How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Kentucky?

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How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Kentucky?

Bart Waldon

Kentucky is known for its rolling green hills, thoroughbred horses, bourbon distilleries and historic charm. The Bluegrass State spans over 40,000 square miles, with land uses ranging from dense urban centers to widespread agricultural and forested areas. Those looking to sell vacant land in Kentucky will find a diverse real estate market, with land prices and sale timelines varying across different regions and property types.

Overview of the Kentucky Land Market

As of 2022, the median listing price for land in Kentucky is $99,900, with parcel sizes ranging from less than an acre to over 1,000 acres. The market is generally stable, though rural properties may take longer to sell than those closer to major cities like Louisville and Lexington.

Kentucky has a straight-forward process for transferring property ownership, with land sales handled through private sale, auction or by specialized land buying companies. On average, vacant land parcels stay on the market for 1-2 years before selling. However, with the right pricing and marketing strategy, land can sell much quicker in many areas.

Below we’ll explore the key factors that impact how long it takes to sell land across different parts of Kentucky.

Elements That Influence Kentucky Land Sale Timelines

Selling land is different than selling houses or commercial real estate. There are far fewer buyers looking for vacant parcels at any given time. And determining an accurate value can be more complex with land, especially large acreage properties.

As a land seller in Kentucky, these key elements will impact your sale timeline:

Land Location and Accessibility

Parcel location plays a major role in marketability. In general, land near growing cities and towns will sell quicker than remote rural properties. Easy access from main roads and highways is also important for buyers.

Land along the Interstate 64 or Interstate 75 corridors tends to sell faster due to increased visibility and connectivity to urban hubs like Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky.

Local Economic Conditions

The overall real estate market directly influences demand in any given area. When the economy is strong and real estate values are increasing, land tends to sell quicker.

In counties with growing industry, commerce and housing demand, vacant land will sell faster to builders, developers and individuals looking to build homes. Distressed rural areas may have lower demand and longer selling timelines.

Property Improvements

Raw, undeveloped land takes longer to sell than parcels with some improvements already in place. Cleared land that is ready to build on will have the widest appeal.

Having road/driveway access, utility connections, perc tested soils or survey maps will decrease sale time. Even basic brush clearing, fence lines or pond access can help.

Pricing Strategy

Overpricing is one of the most common reasons land takes longer to sell in Kentucky. Flexible sellers who adjust pricing according to market demand and economic conditions will have better luck selling for an optimal value in a shorter timeframe.

Working with a broker experienced in local land values helps sellers price property competitively from the start. Those who offer financing options can also increase buyer interest.

Marketing Exposure

To reach qualified buyers, vacant land needs adequate marketing exposure. In today’s world, that means having an online presence along with yard signs and print listings.

Professional photos, property websites and listings on Zillow/Trulia and will get a parcel seen by more buyers sooner. Leveraging social media networks and online listing groups also helps.

Factors That Speed Up The Sale Process

Alternatively, Kentucky land sellers can employ certain strategies to expedite the selling process:

Price Land Aggressively

Set your asking price 15-20% below actual market value to quickly grab buyer attention. This creates urgency and more chances for bidding wars.

Offer Owner Financing

Carrying the note yourself if buyers need financing makes a parcel stand out while expanding market reach.

Auction With No Reserve

A timed online land auction with no reserve sets a definitive timeline and motivates buyers.

Divide Into Smaller Parcels

Breaking large acreage into smaller 1-5 acres lots essentially creates more inventory buyers can choose from.

Promote Potential Uses

Highlight property attributes suited to development, recreation or other uses buyers are actively seeking.

Improve Access And Visibility

Do brush clearing, create entry points, hang signage along road frontage to stage the property.

As we’ve covered, strategic pricing, marketing and leveraging property potential all help sell Kentucky land faster. Though average timelines vary, most real estate ultimately comes down to supply and demand economics in any local area.

Typical Kentucky Land Sale Timelines

Below are the average time it takes to sell land based on location, size and type across Kentucky:

Lexington/Northern Kentucky:

  • Lots and Small Land Parcels: 4-8 months
  • 5-25 acre parcels: 8-14 months
  • 25+ acres: 12-24 months

Louisville Region:

  • Lots and Small Land Parcels: 4-10 months
  • 5-25 acre parcels: 10-16 months
  • 25+ acres: 18-30 months

Small Town/Rural Kentucky:

  • Lots and Small Parcels: 8-12 months
  • 5-25 acre parcels: 12-24 months
  • 25+ acres: 24 months+

As noted, these time frames can shift shorter or longer based on economic and real estate cycles. An experienced agent familiar with your county can provide greater insight on expected days on market.

Tips For Quickly Selling Land In Kentucky

While vacant land sales may carry longer timelines on average, sellers can employ a variety of sales and marketing strategies to expedite the process:

Set The Right Price - Work with a top local agent or broker to competitively position pricing 20% under recent comparable sales. Be willing to negotiate or offer incentives.

Stage The Property - Make entrances visible, tidy up brush, add signage along road frontage so the parcel shows well.

Offer Financing - Consider seller financing or favorable terms to expand buyer pool. Marks down payments to 10-20% to boost affordability.

Auction Listing - Run an energetic auction campaign with flexible reserve pricing to prompt urgency from buyers.

Tap Online Networks - Utilize social media groups, Craigslist and online forums to complement real estate listings for more exposure.

Be Flexible - Sellers who act decisively when they have an offer and adapt pricing quicker find the most success selling land faster.

While Kentucky has diverse land owning possibilities, the procedures for buying and selling property are generally favorable. With the right brokerage guidance and marketing game plan tailored to your parcel, land can sell smoothly across all areas of the state.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land in Kentucky can be a rewarding endeavour with the right guidance and preparation. While listings may take over a year to attract buyers in some rural spots, parcels in growth areas often sell within several months. Understanding factors that impact marketability helps sellers take targeted steps to improve visibility, demand and shorten the for sale timeframe. In the end, leveraging local real estate expertise, pricing competitively and utilizing today’s range of marketing tools allows land to exchange hands efficiently across all corners of Kentucky. With an informed strategy, what may seem like an extensive process at first can ultimately culminate in a smooth and lucrative liquidation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are average land prices in Kentucky? 

According to 2022 data, median list prices for land in Kentucky fall around $99,900. High-demand areas near cities and acreage suitable for development tends to sell for $15,000 an acre or higher. More remote rural land can start around $2,000-$3,000 per acre on the low end.

How long does rural land take to sell in Kentucky? 

In growth regions, smaller 1-10 acre rural recreational and development land may sell within 6-12 months with adequate pricing and marketing. Larger remote rural parcels and farms over 25 acres can take from 18-24 months to attract qualified buyers.

What sells land fastest in Kentucky? 

Strategically priced land in counties with solid real estate demand generally sells fastest in Kentucky. Parcels under $100k located near expanding suburbs of Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky see quick turnover. Improved land ready to build on and smaller 1-5 acre lot splits also receive high buyer interest.

Does land need to be surveyed before selling in Kentucky? 

While not legally required, having an official property survey makes land much more attractive to buyers. Surveys verify exact boundaries, acreage amounts and identify encumbrances. Counties provide plat maps, but mortgage lenders often require a formal survey before financing raw land purchases.

What are the Kentucky land contract laws? 

Kentucky uses land installment contracts for owner-financed sales. This allows buyers to purchase properties by making monthly installments over time until the balance is paid off. Land contracts must follow statutes like recording documents, including certain clauses and disclosing to buyers where the deed is held until fulfilled.

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