How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Maryland

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How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Maryland

Bart Waldon

Maryland is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. Known for its waterfront lifestyle along the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean coastlines, Maryland offers diverse geography from the low-lying Eastern Shore region to the forested Appalachian Mountains in the west. With a population of over 6 million residents, Maryland combines bustling metropolitan areas around Baltimore and the nation’s capital with more rural countryside across its nearly 12,500 square miles of land.

When it comes to selling land in Maryland, the process can vary greatly depending on the location, acreage, zoning, and market demand of the property. With the right pricing and marketing strategy, desirable land parcels may sell within a few months. However, for most plots of vacant land, owners can expect the sales process to take upwards of 1-2 years from listing to closing. Successfully navigating real estate laws, required disclosures, complicated title issues, and finding interested qualified buyers all impact the land selling timeline.

Key Factors That Determine How Quickly Land Sells in Maryland

Several important considerations influence whether a land parcel will sell quickly or slowly in the Maryland real estate market:

Location - Land located near growing suburbs and cities or poised for residential/commercial development tends to sell fastest. Remote plots without utility/road access often sell slower.

Acreage & Zoning - Smaller tracts zoned for housing generally sell quickest. Larger agricultural parcels usually take longer to match with suitable farmers or developers.

Titles & Disclosure - Complicated legal ownership histories or undisclosed property defects can prolong sales.

Price - Overpriced land takes longer to sell. Accurately priced land sells rapidly.

Improvements - Cleared, accessible land with utilities sells fastest. Heavily wooded or uneven plots sell slower.

Demand - In hot real estate markets with strong buyer interest, sales happen quicker. High inventory and weak demand slows sales.

Marketing Exposure - The more potential buyers exposed to the sale, the quicker transactions occur. Minimal marketing reach drags out sales.

Evaluating these dynamics provides realistic insight into estimated timeframes for completing a land sale transaction in Maryland. While some exceptional parcels may sell overnight or within weeks, these quick deals are rare compared to typical timelines.

Typical Land Sale Duration in Maryland

For most land listings in Maryland, prospective sellers should expect the following general timeline:

1-3 Months Pre-Listing Prep - Survey property, research comparables, obtain legal title opinion, complete disclosures, select agent, price appropriately.

1-4 Weeks On Market - Market property via MLS, online sites, yard signs. Field buyer calls and inquiries. Review initial offers.

2-8 Months Negotiating Sale - Negotiate pricing and contract terms with buyers. Navigate inspections and financing contingencies.

1-2 Months Finalizing Sale - Complete final walkthroughs, filings to record deed transfer and new ownership.

Total: 6 months - 1.5+ years from initial preparations to closing sale.

This overview represents a typical process based on land transactions over the past decade in Maryland and surrounding states. Average timelines often exceed 12 months.

Our experience in the land business indicates most vacant plots sit on the market for 1-2 years before selling. Why?

Key Reasons Land Takes Longer to Sell in Maryland

Several common factors contribute to lengthy sales durations:

Oversupply of Inventory - Significant land acreage availability complicates matching buyers.

Complex Title Issues - Ownership flaws like easements must settle before closing.

Strict Disclosures - Maryland buyer protections require substantial due diligence.

Financing Limitations - Vacant land loans seen as higher risk by banks.

Appraisal Gaps - Buyers and sellers often disagree on property valuation.

Marketing Constraints - Owners have limited expertise to market land.

Buyer Hesitance - Land perceived as higher risk causes buyers to move slower.

Evolving Market Conditions - Shifting prices/demand complicates pricing strategy.

Unpredictable Delays - Surprises like pandemics, natural disasters, financial crises stall deals.

With so many potential hurdles, selling land requires patience and persistence from Maryland sellers. Accurately pricing land in line with demand resolves the most common delays. But even sellers who do everything “right” should still prepare for an extended sales process spanning months or years after listing their land.

Strategies to Expedite Selling Land in Maryland

Despite typical lengthy timeframes, sellers can employ a few key tactics to optimize sales velocity:

Price Aggressively - Set asking price at or slightly below actual value to drive interest. Consider discounts for cash offers without financing.

Address Title, Survey Concerns - Resolve ownership history flaws. Provide site maps.

Simplify Ownership Terms - Ensure clean title for straightforward sales.

Furnish Disclosures - Thoroughly detail property condition.

Market Extensively - Use online/print advertising, signs, direct mailing to maximize exposure.

Remain Negotiation-Friendly - Stay flexible on offer pricing, terms/closing dates.

Leverage Land Buying Companies - Firms purchase land for cash quickly as an alternative option for sellers.

Though inconvenient, preparing for possible delays prevents frustration. Accurately pricing land aligned with demand gives sellers the best shot for optimized sales timelines. But conducting due diligence, budgeting ample time for marketing, and resolving title issues also helps land sell faster in Maryland.

Best Practices to Expedite Selling Land in Maryland

When selling land in Maryland, sellers should focus on several key strategies to facilitate quicker sales:

Price Property Accurately

Overpriced land almost always sits on the market longer. Work with a trusted real estate agent to price your land parcel at or slightly below actual market value based on location, acreage, zoning, comparables and demand. Consider offering motivated seller discounts for strong cash offers that waive financing contingencies and appraisals. Realistically-priced land draws more potential buyers and expedited offers.

Invest in Surveys, Tests Upfront

Paying for a professional land survey, utility mappings, soil tests, environmental studies, and resource assessments upfront rather than leaving the work for potential buyers saves significant time. Furnishing these due diligence items cuts weeks or months out of the sales process by reducing what buyers must investigate on their own. Be transparent by disclosing any known defects or limitations.

Simplify Ownership Terms

Land with complex partial estate ownership, disputed heirs, liens, mineral or water rights issues almost never sells quickly. Seek clear title opinions from real estate attorneys and resolve any ownership encumbrances beforehand. Clean title history simplifies contracts, disclosures and closing procedures.

While following best practices facilitates faster sales, sellers should still prepare for a months-long or years-long process on most Maryland land parcels. But accurate pricing, transparency through disclosures and resolving title early on give sellers their best shot for optimized sale duration.

Final Thoughts

Selling land in Maryland can be a lengthy endeavor, often requiring a year or more from initial listing to final closing. A variety of factors like market conditions, buyer financing, title problems, and limited land parcel demand extend typical sales timeframes for most vacant land listings in the state. Yet by accurately pricing land to market value, addressing title and survey concerns proactively, marketing extensively to maximize exposure, and remaining flexible to reasonable offers, sellers can employ best practices to expedite deals. Though preparation and patience is still required, following these key strategies gives Maryland land sellers an enhanced opportunity to sell quicker. With the proper expectations and diligence, owning land in the state can still result in a successful sales process and fluid property transition when the right buyer opportunity arises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does vacant land usually take to sell in Maryland?

Hate to break it to you, but selling empty land in Maryland often takes 1-2 years. Most plots sit for 6 months at least before going under contract. Rural or forested acreage can take even longer to attract buyers. There’s a lot of land for sale and limited demand, so competition is fierce for serious purchasers.

What Maryland counties sell land the fastest?

Land moves fastest near cities and suburbs seeing strong development, like around Baltimore or the DC metro region. Counties like Howard, Montgomery and Anne Arundel see quick sales for correctly priced parcels under 10 acres. In lower demand counties, even great land can languish for years.

Do Maryland land disclosure forms really make a difference?

You bet! MD’s detailed disclosures protect buyers from hidden issues, which keeps deals from unraveling. But some sellers slack on filling them out completely, raising red flags that drives down offers. Doing disclosures thoroughly cuts future liability and keeps sales moving.

Should I get a land survey done before selling in Maryland?

Surveys cost money yet pay for themselves in the long run. Buyers get skittish about boundary disputes or encroachments. A proper survey gives buyers confidence there’s no nasty surprises waiting, boosting offers. Fork over the cash early to save hassles later.

What happens if I can’t sell my Maryland land after years of trying?

First, reassess your asking price! Overpricing is why most great land sits unsold. Getting an appraisal from a licensed professional helps set expectations. If that still doesn’t spur offers, consider contacting local land buying companies and investors that purchase properties for cash. Their offers come in low, but provide needed liquidity.

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Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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