10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in New Jersey

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in New Jersey

Bart Waldon

For New Jersey residents who own vacant land, selling that extra parcel can seem like an intimidating task full of roadblocks at every turn. Between inspecting the property, determining fair market value, listing it for sale, fielding calls and showing the land, slogging through negotiations, and finally closing the deal – it’s enough to make anyone think twice about diving in.

But with over 7 million acres of land available across the Garden State, competition is stiff among sellers vying for buyers’ attention. Your vacant property needs to stand out somehow. Simply sticking a “For Sale” sign on your empty lot and waiting around will likely result in crickets. Without the right strategy, your land could sit idle for months or even years.

The good news is: selling your land quickly in New Jersey doesn’t have to be slow and painful. With a thoughtful approach, creativity, and some elbow grease, you can convert your unused acres into cash far faster. The key steps? Properly pricing your land, highlighting the best features and utility, developing compelling marketing materials and maximizing exposure, offering flexible terms buyers want, and/or enlisting an experienced real estate agent.

By learning proven tips and best practices for selling land efficiently, you can seize buyer demand right now and unload your vacant property on your desired timeline. With the right techniques and some hustle, your New Jersey land can sell in weeks or months rather than languishing for years.

Ways to Sell Your Land Faster

  1. Price Your New Jersey Land Based on Current Market Value

One of the biggest factors that can slow down the sale of your vacant land is having it priced too far above its true current market value. If potential buyers look at your listing and see an amount that seems inflated compared to recent sales of similar parcels, they’re likely to balk and move on. Which means your property sits, and sits, and sits on the market for months or even years.

To avoid overpricing and have the best shot at attracting fair offers within a reasonable timeframe, you need to thoroughly research the going rate for land similar to yours across New Jersey. Look at recent sale prices of comparable vacant lots and acreage in your county and surrounding areas. Make sure to factor in any differences like total lot size, road access, desirable views, development potential, zoning restrictions, etc. Getting an independent appraisal by a licensed professional can provide invaluable insight as well.

Bottom line – you want to competitively price your land right in line with what other vacant parcels have actually sold for lately. This demonstrates you have an accurate understanding of current market conditions and that your asking price is justified, resonating with serious buyers ready to transact now.

  1. Play Up Your Property’s Unique Features and Benefits

When showcasing your land listing online or in ads, take time to highlight specific attributes that will catch the eye of your ideal prospective buyer. For example, play up desirable amenities like:

  • Stretch of riverfront access perfect for fishing, boating, swimming
  • Panoramic mountain views right from the property
  • Mature timber stand ready for profitable harvesting
  • Acres of flat, fertile farmland ideal for crops or livestock
  • Prime development potential thanks to existing city water access

Remember, the right buyer will get excited about certain features, benefits and uses offered by your particular parcel of land. So make sure to aggressively trumpet those key selling points that set your property apart from others on the market in all of your real estate listings and marketing materials. This establishes immediate awareness and gets buyers buzzing.

  1. Craft Detailed Real Estate Listing Descriptions

To attract motivated buyers who are ready to act quickly, your real estate listing descriptions need to paint a comprehensive picture of the property details. The more useful information you can provide upfront about your New Jersey land, the better prepared potential buyers will be to fully evaluate the parcel.

Some of the key facts buyers will want to know are: total acreage, property boundaries, current zoning classification, terrain and topography, any creeks/ponds, utility access, rights of way, deed restrictions or easements.

By transparently addressing these details in your listings, you build immediate trust and credibility with prospective buyers. It also reduces the number of back and forth questions that can delay a sale. The more due diligence you’ve already done as the seller, the faster interested buyers can decide if your land property is a fit for their needs.

  1. Invest in Professionally Captured Listing Photos/Videos

One of the best ways to market vacant land effectively online is with eye-catching photography and videography. In today’s digital world, most buyers begin their property search by browsing listing photos.

Consider hiring a real estate media company to thoroughly photograph your land from various angles and elevations, and to capture an engaging aerial video by drone. High-quality photos grab attention on real estate sites and entice curious buyers to learn more about the listing.

Offering virtual video tours can also allow potential buyers to fully explore your New Jersey property without having to visit the land in person initially. This is extremely helpful for out-of-state buyers who can’t easily see the parcel firsthand. Investing in top-notch photography and tours will maximize interest and reduce your land’s time on the market.

  1. Leverage Multiple Online Listing Platforms

To cast the widest net and maximize exposure of your New Jersey land listing, leverage as many reputable online listing sites as possible. Create detailed listings not only on popular national sites like Zillow and Trulia, but niche sites like LandsOfAmerica.com, LandWatch.com, LandFlip.com and LandandFarm.com that focus specifically on marketing vacant rural land for sale.

Local and regional real estate Facebook Groups can provide exposure to interested buyers in your area as well. The more platforms you have your land listed on, the greater your chances of connecting with qualified buyers actively searching these go-to resources for property deals. Spread the word far and wide online.

  1. Offer Land Financing Options

One way to vastly expand your pool of potential buyers is to offer in-house financing on the parcel of land. Many interested purchasers do not have the full capital needed to buy land outright. Providing financing solutions allows more buyers to consider your property who otherwise may not be able to complete the purchase.

You can offer your own financing with reasonable terms, interest rates, and down payment requirements. Carrying a loan yourself allows you to collect interest income while the buyer pays the principal over time. There are some risks, so consult an attorney to ensure proper loan documentation is executed. The trade-off of faster sales may be worth offering creative financing options though.

  1. Consider Using Land Contracts

Also referred to as contracts for deeds or land installment contracts, this option allows a buyer to purchase the property through installment payments made directly to the seller instead of obtaining third-party financing. The full deed transfers over to the buyer once the contract is paid off.

Land contracts allow the buyer to take possession of the vacant land and start using it for timber harvesting, farming, recreation, or other revenue-generating activities that can help them make the installment payments. Land contracts can help sell your land faster by accommodating buyers who need time to pay the full amount.

  1. Price Below Recent Comparable Sales

Sometimes a modest price reduction below recent comparable land sales in your county can entice buyers to take action. The right buyer may be waiting for a great deal and will eagerly scoop up your property if priced slightly below what similar parcels have recently fetched.

Even a difference of $5,000 - $10,000 below recent sales suggests your land is undervalued and presents a wise investment opportunity. Price reductions set your listing apart and signal that you are motivated to sell quickly.

  1. Offer Real Estate Agent Referral Fees

Here’s a creative way to get more real estate agents actively promoting your listing. Offer to pay agents a referral fee, such as 3% of the sale price, if they bring you a buyer who closes on your property.

This incentivizes agents to aggressively market your listing to their clients since they will earn a commission for facilitating the sale. The more agents you have blasting your property out to their contacts, the faster the selling process will go.

  1. Hire an Expert Land Listing Agent

Partnering with a real estate agent who specializes in marketing and selling vacant land gives you a big advantage. They will have deep knowledge of current land values and sales trends in your local market. An expert agent also has tried-and-true strategies to price, stage, and market your property effectively.

Additionally, a top real estate pro will leverage their industry connections, social media presence, and sphere of influence to broadcast your listing widely. This accelerates your land selling timeline significantly compared to selling on your own.

Selling land quickly in New Jersey comes down to pricing it right, maximizing exposure, getting creative with terms, and working with a talented real estate professional. Implementing some of these tips will help you convert your unused land into cash sooner. With the right approach, your property can sell in weeks or months instead of years.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Land in New Jersey

Selling vacant land smoothly in New Jersey requires avoiding some common mistakes that can bog down the process or even derail a sale entirely. Steer clear of these pitfalls:

Not Getting a Professional Appraisal

Never just guess at or estimate what your land may be worth. Hire a licensed appraiser to objectively assess the property’s current market value based on recent comparable sales and your parcel’s unique attributes. Getting an expert valuation done upfront prevents you from overpricing or underpricing by tens of thousands of dollars.

DIY Listing Without an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Attempting to sell raw land on your own can be a frustrating, stressful and ultimately fruitless endeavor. Land deals have many complex legal and financial intricacies. Your best bet is partnering with a seasoned real estate agent who understands the local land market thoroughly. They can price your property competitively, market it aggressively online and offline, screen buyers to weed out “tire kickers”, negotiate the best possible terms for you, and seamlessly navigate the closing process.

Neglecting Due Diligence Before Listing

Before ever listing your New Jersey land for sale, take time to thoroughly examine the property’s title and paperwork. Uncover any easements, deed restrictions, boundary disputes with neighbors, liens, or other encumbrances that could hinder a sale down the road. Taking care of any issues ahead of time prevents massive headaches later on.

Using Only Poor Quality Listing Photos

Blurry cell phone snapshots simply won’t cut it for today's buyers who shop for properties online. Invest in professional photography and videos to showcase your land in the best possible light. Visually stellar listings perform better across the board.

Not Pre-Qualifying Potential Buyers

Don't waste hours negotiating back and forth with unqualified buyers who lack financing or can’t actually follow through with purchasing your property. Always pre-qualify buyers to filter out “window shoppers” and ensure they are serious, motivated, and financially capable of acquiring your land.

Stick to these tips and best practices to ensure selling your New Jersey land goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Do your homework upfront and enlist an expert - and you’ll avoid unnecessary hiccups.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land quickly is achievable with the right game plan in place. By pricing competitively, highlighting your property’s best attributes, crafting detailed listings, leveraging online marketing tools, getting creative with financing terms, and working with an expert real estate agent, you can significantly expedite your land sale in New Jersey. With a savvy approach, your unused property can go from “for sale” to “sold” in a matter of weeks or months. Do your due diligence beforehand and stick to these strategies, and you will be able to convert your land into cash efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to sell vacant land in New Jersey?

On average, it takes 6-12 months to sell vacant land in New Jersey. With the right pricing and marketing strategy, some properties sell in weeks or a few months. Overpriced land can sit on the market for years.

What discounts do land buying companies typically want?

Land buying companies usually make offers well below retail market value, sometimes up to 50% less. They need to buy at big discounts in order to profit from reselling the land. Expect lowball offers but negotiate fairly.

Should I get an appraisal before listing my land?

Absolutely. Getting an appraisal from a licensed professional ensures you price your land accurately. Appraisals cost around $400 but give you an objective valuation to inform your listing price. This sets you up for success.

How do I market my New Jersey land for sale?

Creating online listings, using a broker familiar with the local land market, leveraging social media, and tapping into your personal network are all effective marketing strategies. Cast a wide net to reach the most buyers.

What are the closing costs for selling land in NJ?

Closing costs for the seller are typically 1-3% of the sales price. This covers the attorney fee, recording fees, title insurance premium, real estate transfer tax, broker commission (if applicable), and miscellaneous fees.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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