land due to emotional attachment
  • Dealing with contingent offers falling through
  • Covering taxes, insurance, maintenance during long sale period
  • No professional guidance on pricing, prep, marketing
  • Assuming all liability for land until closing

Unless you're experienced selling real estate, DIY land sales often end up taking a very long time. Direct buyers simplify the process while still paying fair cash prices.

Tips for Pricing Land in Texas

Setting the right price is critical to selling land quickly in Texas. Here are some pricing tips:

  • Research recent comparable sales in your county - local agents can provide comps.
  • Consider complete condition and development - lower price for raw land.
  • Factor in location influences - remoteness reduces value.
  • Check easements, restrictions, other encumbrances that can lower price.
  • Consider full costs to improve access, utilities, permitting.
  • Weigh benefits of dividing into smaller parcels to increase value.
  • Avoid overpricing based on residual sentimental value. Stick to market value.
  • List 10-20% below comparable asking prices to attract buyers.
  • Consider discounts for direct buyers given the time and hassle they save you.

Properly aligning price to market value will generate buyer interest quickly rather than overpricing and waiting years for the right buyer.

How Land Contracts Work in Texas

For DIY sellers, offering land contracts can expand your potential buyer pool. With a land contract:

  • Buyer makes an initial down payment such as 20% of purchase price.
  • Seller finances remainder of price at set interest rate and term.
  • Buyer pays towards balance monthly like a mortgage.
  • Ownership transfers to buyer when contract is paid off.
  • Seller retains deed as security until paid in full.

Land contracts allow buyers with poor credit or self-employed income to purchase property. This caters to more buyers and can accelerate sales.

Potential Downsides of Land Contracts

While land contracts open more buyers, risks include:

  • Lower initial payment vs. lump cash sum.
  • Ongoing collection hassles if buyer stops paying.
  • Lengthy process tying up your land if buyer defaults.
  • Expenses and delays foreclosing if buyer defaults.
  • Still need title insurance, filings like traditional closing.
  • No guarantee a buyer will qualify for a land contract.

Weigh risks before going the land contract route. A direct buyer paying cash upfront avoids these hassles.

Why Overpricing Land is Problematic

Many land sellers make the mistake of overpricing their property out of emotion and unrealistic expectations. This leads to very lengthy sale timeframes.

Overpricing shows up in counties across Texas, but is especially an issue with rural lands. Just because land has been in your family for decades does not justify inflating the market value.

Yet sellers often tack on high premiums hoping for their ideal windfall payout. This wishful thinking backfires, as few buyers will overpay.

The property ends up sitting on the market for years as the seller stubbornly waits for their high figure. Meanwhile, they lose money on taxes, maintenance and other carrying costs.

For a timely sale, Texas landowners must objectively price at the true current market value. Major overpricing guarantees a lengthy, frustrating process.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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