Companies That Buy Land Fast for Cash - Things to Ask Before Selling Your Vacant Land

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Companies That Buy Land Fast for Cash - Things to Ask Before Selling Your Vacant Land

Bart Waldon

Selling your vacant land for cash allows you to unlock the equity for reinvestment elsewhere or to fund your needs. But choosing the right buyer like Land Boss is critical to ensure a fast, smooth transaction.

When evaluating potential cash land buyers, the key is asking intelligent, pointed questions upfront to understand and vet their acquisition criteria, valuation process, transaction experience, costs, and timelines.

As an established land buyer operating nationwide, Land Boss is always happy to provide detailed answers on our cash purchase process and can provide numerous seller references as well. Our goal is fully transparent, win-win deals with smooth closings consistently in 14 days or less.

Here are some key examples of what sets Land Boss apart as a trusted cash land buyer:

  • We purchase land in every state across the US
  • We buy a wide range of parcel sizes from .5 acres up to 5,000 acres
  • We pay all closing costs - you keep the full sales price
  • We can buy land with or without mineral rights
  • We purchase land as-is sight-unseen in most cases
  • We make fair cash offers based on recent sales comps
  • We handle all closing paperwork and filings for you

Below are some more specific questions to ask potential cash land buyers to vet their qualifications and reputation. Reputable established buyers like Land Boss will provide clear detailed answers.

Would selling land fast allow you to better use the money?

Selling a vacant land parcel quickly for cash can unlock major advantages depending on your circumstances and plans for the money.

For some landowners, holding onto vacant land indefinitely ties up capital that could be better utilized elsewhere. Land is a non-productive asset just sitting there not generating any income. The opportunity cost of keeping land vacant can be substantial.

Selling the land and freeing up that capital can allow you to pay off high interest debt, invest in appreciating assets, start a business, or fund big purchases requiring liquid capital. For retirees, turning idle land into cash can provide funds to live comfortably.

If you have no immediate plans to develop or build on a vacant parcel, cashing out of the land may make better financial sense than paying taxes and upkeep on empty property.

Evaluating your options and priorities for how to best leverage the value locked inside most vacant land parcels is key. For many owners, selling land fast for cash provides the flexibility to fund other important goals.


When selling land for cash quickly, it is crucial to pick a buyer like Land Boss with a streamlined, efficient purchase process that fits your timeline and needs as the seller.

Many land buyers tout fast closings, but actually entail lengthy delays from paperwork requirements, financing contingencies, and rigid procedures. Make sure any quick cash land buyer you are considering provides a frictionless process tailored to land sellers' needs.

Ideally, the entire transaction from initial cash offer to funded closing should take no more than 14-30 days in most cases. Look for limited paperwork requirements from sellers, flexible closing dates, and capacity to close quickly with cash funds readily available.

Asking the right questions will ensure the cash land buyer’s process meets your expectations for speed and convenience selling your vacant land parcel. Do they live up to claims of fast closings? How flexible is their timeline? Are any mortgage contingencies or financing involved?

Scrutinize land buyers’ processes closely before committing, and get any timeline promises explicitly in writing upfront in the purchase contract. Only work with established land buyers who consistently deliver quick, smooth sale transactions.

America's Vacant Land Buyer

When researching potential cash land buyers, one essential question to ask is how long they have been established purchasing vacant land specifically.

Some investors or builders may buy land occasionally as one part of their model, but you want to work with a cash buyer that specializes in land transactions day in and day out. This demonstrates extensive experience navigating the nuances and unique aspects of land deals.

Ideally, look for a cash land buyer that has been operating 5+ years focused solely on land transactions across the country. They will understand considerations like zoning, utilities, mineral rights, easements, and other factors specific to vacant parcels better than any occasional land investor.

Experience matters - the ideal cash land buyer should have closed thousands of land deals, giving them unmatched insights into streamlining the transaction process for fast and easy land sales. Only consider companies with long track records successfully becoming land buying companies and closing land transactions quickly.

We Offer an Easy Solution!

A major advantage of selling land to an established cash buyer like Land Boss is avoiding the complexities and headaches that can come from traditional land sales. Oftentimes, selling land through an agent or privately requires extensive time and effort.

Before picking a cash buyer, ask what conveniences and accommodations they offer throughout the process to make selling your vacant land as stress-free as possible for a seller.

Good cash land buyers will handle all the heavy lifting involved, allowing you to divest and sell your land fast, with minimal time and involvement on your end after signing the purchase contract.

From coordinating closings electronically to providing free mailing of paperwork, working with a buyer focused on simplifying land transactions for sellers should be a top priority. Make sure to inquire about where they can remove obstacles and make the process easy for you.

Choose a buyer that emphasizes convenient, customer-focused service at every step when seeking the smoothest possible land selling experience.

Does the land buyer pay for all closing costs?

A key question when selling land for cash is who handles the various closing fees and costs involved, which can really add up.

Typical expenses include attorney fees, document recording charges, listing fees, transfer taxes, overnight shipping costs, and more. On some transactions these ancillary costs can total thousands of dollars or more.

Many cash land buyers will deduct customary closing costs from the seller's net payment at closing, which eats into your ultimate sales proceeds.

Instead, look for a cash buyer like Land Boss that covers all standard closing fees and costs themselves, without passing these on to the seller. This ensures you maximize your profit and walk away with the full agreed sales price at closing.

Before signing a purchase contract, get clear commitments in writing from the buyer on which party handles any closing fees so there are no surprises later deducted from your payment. A buyer paying all closing costs is ideal.

Sell My Vacant Land Fast!

If your goal is to sell a vacant parcel quickly for cash, it is critical to ask potential buyers like Land Boss how long their typical purchase process takes from first contact to funded closing.

Many investors or builders marketing to land sellers take several months to evaluate, get financing, negotiate contracts, finalize permits, and close. Their model is built around longer timeframes that may not work if you need to sell land ASAP.

Press cash land buyers on the typical timeline required using recent examples of purchases they’ve closed. Explain upfront you are motivated to sell quickly and need the transaction completed within days or weeks, not waiting months after.

Priority should be given to cash land buyers who can make initial offers after minimal due diligence and have funding lined up to close deals fast when an acceptable offer is accepted.

A proven track record of speedy closings on vacant land sales demonstrates a buyer can deliver on promises of selling land fast versus slow buyers still learning how to purchase a property quickly and efficiently.

Do you need to sell your land for quick cash?

Does your land ownership situation require converting a property to cash quickly for any of these reasons:

  • Immediate financial need arises
  • Tired of paying taxes/maintenance
  • Relocating/moving away
  • Inherited unwanted land
  • Prefer liquidity over vacant asset
  • Want to fund urgent purchases
  • Estate planning/settling affairs

If having cash in hand fast is your priority, you want to avoid cash land buyers with plodding processes. Slow buyers juggling multiple projects may take months to act, even if promising fast closings.

Your best bet is vetting specialized cash land buyers who make quick purchases their entire business model. They likely can provide fair cash offers and close sales in days or weeks, not the months slower buyers may take.

Ask buyers pointed questions to gauge their appetite and capacity for ultra-fast closings. An inflexible, overly bureaucratic buyer is wrong for a rush scenario. Look for willingness to expedite based on the seller’s needs and timeline.

With the right buyer, selling land for cash quickly is very feasible to help ease urgent situations or liquidity needs. But choosing a buyer with speed and agility is critical.

A Hassle-Free Way To Sell Your Land

Selling land privately or via a real estate agent can require substantial time and hassle meeting buyer inquiries, providing access for showings, negotiating offers, and navigating contracts. Utilizing an established cash land buyer focused on simplicity like Land Boss can relieve these headaches.

Before committing your land sale to a buyer, inquire about the specific conveniences they offer to make the process worry-free for sellers and minimize your time investment.

Ideally, you want a buyer providing services like:

  • Handling all paperwork/filings for you
  • No need for property access/showings
  • Electronic signature closings
  • Prompt payment via wire transfer
  • Direct communication for questions
  • Free professional closing services

A buyer handling logistics and keeping you informed along the way creates a smooth, painless land sale experience. Be sure to ask buyers about their commitment to seller convenience before agreeing to their purchase offer.

What is needed to sell land by owner?

Attempting to sell land FSBO directly without a broker involves preparing all the required documentation and filings yourself. This can get complicated fast.

When vetting potential cash land buyers, ask what documents, disclosures, or other info they require from sellers in order to process transactions, to gauge the work load involved.

Brokers handle all the heavy paperwork - title search, deeds, disclosures, transfer filings, and more. Going FSBO means figuring these out yourself. If not prepared properly, it can delay sale.

Some key items needed for FSBO land sales include:

  • Title search/title insurance docs
  • Updated plat surveys
  • Transfer deed forms
  • Tax status disclosure
  • Mineral/water rights docs
  • Property access info
  • HOA agreements if applicable

Work with a buyer who can educate you on proper protocols and requirements to ensure a smooth FSBO process. Or better yet, consider a cash buyer like Land Boss who handles paperwork themselves.

What is the fastest way to sell raw land?

For landowners seeking the fastest timeline possible to liquidate a raw vacant parcel for cash, these tips can help expedite the sale:

  • Price aggressively - Set sale price below comparable land rates to motivate buyers. Offer at least 10% under market.
  • List "For Sale by Owner" - Avoid delays from agents. Handle sale yourself for quick sale control.
  • Consider land divisions - Split larger parcels into smaller tracts with lower price points that sell faster.
  • Market locally - Advertise online and with physical signs/flyers right in the community where the land is located.
  • Sell to investors - Investors have funds ready and can close quickly at fair prices without slow financing.
  • Be flexible on closing date - Offer leeway on date of sale completion to give buyers incentive to close faster.
  • Hire attorney - Ensure you have required land sale documents in proper order before listing.
  • Remove contingencies - Offering land as-is with no contingencies like inspections appeals to quick buyers.
  • Follow up diligently - Don't let buyer interest fade. Follow up frequently to keep deals moving.

With the right pricing and marketing paired with services making it easy for buyers, raw land can sell in weeks in many cases.

Do you actually buy the property or will you just be listing the land I want to sell?

This is an important question when connecting with any land buyer - will they actually directly purchase your property themselves, or simply list and market your land on the open market?

Many "land buyers" are really just hybrid real estate agents and brokers who don’t buy and hold property at all. They act as middlemen who help you list land, not direct buyers.

Make sure upfront any buyer will purchase your parcel directly, not just list it. Ask:

  • Do you buy and own land outright?
  • How many properties have you purchased in the past year?
  • Will you buy my land or only list/market it?
  • Are you a licensed real estate broker?

Ideally the buyer's business model is focused on buying and holding land for investment purposes. Just avoid sellers posing as buyers but really only acting as listing agents.

Are there additional fees involved if I sell my land to you?

Avoid cash land buyers hitting you with hefty fees and commissions. Make sure to ask:

  • What are your fees for purchasing land?
  • Do you charge any commissions or finder's fees?
  • Are your offers all-cash with no owner financing?
  • Are there any deduction or penalties when you buy land?

Cash buyers making money reselling land or arranging financing may charge fees. Opt for a buyer like Land Boss offering straightforward cash purchases with no deductions or commissions taken.

You should receive the full agreed sales price at closing with no hidden cuts or surprise expenses. Make sure the buyer confirms no fees in writing upfront before accepting an offer.

Do they use a title company to buy land?

When a land buyer like Land Boss purchases your property, they should properly file sale documents and record the deed transfer with the county utilizing a professional title company.

Ask buyers:

  • Do you use a licensed title company when buying properties?
  • How are documents and deed transfer handled at closing?
  • Who prepares sale contracts and paperwork?

Avoid improvised or DIY document preparation which can often be inadequate. The buyer should use an experienced title officer and closer familiar with land transactions to ensure proper protocols and filings.

Closing through a title company provides essential protections and validation for the land transfer. Don't cut corners here.

How do you determine the fair market price of my property?

Cash land buyers should not make lowball offers arbitrarily. They should use tangible market value data to estimate fair purchase offers. Ask buyers:

  • How do you estimate property value for offers?
  • Do you use comparable sales and property assessment data?
  • Can you provide recent examples of purchases near my land value?

Good buyers carefully research the specific area and parcel details to support value estimates. They should be able to explain offer amounts logically based on comps and conditions.

An experienced valuation approach provides a fair win-win offer for both parties, avoiding extreme lowball offers that exploit uninformed sellers.

Still looking to sell your vacant land? Contact us for a cash offer

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to sell your vacant land for a fair cash offer, please reach out to Land Boss to discuss your needs. We are America's premier cash land buyer with an straightforward sale process providing fair cash offers and closings in as little as 7-10 days in most cases.

We buy land across the country and have extensive experience paying cash for vacant residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial land parcels. We are one of the leading companies that buy land in the U.S.

Who pays closing costs on land sales?

On any land sale, both buyers and sellers can expect to pay certain closing fees and costs. But a good cash land buyer like Land Boss will handle all normal seller closing fees themselves.

Ask upfront who covers which fees, such as:

  • Title search/insurance
  • Attorney/escrow service fees
  • Recording/filing charges
  • Transfer taxes
  • Document shipping

Many buyers deduct typical seller closing costs from the final purchase price. But the best buyers like Land Boss absorb these fees so you receive the full agreed sales price with no deductions.

Closing costs can run thousands of dollars. Having them paid by the buyer versus reducing your payout makes a big difference. Always clarify who pays what in writing.

What if my property has wetlands on it?

If your land contains streams, marshes, or other wetlands, specialized permitting and approvals are usually required for buyers before developing or building on the parcel.

Ask potential buyers:

  • Can you purchase land with wetlands/floodplains on it?
  • Do you handle required wetlands permitting approvals?
  • Do wetlands reduce what you will pay for my property?

Seek buyers experienced permitting wetlands. Most regulated wetlands require delineation studies and applying for Army Corps permits and local approvals before any activity in wetlands areas is allowed.

Wetlands don't preclude a sale but the right buyer needs expertise working through the complex steps involved.

Do you have minimum and maximum lot sizes that you will purchase?

Cash land buyers often specialize in certain land parcel sizes. For example, some may focus on 1-5 acre residential lots while others buy 100+ acre ranches.

Ask buyers about their minimum and maximum land sizes for consideration, as this varies widely:

  • What is the smallest and largest land size you will buy?
  • Do you buy fractional acre lots or multi-hundred acre ranches?
  • Are there any size limitations I should be aware of?

Ideally a buyer is flexible to purchase a wide range of parcel sizes. But if your land falls outside a buyer's size comfort zone, they likely won't be interested.

Check that your acreage or square footage aligns with a buyer's purchasing preferences before going too far into discussions.

How do we close if I decide to sell my land to you?

The closing process is a critical step to discuss upfront with potential cash land buyers like Land Boss. You'll want the closing handled professionally and as convenient as possible.

Key questions about their closing process:

  • Do you use title company closing services?
  • Can you close electronically or do I need to be there in person?
  • How long does the closing process usually take?
  • What are the steps you will handle vs. what do I need to provide?

Look for a simplified, customer-focused closing process. Top buyers like Land Boss can handle most closing logistics on your behalf digitally in a matter of days. Closings should never drag out for weeks. Make sure you understand the steps.

What if I don't have a copy of the deed?

If you can’t locate the original property deed, a title search can uncover it from county records to verify ownership for a sale. Ask buyers:

  • If I don’t have my deed, can you still purchase my land?
  • Do you perform title searches to get deed docs from the county if needed?
  • How do you validate ownership without a physical deed copy?

A title company can usually retrieve filed property records and produce the deed. Digital records make copies easy to obtain in most counties now if your deed is missing. This generally won't prevent a sale.

Does the zoning designation on my land matter?

The approved zoning of a property does influence it's value and what a buyer can do with it. Questions to ask:

  • Do you purchase land with any zoning designation or certain ones only?
  • How does zoning affect what you will pay for a parcel?
  • Can you change the zoning of land after purchasing it?

Land zoned for commercial uses for example commands a premium over raw rural land. However, buyers focusing on buildable residential land may not want commercial/industrial zoned properties.

Understanding a buyer's intended use is important to assess zoning compatibility. In some areas zoning changes are difficult to obtain after purchasing.

What if my property does not have legal access?

Parcels without clear legal access via a public road or easement are problematic for buyers to develop or even access after purchasing.

Ask buyers:

  • Can you buy land without deeded access? What about landlocked parcels?
  • Do you research, establish, and record access easements to the property?
  • How does lack of access impact your offers and interest level?

Most buyers will not purchase land lacking legally defined access. However, some experienced buyers can negotiate access easements with neighbors and properly record them to establish legal access to the property prior to purchase.

Whether its zoned residential or commercial, agricultural or recreational – we buy any land. From half Acre Lots, to 160 Acre Tracts and up. From Washington to Florida, Maine to California, and everywhere in between

The ideal cash land buyer like Land Boss is flexible to purchase a wide variety of property types - not just land fitting a narrow niche. Seek out buyers who will purchase:

  • Residential lots zoned for housing
  • Commercial parcels for businesses
  • Raw rural land for recreation
  • Acreages zoned for agriculture
  • Heavily wooded forest land
  • Desert parcels with minimal access
  • Prime development land around growing cities
  • Obsolete farmland no longer in production
  • Parcels both tiny and enormous
  • Etc.

Top buyers like Land Boss purchase land across the spectrum regardless of zoning, terrain, region, or parcel specifics. They evaluate each deal individually. Avoid picky buyers only interested in certain property flavors. Cast a wide buyer net.

Does my land need to have utilities connected to it?

Parcels with direct utility hookups in place demand premium pricing versus raw land. But some buyers specifically seek raw acreage without utilities to develop. Ask buyers:

  • Do properties require utility connections already in place?
  • Can you purchase raw land without utilities installed?
  • How does the presence or absence of utilities impact your offers?

Some buyers want ready-to-build shovel-ready land. Others like Land Boss have capacity to install utilities during development. Understand the buyer's business model.

Lack of utilities does impact land value but does not preclude sales if significant infrastructure is nearby. Do not assume utilities are mandatory. Some buyers desire raw remote land.

Do you need to have mineral rights to the property in order to sell my land?

Mineral rights giving ownership of subsurface oil, gas, minerals, etc. can influence land value but aren't mandatory to sell a property.

Ask buyers:

  • Can you purchase land that does not include mineral rights?
  • Do severed or attached mineral rights impact your offers?
  • Will you acquire mineral rights later if not included initially?

Many land parcels in the Western U.S. especially have severed mineral rights from surface rights. This is common. If mineral rights aren't critical to a buyer's intended use, they likely will still purchase the land.

Just be transparent about any severed rights so buyers can factor this into valuations. But don't assume no mineral rights kills the sale. Surface-only deals still happen frequently.

Do you buy houses?

Some land buyers also purchase houses, while others like Land Boss focus strictly on selling vacant land or parcels. Ask buyers directly:

  • Do you purchase houses and residential structures, or strictly land?
  • Are you able to make offers on parcels with existing houses or buildings?
  • If a property has a home but I want the land sold, are you able to buy it?

If your priority is selling the land itself, look for a buyer able to purchase the acreage from under existing structures without needing the buildings. Some land investors can structure deals creatively to buy vacant land this way.

But not all land buyers handle houses. Clarify the buyer’s flexibility upfront if your land contains buildings that you are not attached to.

Would you buy my property in South Carolina?

Ideally a cash land buyer like Land Boss operates nationally to purchase land anywhere in the U.S. But some focus regionally. Ask:

  • Do you buy land nationwide or certain states only?
  • Specifically, can you buy land in South Carolina?
  • Is my land located too far away from where you typically buy?

Even for national buyers, distance and logistics still impact deal viability. Understand any geographic limitations or preferences a buyer may have.

But many leading buyers today like Land Boss have the capacity to purchase land remotely anywhere in the country with few locational restrictions that preclude a sale.

Would you buy my land in New York?

New York has high closing costs which impact profitability. Ask buyers:

  • Do you buy land in high closing cost states like NY?
  • How do closing cost differences by state influence your maximum offers?
  • Are you able to buy land anywhere nationwide?

Also research any unique buying complexities in the specific state where your land is located to assess buyer fit.

Experienced national land buyers are accustomed to navigating state-by-state nuances. But closing cost impacts still factor into pricing limits. Discuss these variables transparently with buyers.

Would you buy my land in Virginia?

Understand if the buyer actively operates and closes deals in the state your land is located. Ask:

  • Do you purchase land in my state of Virginia?
  • Are you licensed and able to transact real estate deals in Virginia?
  • How many deals have you closed in Virginia?

Ideally look for multiple recently closed transactions in your state as evidence of seamless ability to transact there. Some buyers may be new to certain states and still finalizing ability to operate there.

Do your due diligence ensuring the buyer is truly able to buy land quickly and smoothly in your specific state and locality right away. Don’t assume national reach.

Key Takeaways

Selling your vacant land for cash allows you to unlock the equity for reinvestment elsewhere or to fund your needs. But choosing the right buyer like Land Boss is critical to ensure a fast, smooth transaction.

When evaluating potential cash land buyers, the key is asking intelligent, pointed questions upfront to understand and vet their acquisition criteria, valuation process, transaction experience, costs, and timelines.

As an established nationwide land buyer, Land Boss invites your questions and are happy to provide detailed answers on our purchase process and extensive positive seller references as well. Contact us today!

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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