Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Wisconsin Quickly

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Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Wisconsin Quickly

Bart Waldon

Wisconsin is known for its rolling green hills, abundant lakes, dairy farms and charming small towns. If you own vacant land here, you may have found it’s not so easy to sell - even in a hot real estate market. With over 12 million acres of farmland and forests dotting the landscape, supply outweighs demand for additional property in many areas.

Selling land does take time, effort and local real estate expertise. While a parcel in a high-growth area near major cities like Madison or Milwaukee will attract more buyers, other rural locations can sit for months or even years with no serious offers. But even if your land is remote or undeveloped, there are still options to sell your Wisconsin land fast for cash.

Why Do I Need to Sell Land Quickly in Wisconsin?

There are many good reasons you may need or want to sell land ASAP instead of waiting for a full market value offer.

You’re moving or downsizing. If you’re relocating out of state or buying a smaller home, holding onto vacant land ties up equity you could use now.

You inherited the property. Out-of-state beneficiaries often want to cash in the inheritance.

Tired of paying taxes and fees. Even vacant land costs money to keep. Property taxes, liability insurance, maintenance fees and more add up.

Need cash urgently. Everyone faces unexpected expenses. If you’re struggling financially, the equity in land you own could give you a cash infusion when you need it quickly.

No matter why you need to sell land fast, it helps to understand all your options in Wisconsin.

Challenges of Selling Land Yourself in Wisconsin

You can try to sell your vacant property on your own through a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listing. However, this process poses some challenges:

  • Takes significant time and effort. Preparing the property, marketing it effectively and screening buyer calls and emails is hugely time-consuming.
  • May not attract quality buyers. Lowball offers could come in well under market value as buyers try to take advantage of motivated sellers.
  • No guarantees. Even with your best efforts, there’s no certainty your land will sell within any expected timeframe.
  • Costs money upfront. Yard signs, classified ads and other marketing expenses often provide little return on investment with land.
  • Involves complex negotiations. Navigating disclosures, purchase agreements, mortgages and closing requires experience.

Without professional help, selling land in Wisconsin on your own could drag on indefinitely. And you still might not get an acceptable offer.

Working With a Real Estate Agent to Sell Land

Hiring a qualified real estate agent can ease some frustrations when selling vacant land yourself. Top agents have specialized knowledge of zoning laws, comparative prices and local demand that helps land sell faster.

However, even experienced real estate agents face difficulties specifically selling rural land and acreage:

  • Not all agents handle vacant land sales. So choices could be limited.
  • Still takes time and effort on your part. You must prepare the property for showings and open houses.
  • Commissions are still high - typically 6 percent or more of the selling price.
  • No guarantee of selling fast or for a fair price. Even good real estate agents can struggle selling rural property.

Before partnering with a real estate agent to sell your Wisconsin land, ask targeted questions about their previous experience and success selling similar vacant land specifically. Never assume all real estate agents are land sales experts.

Selling Your Property to an Investor for Cash

A third option to sell your land fast is working directly with a specialized land buyer. Companies like Land Boss focus on buying and selling vacant property of all types. We operate as principals, not middlemen, so we can make fair all-cash offers and close quickly.

As professional Wisconsin land investors for over 5 years specializing in land purchase and sell, we understand all aspects of marketing and selling rural property. We take on the burden of prepping land for resale so owners avoid headaches and hassles.

Our goal is making the process of releasing equity in your property smoothly and reliably. And we have the available capital to buy land for cash in as-is condition.

Benefits of selling your vacant land to Land Boss include:

  • Fast, fair all-cash offers - No banks or mortgages involved to complicate transactions. Our own funds allow us to close quickly once an agreement is made.
  • As-is condition - No need to cut trees or brush, grade roads, drill test wells, pull permits and all the other work required when listing land for top dollar. We take care of clean-up and development.
  • No commissions - As direct buyers, we don’t charge hefty agent fees resulting in thousands lost from your sale proceeds.
  • We handle everything - Our team manages contracts, title search, legal filings and more during closing. You avoid this potentially stressful paperwork.
  • Certainty of sale - We have ready buyers for rural land once purchased. Our markets differ from real estate agents’ clientele - meaning we can purchase property that otherwise may sit unsold indefinitely.

Keep in mind we must buy land at a discounted price in order to make resales worthwhile for our business model. But selling your property directly to Land Boss nets more cash than accepting an ultra-low offer from an unknown buyer answering your own FSBO listing.

Determining Fair Market Value to Sell Land Quickly

Deciding on an appropriate price to ask - one that balances receiving a reasonable return for you and covering our costs - does take some consideration. Determining fair market value for vacant rural land is more complex than a home.

Factors that affect what Land Boss can offer to purchase your property include:

Location - Remote or difficult to access locations limit possibilities and the pool of potential buyers. Nearby new construction or infrastructure improvements increase value.

Improvements - Cleared land with road frontage sells much faster than densely wooded acreage. Buyers expect big price discounts on unimproved land with no utilities or other development.

Zoning - Parcels already zoned residential or commercial sell for higher prices than agriculture acreage requiring additional costs for zoning changes.

Size - Small lots under an acre or two can’t be subdivided further so don’t warrant premium pricing. Over 100 acres requires major investment to prepare for resale.

Market conditions - Local inventory levels, construction growth and recent sales impact offer amounts. Isolated transactions shouldn’t overly influence expectations however.

Figuring accurate vacant land valuations requires checking public records, zoning maps, utility availability, recent sales of comparable nearby lots and more. It's also important we resell land responsibly to avoid enabling activity like clearcutting woodlands by speculators. Balancing quick sales with sustainable development presents some difficulties.

At Land Boss, our goal is making mutually acceptable purchase offers to owners based on verifiable property details - not exploiting people’s urgency or lack of expertise. Sellers should educate themselves on options, but also be realistic. Marketing and selling land takes patience even for experienced real estate brokers in Wisconsin’s hit-or-miss markets.

Questions to Ask Land Buying Companies

Before accepting an investor’s offer to buy your land for cash, ask questions to ascertain business practices and procedures. Reputable Wisconsin land buyers like Land Boss will gladly provide company details in the interest of establishing trust through transparency.

Inquire about:

  • Years in business and number of transactions successfully closed. Look for five-plus years operating locally with 50+ deals, not newcomers still learning the ropes.
  • Membership in state or national associations like the Wisconsin Realtors Association. Trade group affiliation indicates stable ongoing operations.
  • References from recent sellers and testimonials. Speaking with previous customers helps validate fair transparent processes.
  • Plans and timeline for reselling your property. How will they improve marketability? Do they already have buyers lined up?
  • All costs involved. Ask for complete net offer breakdowns from title search fees to closing costs.
  • Post-sale communications. Will they keep you updated on progress preparing and marketing your land?

Carefully vetting land buyers protects against working with inexperienced or unethical companies. Don’t hesitate to ask direct specific questions that prove readiness to handle transactions smoothly from accepted offer through eventual resale.

Act Fast If You Need to Sell Land Quickly

As with most real estate, vacant land selling fastest often fetches the highest bids. Yet pricing too high can mean months or years with no buyer interest. Working with a qualified cash land buyer balances timing and value considerations.

We buy a limited number of Wisconsin properties for cash each month that fit parameters allowing profitable resales. Competition can be fierce among sellers wanting to capitalize on fast offers.

Once you decide to sell, start researching options immediately. Allow several weeks to gather property details, evaluate fair pricing and negotiate acceptable sale terms.

If wanting to sell your Wisconsin land for cash quickly, time really is of the essence. As fast as hot properties get snapped up, act fast connecting with reputable buyers when you’re ready to move your land.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the quickest way to sell my vacant land in Wisconsin? 

The fastest method is usually selling directly to a dedicated land buying company for cash. They have funds available and existing buyers lined up once purchasing properties.

How long does land take to sell through a real estate agent? 

It's not uncommon for vacant rural land to take 12-24 months to sell through traditional real estate agents. Even great agents can struggle finding buyers willing to pay listing prices.

What discounts do buyers expect on unimproved land? 

Expect to price raw vacant acreage 30% or more below developed land values. Most buyers want immediate access, surveying, clearing, driveway installation and other work already complete when purchasing vacant plots.

Should I get quotes from multiple Wisconsin land buying companies? 

Yes, it's smart to talk to 3-4 investors in your area. They should provide net offer breakdowns for transparent comparisons. Just don't cave to high-pressure tactics pushing immediate decisions.

What professional licenses should reputable Wisconsin land buyers have? 

Check for brokers licenses which require proven expertise and accountability for fair business practices. Membership in the WI Realtors Association also indicates stable ongoing local operations.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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