How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Mississippi?

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How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Mississippi?

Bart Waldon

Mississippi, known for its landscapes of forested hills and fertile deltas along the Mississippi River, has a long history tied to agriculture and land ownership. The state offers plenty of open space, particularly in rural areas, that makes land an attractive investment for some. However, when an owner decides to sell their land in Mississippi, it often takes diligent marketing and negotiation to find buyers willing to pay an appealing price. The sales process typically spans anywhere from several months to a couple years.

Selling Vacant Land in Mississippi - An Overview

For landowners purely seeking to divest from vacant property they own in Mississippi, the path to closing a sale can have its challenges compared to selling more developed real estate. Several market factors contribute to the effort and patience required:

  • Demand is narrower for vacant unused land compared to houses, commercial buildings and other improved properties that deliver immediate income potential or utility. Empty land often gets discounted relative to built assets.
  • Government and corporate buyers have financial constraints limiting how much they can bid on open land in Mississippi coming up for sale.
  • Private buyers typically need to visualize concepts for utilizing the land before they determine a value and make serious offers.

With some persistence and the right strategy, Mississippi land can sell in a reasonable time frame. Practices like pricing appropriately, marketing thoroughly online and offline while networking with capable agents are key.

Factors That Impact Marketing Period to Close a Land Sale

Pinpointing an exact duration to sell land in Mississippi is difficult because every property has unique aspects that affect marketability. But focusing on the following factors helps establish realistic expectations:

Location - Land nearer economic and population center or infrastructure sells fastest while rural areas take longer to draw buyer interest. Proximity to waterfronts or developed plots also shortens sale timeframes.

Parcel Size - Large contiguous acreages take more effort for buyers to consider while small lots sell quicker if priced suitably. Optimal sizes between 5 to 50 acres sell reasonably well.

Accessibility - Land adjoining highways or roads with utilities available captures buyer attention sooner by offering connectivity. Remote plots surrounded by other vacant lands often linger waiting for adjacent development.

Use Factors - Parcels suitable to become farmland, residential neighborhoods or commercial use zones sell faster than properties with minimal use potential. Lands permitting mixed-use development hold higher appeal.

Competition - When more viable land listings enter the local market it generally takes longer for individual parcels to stand out and sell.

External Events - Improving local economy and real estate conditions accelerate land sale timetables as buyer confidence rises. Market downturns often necessitate price corrections before land draws suitable offers.

Average Timeline for Selling Land in Mississippi

The typical land sales process spans 6 months to 3 years in Mississippi. But selling land here isn’t an impossibility. With careful pricing below $15,000 per acre and thoughtful marketing highlighting the property’s potential, deals can close within 9 months.

For context, here is the average time range anticipated to sell lands based on type:

  • Raw, Undeveloped Land - 6 months to 2 years
  • Pasture/Crop Producing Farmland - 9 months to 18 months
  • Timber Growing Acreage - 1 to 3 years
  • Waterfront Parcels - 6 to 12 months
  • Residential/Commercial Development Sites - 9 months to 2 years
  • Selling Land Privately vs Using a Professional

Landowners wishing to optimize sale value and timeline have to balance tradeoffs when picking a sales method in Mississippi.

Selling privately without agents generally produces the highest returns if priced accurately. But the several months to few years sales process demands high self-motivation.

Hiring a qualified agent skilled in land takes more effort upfront vetting but can drastically cut overall time-to-close. The right agent also helps price suitably and widens buyer reach. Their commissions do offset some sale proceeds.

Weighing budget, experience level and personal bandwidth helps determine the best approach when aiming to sell land efficiently.

Maximizing Chances for a Quick Land Sale

Whatever sales method a Mississippi landowner chooses, focusing on a few key areas goes a long way to shorten time-to-close:

  • Reasonable Pricing - Getting recent comps from agents and setting fair asking prices brings viable buyers to the table more quickly.
  • Targeted Outreach - Marketing specifically to relevant buyer groups most likely to see potential value cuts time wasted fishing for interest.
  • Creative Listing - Using high-quality images and emphasizing various usage ideas expands buyer imagination and serious offers.
  • Good Legal Work - Ensuring clean title deed, surveys and associated legal access makes for smooth sales process.
  • Patience With Negotiations - Willingness to negotiate reasonably instead of rejecting lowball bids outright can secure deals faster.

Implications of Lengthy Sale Timelines

Attempting to offload land typically ties up capital for long periods before reinvestment potential opens up from a sale. The opportunity cost on that capital can prove substantial over months and years. This makes the potential value that land buyers offering quick cash closings present an appealing option for some landowners.

Companies like Land Boss with funds earmarked for acquiring land ownership rights in Mississippi and other states deliver closing certainties faster. They purchase land outright, handle legal title transfers to take ownership and free up seller proceeds quickly. While sale amounts may be discounted some relative to highest potential future values, the speed and convenience appeal to many seeking to exit ownership of unused land efficiently.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Land in Mississippi

When selling land in Mississippi, owners can make certain missteps that hinder securing a sale efficiently. Avoiding some key pitfalls helps land get sold quicker and at better prices.

Not Getting Appraisal Before Listing

Failing to establish land value via professional appraisal is a common mistake in Mississippi. Appraisals reveal recent comparable sales to create pricing guidelines. Listing without objective valuation often leads to exaggerated overpricing losing seller credibility. Getting appraisal prevents leaving money on the table.

Picking the Wrong Listing Platforms

Owners usually have to list across multiple online listings like LandsOfAmerica, LandWatch plus social media to maximize exposure. Only listing on one site shrinks visibility. Mississippi has localized buyer networks not concentrated in one spot. Casting a wide listings net leverages network effects.

Ignoring Offline Outreach Avenues

Internet listings are essential but not sufficient alone when selling land in Mississippi. Owners neglecting traditional marketing like print ads in local papers, realtor signs on property and flyers at feed stores overlook viable buyers averse to online search. Holistic outreach harvesting low-hanging buyers is ideal.

Refusing to Split Large Parcels

Finding buyers who will develop or use large acreages as-is can take years. But offering split lots attracts small private buyers plus developers incrementally. Remaining flexible to divide and sell land in smaller chunks opens up demand. Digging in on selling big contiguous tracts together stagnates deals.

Overlooking Tax Implications

Selling land after long-term ownership often triggers capital gains levies in Mississippi. And tax burdens vary by seller entity type - private party, trust, LLC etc. Failing to consult accountants to estimate tax impacts means lost proceeds if the bill exceeds expectations.

Being Too Rigid in Negotiations

Serious buyers rarely offer full listed land prices upfront in initial Mississippi offers. Sellers who reject all lowball bids stake out indefensible positions, alienate potential buyers and extend sales times. Willingness to negotiate reasonably catalyzes viable deals.

Trying to Handle Everything Solo

Attempting to single-handedly market land, negotiate offers, handle title paperwork, navigate regulations etc. while avoiding agent fees seems attractive. But the wide range of selling competencies required risks mistakes by owners lacking experience. Getting professional help pays long-term.

Avoiding common land selling pitfalls takes some due diligence upfront evaluating options, seeking guidance and allocating sufficient budget to execute well. The rewards come via deals closed faster and at optimal values in Mississippi. Streamlining the sales process accelerates positive outcomes.

Final Thoughts

With an adaptable sales plan targeting key acreages sought out by common buyer groups and networks, selling land privately takes 1-3 years on average in Mississippi. Opting to sell to established local land buying companies often cuts that to a matter of weeks while supplying guaranteed cash proceeds. Patience is pivotal across the sales board. But dedicating focus to highlight potential usage feasibility can drive appealing market value in reasonable timelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does vacant land usually take to sell in Mississippi?

On average, selling raw vacant land in Mississippi takes between 6 months to 2 years. More developed land with infrastructure or ready for construction can sometimes sell in a shorter 4-9 month timeframe. Patience is key as the buyer pool is narrower compared to developed properties.

What price should I list my Mississippi land for sale?

Pricing land appropriately from the start based on appraisals and recent comparable sales is crucial to selling quickly in Mississippi. Overpricing land relative to its development potential or market viability leads to stagnation. Consider pricing under $15,000 per acre for average undeveloped land.

Does my land need road access to be attractive to buyers?

Parcels with existing road access or frontage to highways generally garner interest faster from buyers as it conveys connectivity potential right away. Completely landlocked plots surrounded by other vacant lands often linger waiting for adjacent development to open access.

Should I split my large acreage into smaller lots to sell faster?

Offering smaller divisible lots, if feasible based on shape and access, taps into buyer interest from private individuals plus small developers that large contiguous tracts cannot. Remaining flexible to divide and sell land in customizable chunks often expedites deals.

How do I estimate my net sale proceeds after taxes and fees?

Consult experienced land professionals to build pro forma estimates tallying potential sale price, agent and legal fees, capital gains levies, income taxes and other expenses tied to selling to accurately gauge net proceeds. Avoid surprises post-close by accounting for costs.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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