10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Washington

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Washington

Bart Waldon

With its rugged natural beauty and abundance of recreational opportunities, Washington attracts many land buyers seeking their slice of paradise. However, actually selling your Washington land can be a time-intensive process full of complications. Pricing it properly, using savvy marketing tactics, and negotiating smoothly will help your property sell faster.

Land Boss brings 5 years of experience buying and selling Washington land to guide you through a smooth sales process. We purchase land properties at fair prices with all-cash offers. Read on for 10 tips to accelerate the sale of your Washington land.

10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster

1. Price Your Property Competitively

Finding the optimal asking price is crucial for selling your Washington land quickly. High property taxes and maintenance costs incentivize many landowners to sell their vacant parcels. However, overpricing is one of the biggest pitfalls that keeps land languishing on the market for years.

Pricing too far above the fair market value will deter buyers from making offers. Comparable properties selling nearby should guide your pricing strategy. Analyze recent land sales in your county based on location, acreage, and attributes. Is your land wooded or cleared? Waterfront or inland? Hilly or flat? Account for these factors.

While the volatility of land markets makes precise valuation tricky, companies like Land Boss use their expertise to make fair cash offers based on careful market research. Setting a competitive price from the outset saves time and hassle while attracting more buyers.

2. Play Up Your Property’s Draw Cards

Your land listing description needs to highlight the attributes that make your property enticing to potential buyers. Emphasize proximity to hiking and skiing in the Cascades or fishing and boating on lakes, rivers, and the Puget Sound.

Tout acreage suitable for hunting, horse pastures, or fishing retreats. Mention vistas of Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, or Pacific Ocean beaches. Maybe your land borders state/national forests or wilderness areas. Tell buyers why your property stands out.

Focus on attributes the ideal buyer would value rather than laundry listing every detail. For example, equestrians want usable pasture space, not just total acres. Tailor your listing to attract buyers who appreciate that land’s unique assets. Creative copy sells.

3. Showcase the Property Visually

Great photos are absolutely vital to selling land faster in the digital age. Well-composed, high-resolution images bring listings to life so distant buyers can picture enjoying the parcel. Drone aerials showcase the big picture while ground shots provide perspective.

Capture seasonal highlights in spring, summer, winter and fall. Budget permitting, video tours filmed by professionals provide an immersive experience. Walk the property on film highlighting top features and vista views. Upload videos privately for security then provide links to YouTube or Vimeo. The impact of rich visual media is unmatched.

4. Spread the Word Far and Wide

Once your Washington land is listed for sale, effectively publicize the opportunity near and far. Yard signs on the property put the listing in front of locals driving by. Print classified ads in regional newspapers and magazines reach some traditional buyers.

For broader exposure, advertise across digital platforms. Social media provides extensive networking, especially for properties with lifestyle appeal. Create a professional website dedicated to the land listing. Partner with specialized land marketing sites to gain visibility. Cast a wide net online and off.

5. Offer Owner Financing

Offering your own financing instead of requiring an all-cash deal can greatly expand your pool of potential Washington land buyers. This allows you to attract buyers who like the property but lack the funds to buy it outright.

With owner financing, the buyer makes a down payment then pays off the remaining balance through monthly installments at an agreed interest rate until the preset payoff date. Record a lien against the property title to secure your financial stake. An attorney should review the contract. Though you receive payment over time, the property sells faster.

6. Consider Partial Sales or Lot Splits

Selling just a portion of your larger land parcel presents another option to liquidate assets faster in Washington. Maybe a buyer wants riverfront access but not your full 40 acres. Divide off a 5-acre riverfront lot.

Separating your property into smaller lots zoned for residential or commercial use also expands the buyer pool. Families seeking space for a single home don’t want 100 acres. Work with local officials to legally create smaller salable parcels. Segmenting land can lead to quicker sales.

7. Hire an Expert in Land Sales

An accomplished real estate agent well-versed in the Washington land market can help you sell faster by handling the sales process smoothly. They already have buyer connections plus the skills to price, market, show, negotiate, and close the deal effectively.

Vet agents on their specific land sales track record. Seek referrals from recent clients in your area. Want testimonials and advice on an agent’s negotiation savvy and work ethic. While commissions around 6-7% are standard, the right agent earns their keep selling your land faster.

8. Remain Flexible and Reasonable

Maintaining realistic expectations and flexibility helps facilitate faster Washington land deals. With vacant land, a 1-2 year sales timeframe is typical. If your property is priced properly, be open to reasonable offers instead of rejecting ones that seem too low outright.

Consider contingent offers that suit your needs - for example, higher price in exchange for allowing hunting access or harvesting timber through property sale date. A willingness to negotiate in good faith and meet buyers halfway greases the wheels of land deals.

9. Make Your Land Show-Ready

Great first impressions entice buyers who view the property in-person. Mow fields, trim tree lines/brush, and clear any debris before showings. Freshen gravel access roads. Define property boundaries using surveying stakes and signage.

Remove eyesores like dilapidated structures. Install directional signs to highlight best features and access points. Let buyers visualize building their home or hunting lodge amidst the natural setting by making the land show-ready.

10. Act with a Sense of Urgency

Finally, convey motivation and respond promptly when engaging with land buyers to expedite the sale. Answer inquiries ASAP. Follow up quickly after showings to capitalize on fresh interest. Supply requested info fast.

Ask buyers what clarification they need to make an offer. Work to process paperwork, secure inspections, and close efficiently. Avoid delays on your end. When buyers sense you’re eager to sell, it prods them to take timely action which gets your land sold faster.

With proper pricing, preparation, and persistence, you can sell your land faster in Washington. Lean on the experience of companies like Land Boss if you seek a fair cash offer and quick sale for your property. We simplify transactions so you can move on. Use these tips to take control of the timing and enjoy the rewards of selling your land ASAP.

Final Words

Selling land in Washington presents its fair share of challenges, but also rewarding opportunities. With proper planning, pricing, marketing, and negotiating, you can reduce the typical 1-2 year sales cycle for vacant land. Following these 10 tips will help you generate interest, vet buyers, and close deals more quickly. Partnering with experienced land professionals like Land Boss also smooths the sales process. We purchase properties outright for fair cash offers so you can move on quickly. With reasonable expectations, hard work, and the right support, you can trim months off your land sale timeline and get the satisfying result you desire - sold!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it typically take to sell vacant land in Washington?

The average sales cycle for vacant land in Washington is 1-2 years. Proper pricing, marketing, negotiation skills, and motivation from the seller can help trim 6-12 months off this timeframe in many cases.

What concessions can I offer buyers to help my Washington land sell faster?

Offering owner financing or dividing your land into smaller parcels presents options many buyers prefer. You can also offer price reductions for certain concessions like allowing hunting access until closing. Flexibility and creativity on terms expands your pool of potential buyers.

Should I hire a real estate agent to sell my Washington land faster?

An accomplished agent well-versed in land sales can shorten your sales timeline by marketing to their client base, handling showings smoothly, and negotiating deals efficiently. Vet agents on their track record with land sales specifically before hiring one.

How important are photos and videos for selling land faster?

Great visuals make a huge impact in real estate marketing today. Quality images and video tours allow buyers to visualize enjoying your land. Invest in professional photography/videography when possible to attract more potential buyers faster.

What’s the biggest mistake Washington land sellers make?

Overpricing their land is the number one error keeping Washington properties on the market for years. Research recent comparable sales, and price your land competitively from the start. This expands your pool of interested buyers right away.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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