How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Tennessee

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How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Tennessee

Bart Waldon

Known for its musical heritage and beautiful Smoky Mountains, Tennessee has a lot to offer potential landowners. If you've inherited vacant land in Tennessee or are thinking of selling investment property, you may be wondering how long the sale process takes in the Volunteer State.

With over 42,000 farms covering more than 10 million acres of land, Tennessee has a robust agricultural and rural real estate market. The state also boasts thriving urban centers like Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga, which impacts land values and demand.

As with any real estate transaction, many factors influence when you can expect to close on a Tennessee land deal. Here's what to know about typical land sale timeframes in Tennessee and tips to sell your property faster.

Factors That Determine Tennessee Land Sale Timelines

Selling land takes time, preparation and competitive pricing. In Tennessee, these key factors often impact how quickly your property attracts buyers:

Location - Proximity to major highways, metro areas, recreational amenities or commercial centers makes land more desirable. Rural properties far from cities or utilities take longer to market and sell.

Zoning and land use regulations - If zoned for development or agricultural use with no major restrictions, the property will appeal to more buyers. Limitations like easements reduce the pool.

Market conditions - When the real estate market is hot like in 2022-2023, land sells quicker than during slower periods. Rising interest rates in 2023 may dampen demand.

Marketing strategies - Owners who only put up a For Sale sign or market locally may wait longer than those leveraging websites, social media and agent connections.

Motivated seller - Willingness to negotiate, include mineral rights, offer owner financing or lease-to-own terms can facilitate faster deals.

Competing inventory - Areas with extensive land for sale mean you need very competitive pricing and creative promotion to stand out. Less competition speeds sales.

Development potential - Land ready for building residential or commercial property sells fastest. If utilities, surveys and other prep work is needed, expect a longer timeline.

Size and topography - Small, flat, easily accessible parcels sell quicker than large mountain tracts with rugged or wooded terrain.

What's the Typical Timeframe to Sell Land in Tennessee?

While local market conditions vary, research suggests the typical timeframe to sell vacant land in Tennessee ranges from 6 months to 2 years.

Rural recreational properties like hunting land or large mountain parcels often fall at the longer end of that range, as there are fewer buyers for rural acreage.

Parcels located near expanding urban centers like Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga tend to sell within 6-12 months if priced right and marketed well. There is high demand for developable land in these metro regions.

Stalled sales can linger for 3-5 years or more if significantly overpriced for the actual market value. Owners who are flexible on price and terms or work with a reputable Tennessee land company see faster results.

Tips for Selling Your Tennessee Land More Quickly

Want to speed up the sale of your Tennessee property? Keep these proven tips in mind:

Price competitively - Setting an attractive but realistic price is key. Overpricing is the #1 reason land lingers. Check comps and work with a broker experienced in Tennessee land valuations.

Advertise online - Leverage sites like, and to maximize exposure beyond just local buyers. Social media ads help too.

Highlight all possible uses - Even if currently agricultural, discuss development opportunities or recreational uses like hunting/hiking to attract more buyers.

Improve curb appeal - Mow, clear debris, remove eyesores or garbage to show off the parcel's potential and appeal to buyers.

Offer owner financing - This allows buyers to purchase without traditional mortgage financing. More buyers can qualify with low down payments.

Divide into smaller parcels - 10 acre lots can sell faster than 50+ acre rural tracts. Subdividing requires proper zoning but opens up the buyer pool.

Go with a cash offer - Companies like Land Boss buy land directly from owners, avoiding the wait of listing it. This provides fast, certain sale within weeks.

Be open to terms - Creative offers with contingencies, seller financing, or lease-to-own terms can facilitate deals faster than rigid listing terms.

Hire a knowledgeable broker - Agents experienced specifically in Tennessee land sales have the best connections and tools to market your property effectively.

Sell to a Tennessee Land Company for a Fast, Guaranteed Sale

For Tennessee landowners seeking the fastest possible sale, reputable land companies like Land Boss offer an easy solution. We buy vacant lots, acreage, farms and other rural investment properties direct from sellers and pay with cash.

Our streamlined process provides a no-obligation offer typically within 24 hours of submitting basic property details. We handle everything from initial valuation and offer to closing coordination.

As Tennessee natives with over 100 local land purchases, we know how to accurately assess property values. There's no staging, no waiting months for the right buyer - just a smooth cash sale and closing within weeks.

Once an offer is accepted, earnest money deposit is sent within 2-3 days in most cases. We can close in as little as 7 days, though average Tennessee land sales take 15-30 days to complete after agreement.

Selling land on the open market brings uncertainties and delays. But partnering with a reputable Tennessee land buyer makes it easy. Contact us today to learn more about our fast cash offers for your property. We take the hassle out of selling land.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Land in Tennessee

Selling your Tennessee property quickly and for top dollar requires strategic pricing, marketing and negotiations. Avoid these common mistakes that can delay your land sale or cost you money:

Overpricing - This is the number one reason land sits on the market unsold. Price too high for what buyers will actually pay and you deter activity. Price competitively based on location, comparables and demand.

DIY Advertising - Marketing only through yard signs, small local papers or word-of-mouth won’t maximize exposure. Hire an agent or advertise online to reach more buyers.

Ignoring Condition - Overgrown land with debris or eyesores is unappealing. Mow, add signage, remove trash piles to showcase the parcel’s potential.

Limiting Uses - Discuss all possible uses - development, recreation, agricultural, etc. - even if you wouldn’t use it that way. Cast a wide net.

Refusing Contingencies - Being rigid on terms like requiring cash, as-is sales or banning home inspections loses offers. Stay flexible.

Including Personal Property - Only include what’s attached or built on the land itself. Keep personal belongings separate to avoid issues.

Rushing Negotiations - Don’t jump at the first decent offer. Promote competition by marketing properly and giving each bid due consideration.

DIY Contracts - Hire a real estate attorney to review agreements, counteroffers and finalize details. Protect yourself legally.

Not Checking Easements - Ensure you know and disclose any easements for utilities, access, etc. Buyers will find out anyway.

Skipping Title Search - Title issues, liens, boundary disputes can derail sales. Do a title search to uncover dealbreakers before listing.

Proper pricing, marketing, negotiations and legal protections will help you maximize your sale and avoid delays. Don't let small mistakes or lack of preparations sink your deal.

Final Thoughts

Selling land requires time and effort, but the right strategies can help Tennessee owners sell faster and get full value. Properly pricing your land based on location, demand, and market comps is key, as overpricing leads to stagnant listings. Hiring a real estate attorney ensures you have legal protections, while marketing online and being flexible on terms expands your buyer pool. For the fastest and easiest sale with no closing costs or commissions, connecting with a trusted Tennessee land company like Land Boss takes the hassle out of the process. With competitive cash offers and closings possible in as little as 30 days, you can sell your Tennessee property quickly and efficiently. Do your research, set realistic expectations, and choose the right partner to maximize your land sale success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it typically take to sell land in Tennessee?

On average, selling a parcel of land in Tennessee takes 6 months to 2 years. Rural properties and large acreages may fall closer to the 2 year mark, while small lots near cities can sell within 6-12 months when priced right.

What steps can I take to sell my Tennessee land faster?

Strategies like competitive pricing, online marketing, adding signage, removing eyesores, dividing large parcels, and being flexible on terms like financing can help attract buyers sooner. Hiring a broker experienced in Tennessee land sales helps too.

Should I get an appraisal before selling my Tennessee land?

An appraisal by a licensed professional helps set pricing benchmarks. However, direct comps by an experienced agent or broker may suffice and cost less. Know your local market conditions.

How do I determine a good listing price for my Tennessee property?

Look at sales prices for comparable nearby parcels based on size, location, zoning, and use. Adjust your asking price based on condition, access, and amenities. Price on the lower end of your range to attract buyers.

What are the biggest mistakes Tennessee land sellers make?

Overpricing, bad photography, DIY advertising, refusing contingencies, ignoring easements/title issues, and inflexibility on terms are top mistakes that can delay sales. Avoid them and sell faster.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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