Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Arizona Quickly

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Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Arizona Quickly

Bart Waldon

Arizona contains over 72 million acres of diverse terrain, with roughly 26 million acres currently in agricultural use for cattle ranching and farming operations according to USDA data. For landowners struggling to keep up with taxes, maintenance costs and development pressure on unutilized acres, selling off vacant parcels can provide much-needed income. However the prospect of listing land can feel overwhelming. Property sitting on the open market for months or years taps already strained finances while paying for upkeep and real estate commissions. And complex financing contingencies inherent in traditional land deals often stall closings. 

Cash sales skip those obstacles so Arizona landowners needing urgent liquidity can offload land fast. As direct cash buyers helping liquidate properties across the state for over a decade, we know how to simplify the process for rapid sales. By realistically pricing land, directly contacting reputable cash buyers and transparently communicating all value factors, landowners can successfully complete quick cash transactions.

Selling land quickly in Arizona can be a challenge, but there are ways to expedite the process if you need to sell your land fast. This guide will provide tips on how to sell Arizona land quickly.

Why Selling Land in Arizona is Difficult

There are a few reasons why it's hard to sell land fast in Arizona:

  • Low demand - Vacant land is a niche market with fewer buyers than homes. This is especially true in Arizona which has a lot of remote, rugged terrain. There simply aren't as many buyers for vacant parcels as there are for residential properties.
  • Difficult to determine value - Pricing land can be tricky since there are fewer comparable sales. Factors like zoning, utilities, access and terrain all impact value. Sellers often overprice initially making it sit on the market.
  • Requires marketing - Land doesn't sell itself. You have to actively market property to buyers which takes time and effort. Online listings alone won't cut it.
  • Financing limitations - Banks don't typically lend for vacant land purchases. That limits the buyer pool to those who can pay cash.

These factors mean selling land takes patience - often 1-2 years to find the right buyer. But if you need to sell quickly in Arizona, there are some things you can do.

Pricing Your Arizona Land Correctly

Setting the right price is key when you need to sell fast. Overpricing your land is one of the biggest mistakes sellers make.

Research prices for recent comparable land sales in your county:

  • Check listings for similar parcels currently for sale
  • Look at what similar parcels have sold for in the past 6 months
  • Drive the area to look for "For Sale" signs on vacant land

This will give you an idea of the current market value of your property. Price it competitively right from the start and be prepared to negotiate. Don't get emotionally tied to a certain price.

Also factor in that as a motivated seller trying to sell quickly, you’ll likely need to sell for lower than full market value. But pricing it right will get it sold fast.

Marketing Your Land for a Quick Sale

You'll need to get the word out to sell your Arizona land quickly. Here are effective marketing strategies:

Online Listings - List your land on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Lands of America and Loopnet. Make sure complete details and photos are included.

For Sale Sign - Place a visible sign on the property with contact details. Many land buyers search an area they’re interested in looking for For Sale signs.

Local Advertising - Take out classified ads in local newspapers and penny savers. These are still commonly used to market land.

Land Brokers - Hire a reputable land broker to represent your property. They have a ready list of buyers interested in land.

Networking - Tell people you know locally that you have land for sale. Word of mouth is still a great way to find buyers.

The key is using multiple methods to get maximum exposure. The more potential buyers who see your Arizona land for sale, the quicker you are to find one who will buy it.

Considering Land Buyers with Cash Offers

Selling your land quickly often means accepting a lower price than full market value. But what's important is selling it fast.

Companies that buy land like Land Boss can be a good option when you need to sell quickly. Here are some benefits of selling to a land buying company:

  • Cash offers - Companies like Land Boss buy with all-cash so you don't have to worry about the buyer’s financing falling through.
  • Fast closing - Land buying companies can close quickly, some in as little as a few days. Much faster than selling traditionally.
  • As-is condition - You don't have to spend time or money prepping the land or dealing with contingencies.
  • No commissions - Selling directly means you don't pay broker commissions which saves you money.

Always get quotes from multiple land buying companies and compare offers. Make sure you carefully review the terms and calculation methods used. A lower price from a reputable company may end up being your best bet for a fast sale.

Tips for Negotiating Your Arizona Land Sale

Negotiating is key to selling your land for the highest possible price in a quick timeframe. Here are some tips:

  • Get offers in writing - Verbal offers are non-binding. Always get written ones you can assess.
  • Learn about the buyer - Understand who the buyer is and why they want your property as this can help negotiations.
  • Remain calm - Emotions can flare in negotiations. Keep a level head and remain professional.
  • Know your must-have price - Determine the lowest acceptable price for you ahead of time so you know when to walk away.
  • Be creative - Consider creative offers like seller financing terms if they allow you to sell quickly at an acceptable price.

With the right approach to pricing, marketing and negotiations, selling your land quickly in Arizona is possible. The key is being flexible on price and terms while proactively getting it in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Alternatives if You Can't Sell Your Arizona Land Fast Enough

If you just can’t sell your Arizona land quickly enough, there are some alternative options to consider:

Rent the Land – See if you can generate rental income by leasing the land to a farmer, solar company, billboard company or cell tower company. Long term land rentals can produce good income.

Take Out a Loan - Consider getting a loan using the land as collateral to access cash quickly. Land loans typically have lower rates and better terms than unsecured loans.

Land Contract Sale - Seller financing through a land contract allows you to spread the sale over several years while collecting monthly payments.

Exchange for Another Property - If the timing to sell your land won't work, you may be able to structure a tax-deferred 1031 exchange into another investment property.

Gift to Heirs - Donating your land to your loved ones or a charity may be a tax-beneficial option that provides value.

Even if you can’t sell quickly, exploring alternatives can help provide funds or value from your Arizona land.

Closing Thoughts

Selling land quickly in Arizona can certainly be done if you take the right approach. Correct pricing, exposure to the market, negotiating skill and flexibility on terms will allow you to expedite the sale. Companies that purchase land like Land Boss can be a good option when you need to sell fast for cash.

Hopefully this guide provides a helpful overview of how to sell your Arizona land quickly when you need to. With the right strategy, you can minimize headaches and maximize the value you get from a fast sale. Let me know if you have any other questions about selling land in Arizona!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to sell land in Arizona?

It typically takes 1-2 years to sell vacant land in Arizona if you want to get full market value. This is because of low demand, difficultly pricing land, and the need to market actively to buyers. If you need to sell quickly, you likely will need to price below market value to attract a cash buyer who can close fast.

What is the process of selling land in Arizona?

The process involves getting the property appraised, choosing a listing price based on market comparables, marketing through listings/ads, screening buyer inquiries, accepting an offer, completing due diligence like title search, and closing which transfers deed. A title company usually handles closing. Total time is about 6 months with an average listing period of 12 months.

Should I sell my Arizona land myself or use a broker?

It’s typically better to use a land broker because they have industry knowledge and existing buyer networks. Brokers list on MLS and syndicate listings to many sites. Be sure to hire an agent who specializes in land. Expect to pay 10% commission. If the land will be easy for you to sell, doing it yourself may save on commissions.

What costs are involved in selling land in Arizona?

Costs can include: appraisal fee, advertising/marketing expenses, legal fees for title search, escrow and closing costs (1-2% of sale price), and real estate commissions if using an agent (10%). Transfer tax and recording fees will also apply. Total costs are typically 8-12% of the sales price.

How can I determine the value of my Arizona land?

Research prices of recent comparable land sales near your parcel. Adjust for differences in size, access, zoning and utilities. Get an appraisal by a qualified appraiser. Also consider current assessed value for tax purposes and any recent purchase offers. Listening to a broker’s opinion on valuation is also wise.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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