15 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Georgia

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15 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Georgia

Bart Waldon

As the largest state east of the Mississippi River with over 37 million total acres, Georgia offers diverse landscapes spanning coastline, farmlands, mountains and urban centers drawing land buyers nationwide. Fueled by population growth driving development demand plus stable average per acre pricing around $2,600, Peach State land sales outpaced national totals in 2022. Motivations land buyers cite range from property rights protections and recreational escape to legacy generational wealth-building and safe inflation hedge given central bank policy shifts. This guide explores the 15 foremost reasons Georgia ranks among the top targeted states for securing plots of all sizes whether looking to farm, hunt, build dream homes or diversify long-term investment portfolios beyond stocks and bonds alone.

A Stable, Prosperous Economy

One big plus? Georgia has a robust, diverse economy that provides opportunities in industries ranging from corporate services to manufacturing, tourism, logistics and beyond. Major firms like Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Gulfstream call Georgia home. The economic stability reduces risk for land investors and helps support property values.

Ideal Conditions for Farming

Love the idea of living off the land? Georgia's high agricultural yields mean fertile farmland abounds. Ample rain, great soil, mild winters...the state practically begs you to dust off your overalls and get planting. Grow organic veggies, raise a small herd, or even buy an orchard. Georgia lets you fulfill agrarian dreams.

Outdoor Playground for All Ages

Georgia gives you endless ways to enjoy nature, from misty mountain hikes to bass fishing on Lake Oconee. Buy a few rural acres and build that country retreat you've always imagined. Have a spot for hunting, stargazing, camping and more right in your backyard. Let the kids and dogs roam while you relax on the porch swing.

Cities Brimming with Southern Charm

Looking for that classic southern living vibe? Cities like Athens, Macon and Savannah move at a more genteel pace and offer graceful antebellum architecture. Enjoy mouth-watering comfort food, traditional music, art galleries...a relaxing break from big city bustle. Historic southern charm abounds.

Mild, Comfortable Climate

Say goodbye to shoveling snow and scraping ice every winter morning! Georgia's temperate climate means easier living. Cool mountain breezes offset summer's heat while winters stay mild enough for year-round outdoor projects. If extreme hot or cold bother you, Georgia offers weather just right for comfortable outdoor living nearly year-round.

Top-Tier Colleges and Universities

Access to highly ranked institutions like Georgia Tech, Emory and the University of Georgia provides opportunities for advanced learning. Buying near growing campuses often means stable property values, educated residents, and vibrant culture. The brainpower flowing from universities also nurtures business innovation.

Logistics and Distribution Hub

Thanks to extensive transportation infrastructure like highways, railways and busy ports, Georgia anchors the Southeast as a logistics hub. For companies involved in shipping, warehousing or transportation, buying land near key routes provides a strategic edge. The connectivity also benefits commuters and leisure travelers.

Tourism Magnet

Georgia's world-class tourism draws crowds, especially to Atlanta attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, and more. But charming destinations like Savannah, Jekyll Island and the Appalachian Trail also entice visitors. Buying near top sites can unlock lucrative hospitality or entertainment development potential.

Appreciation Potential in Hot Markets

While past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, many Georgia real estate markets have seen remarkable home value appreciation recently. Metro Atlanta prices in particular have surged over 80% in the past decade. But cities like Macon, Columbus, Augusta and others have also witnessed sustained gains that reward savvy buyers.

Low Taxes & Reasonable Regulations

Georgia keeps taxes lower than many states, so you hang onto more of your hard-earned income. Property taxes are reasonable, and Georgia doesn't tax certain passive income streams. The business-friendly environment with less red tape benefits small businesses as well as real estate investors and developers.

Natural Resources Galore

From timber and agricultural commodities to mineral deposits of granite, iron and clay, Georgia's natural resource abundance supports prosperity. Buying land with deposits of these resources offers potential usage. Or sustainably harvest materials from your own property for personal use.

Expanding Population and Job Growth

More people and jobs means more real estate demand. As one of the fastest growing major metro areas, Atlanta leads the pack. But smaller cities are also seeing an influx, especially Savannah, Athens, Brunswick and Valdosta. Growth hotspots appeal for long-term investment potential.

Easy Access to the Southeast

Situated within a day’s drive of major southern cities like Nashville, Charlotte, Jacksonville and New Orleans, Georgia offers convenient regional access. The transportation network has helped establish the state as a distribution hub. Georgia's prime location eases business and leisure travel.

Legendary Southern Hospitality

Most of all, Georgia's renowned warm and welcoming culture sets it apart. Locals exude kindness and easygoing charm. Community spirit abounds. Buying land lets you truly experience the state's famous southern hospitality firsthand. Feel like you're among friends.

In summary, Georgia offers land buyers amenities ranging from economic stability to natural beauty. For residence, recreation, agriculture or commercial investment, you'll find the Peach State ripe with opportunity. Give in to Georgia's appeal, and you may just gain more than land - you'll gain a home.

Should You Invest in Georgia Land?

With its strong economy, natural beauty, and southern charm, Georgia is an increasingly popular destination for real estate investment. If you're considering buying land in the Peach State, here are some factors to help you decide if it's a smart move.

Robust Economic Growth

A major incentive for investing in Georgia is the state's robust and diverse economy. Key sectors like manufacturing, corporate services, logistics and tourism are rapidly expanding, especially around Atlanta. Major employers provide jobs while strengthening real estate markets statewide. The economic vitality bodes well for land investment.

Appreciation Potential in Hot Markets

Many Georgia real estate markets have seen substantial home value appreciation in recent years that reward savvy investors. Metro Atlanta prices in particular have surged over 80% in the past decade. Other cities like Columbus, Macon, Athens, Augusta and Savannah have also witnessed sustained gains beyond the national average. Targeting growth markets improves appreciation prospects.

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Appeal

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to quaint coastal villages, Georgia's unspoiled natural areas and famous southern charm draw tourists from across the world. Owning rural land allows building cabins, lodges, campgrounds or other hospitality businesses to profit from tourism. Outdoor recreational opportunities also boost land demand.

Infrastructure Improvements

Georgia has invested heavily in transportation infrastructure including highways, airports, rail and ports. The connectivity provides businesses competitive advantages in distribution, logistics and more. Improved infrastructure also supports population growth in cities, fueling land development.

Agricultural Potential

Ample rainfall, mild climate and fertile soil make farming highly productive in Georgia. The state is a top producer of crops like peaches, pecans, cotton and peanuts. Rural farmland remains reasonably priced compared to other uses, providing opportunities for buyers wanting to cultivate organic crops or produce livestock.

Higher Education Presence

With highly ranked colleges like Georgia Tech and Emory, the state offers access to skilled graduates, research, and opportunities for knowledge economy business. Real estate near growing campuses also typically maintains value well. Educational strengths provide foundations for future growth.

Prosperous State Outlook

Georgia enjoys AAA credit ratings, budget surpluses, and low debt levels indicating financial health. The state consistently ranks in the top 10 for both business environment and quality of life. Positive fiscal and economic trends point to Georgia's ability to support real estate investment over the long haul.

In summary, Georgia provides positive attributes ranging from appreciating property values in hot markets to infrastructure improvements and recreational appeal. For investors seeking stable returns, Georgia offers much to like about buying land in the Peach State. Just be sure to research and target high-potential locations and asset types.

Final Thoughts

In closing, astute real estate investors will find that buying land in Georgia offers many promising opportunities. The state provides a winning combination of economic vitality, infrastructure growth, scenic beauty, and pro-business policies that facilitate development. With tourism and population on the rise, owning the right Georgia land in the right locations could reward you with stable returns. Just be sure to do your due diligence. Seek professional guidance to identify communities and submarkets with strong fundamentals. Then with a bit of vision and patience, you may prosper over the long haul by putting down roots in the fertile Peach State.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land represent the best opportunities in Georgia?

For investment potential, residential development land around expanding metro Atlanta likely offers the best upside. But commercial/industrial property along major highways can also be promising. Buying aging rural farmland for fresh cultivation or tourism uses may work too. Target where demand is strong and supply is limited.

What is the process for buying land in Georgia?

It's similar to other states - find a motivated seller, negotiate a fair price, conduct due diligence on zoning, utilities, etc., then close on the sale with a real estate attorney. But do involve professionals like an agent, attorney and accountant to guide you and look out for your interests.

What risks or challenges should I watch out for?

Do your homework to assess any environmental issues, easements, flood zones or other encumbrances on land you're considering. Understand regulations upfront, and what uses or developments are permitted. Also be conservative in financial projections - don't overpay thinking the land will be worth much more later.

How can I identify promising locations and growth areas?

Look for counties and cities with expanding populations, employment growth, and rising home values. Drive the areas to observe new construction and local investment. Check county and city planning docs for development goals. Proximity to colleges, recreation and infrastructure also signal potential.

Should I consider buying land in Georgia from a distance?

It's best to stick to local opportunities where you can regularly visit and evaluate. Or partner with a trustworthy local expert. Understanding the nuances of a market requires on-the-ground perspective. Patiently wait for an appealing opportunity within a reasonable distance rather than buying sight unseen.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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