Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Maryland Quickly

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Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Maryland Quickly

Bart Waldon

Maryland is a mid-Atlantic state with a long history and diverse landscape, from the beaches and marshes of the Chesapeake Bay to the mountains of the west. With a population of over 6 million, it continues to see development and change, making land a potentially valuable asset for owners. However, when life circumstances dictate the need to sell land fast, it can prove challenging to navigate the process. This guide covers key tips for Maryland landowners on selling your property quickly.

Understanding the Maryland Land Market

The demand and value of land in Maryland varies greatly by county and property specifics. Broadly speaking, land near major metro areas like Baltimore tends to move faster and command higher prices than rural mountain regions. With over 6 million residents, most land has potential development value but market conditions impact sale timelines.

On average, vacant land parcels can take upwards of two years to sell on the open market in Maryland. And that wait time comes with expenses like taxes, maintenance fees and marketing costs that continue accruing for landowners. With the right approach though, selling land in as little as 7 days is possible in the state.

Top Reasons to Sell Land Fast

Some of the commonly cited reasons Maryland landowner’s desire to sell their property quickly include:

  • Relocation or moving out of state
  • Job loss or reduced income requiring extra funds
  • Inherited property they don’t want or need
  • Ongoing costs and taxes proving too burdensome
  • Emergency expenses like medical bills or repairs
  • Wanting access to equity to invest elsewhere or start a business

Regardless of the reason, inheriting unwanted property or facing an urgent need for money leads many land owners in Maryland to prioritize a fast sale.

Challenges of Selling Land Yourself

Attempting to sell land without help can eat up massive amounts of time and money for owners. After deciding to sell, common steps include:

  • Gathering legal documents like the deed, title, plot map and records of easements or restrictions
  • Researching to appropriately price your vacant land for your area's market
  • Creating listing materials like signs, property descriptions and photos/videos
  • Marketing through platforms like classified ads and industry forums
  • Fielding calls, emails and inquiries from potentially interested buyers
  • Negotiating offers and coordinating property tours or inspections
  • Navigating the complex closing and title transfer process yourself

For even experienced real estate sellers, this exceeds most people’s expertise. And without established industry connections, it can be incredibly hard securing a sale offer that actually closes.

Leveraging a Land Buying Company

A simpler option to trigger a fast land sale involves partnering with a dedicated land buying company. There are a few such specialized real estate investment companies that purchase land in Maryland and other states for cash.

They have extensive experience navigating the title transfer, valuation and closing processes that individual land owners often find confusing and time intensive. By selling directly to an established land buyer, you can avoid excessive fees, purchase offers falling through and time spent figuring out documents or next steps.

Cash land buying companies have sturdy access to financing, making it possible to purchase land across Maryland often in as little as a week once an agreement is reached. This transfer of title and funds can provide much needed liquidity to land owners in a range of situations.

Risks of Using a Land Buying Company

While land buying companies unlock simpler and faster transactions, there are some risks owners should be aware of:

  • Below market pricing - The highest offer will likely come from buyers interested in building on your land. But a faster timeline often means compromise on purchase price. Know your priorities.
  • No seller safeguards - As with selling to any buyer, verify you understand documents being signed to ensure protection against future liability regarding the land.
  • Not all buyers are reputable - Like any industry, some land buyers engage in unethical business practices. Do research before signing over your deed.

Despite downsides, partnering with an established, reputable land buying firm still remains the fastest and simplest sale approach for many property owners needing to sell land quickly in Maryland.

Tips for Expediting Your Land Sale

If you’ve determined the need to sell your land fast in Maryland, keep these pro tips in mind to help expedite the process whether selling to an individual or company:

1. Gather Details on Your Property - Pull together your plot map, deed, title insurance and other documentation. Know shape, terrain, easements, mineral rights, flood designation and zoning details. This helps set pricing and market effectively to buyers.

2. Research Local Market Conditions - What have comparable plots of land sold for recently in your county? Unique features like water access or development potential can greatly impact value as well. Recent sales put your ask in context.

3. List at Below Market Price - The biggest factor making land sell quickly is listing at least 5-10% below comparative properties. This added value often offsets closing speed incentives for buyers.

4. Leverage a Motivated Buyer - Companies dedicated to buying and holding land have more flexibility to meet quick timelines and may pay closing costs that individual buyers can’t absorb.

5. Be Flexible on Terms - Deserted land with limited access or odd shapes can sit for extremely long periods. Consider lease-to-own terms, owner financing, land contract arrangements or trades if needed.

6. Prepare for Closing - Once an offer agreement is signed, compile info needed for closing like outstanding tax documents, HOA notices and other information affecting title transfer.

The above tips can help you effectively position your Maryland property for a fast sale. But if you need guaranteed cash without the hassles of private marketing and sales coordination, connecting with a local land buying company is your best bet to sell land fast.

Evaluating Land Buyers in Maryland

Not all land buying companies are created equal. Before selecting a partner to handle your transaction, you’ll want to carefully evaluate a few key factors:

  • Years in Business - Longer operating history suggests established industry connections and financial resources to close reliably on purchases. Verify 10+ years buying land in your state.
  • Purchase Rates - An exceptional land buyer will have networks allowing 200+ property purchases per year across their operating states. High volume signals strong processes.
  • Land Specialization - Opt for a buyer dedicated specifically to land transactions. They best understand marketing, valuation and demand drivers compared to full service real estate brokers.
  • Reputation Research - Search online for reviews and complaints before engaging a land buyer. Clear communication and follow through on closing signal a trustworthy partner.
  • No Haggle Pricing - The best land buyers use research and algorithms to provide transparent, competitive offers without back and forth negotiation hassles.

Finding a buyer that meets the above criteria goes a long way towards ensuring a smooth, timely selling process while also securing fair market payment for your land.

Take the Next Step to Selling Your Land

For Maryland landowners needing to sell their property quickly, connecting with a local land buying company is an ideal solution. They can provide fair pricing for your land while handling all the closing logistics to ensure a fast, smooth process getting you cash.

If you have unwanted, inherited or unproductive land in Maryland weighing you down, the first step towards relief is reaching out to discuss your situation with the reliable land experts. Their years of experience makes it possible to get cash for land in as little as one week in most cases by buying properties across the state and paying all closing fees so you can walk away with your check.

Final Thoughts

Selling land quickly in Maryland can be challenging without the right guidance and buyer connections. However, being informed on local land values, utilizing below market pricing, and selecting reputable cash buyers can help expedite a fast sale. With looming expenses and the headaches of private listings, partnering with an established land buying company often provides the simplest path to relinquishing unwanted property. Following the tips outlined and leveraging land specialists with resources to purchase properties statewide makes securing your payout in as little as a week attainable. Don't let timelines or complexities stop you from getting cash for your Maryland land when you need it. The right buyer makes fast selling achievable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much under market value should I price my land to sell it quickly in Maryland? 

Pricing around 5-10% below recent comparable sales is generally enough of an incentive to attract buyers more focused on speed than getting a deal. You want to find that sweet spot making both parties feel they are winning.

What closing costs will I pay when selling my Maryland land to a buying company? 

Reputable land buying companies will charge none of the traditional closing costs to you the seller, instead paying all title fees, recording charges, back taxes owed, and even infrastructure costs in some cases. Read documents carefully though on any purchaser attempting to offset their costs.

I inherited property I don’t want. What’s my fastest exit strategy in Maryland? 

The complications of an unwanted inheritance means partnering with a Maryland land buying company adept at navigating family transfers is likely your fastest and simplest path to shedding the property. Prioritizing speed over maximum profit is wise in this scenario.

Are Maryland land buying companies going to try lowballing me or scamming me out of my property? 

While you should definitely research potential buyers, most established companies succeed by providing smooth closings, fair transparent offers, and consistent follow through. Still, verifying 10+ years in business and checking reviews provides peace of mind.

Outside of pricing below market value, what can I do to entice fast offers on my Maryland land?

Being flexible on closing timelines and terms if reasonable goes a long way towards attracting investor buyers focused on speed. Things like lease-to-own, owner financing, land contracts, trades and swift occupancy agreement can incentive buyers.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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