10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Mississippi

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Mississippi

Bart Waldon

Mississippi is known for its rich history, southern hospitality, and abundance of natural beauty. The Magnolia State offers lush forests, fertile farmland, winding rivers, and Gulf Coast beaches. With so much scenic territory, Mississippi provides the perfect landscape for everything from hunting camps to family homesteads.

If you own vacant land in Mississippi but find yourself ready to sell, you may be wondering how to get it sold quickly. With the right strategy, you can market your Mississippi land effectively and attract fair cash offers in today's real estate market. Here are 10 proven tips for selling your Mississippi land fast.

10 Tups to Sell Your Land Faster

1. Research and Competitively Price Your Parcel

Pricing is one of the most pivotal components of a successful land sale. Overvaluing is one of the biggest pitfalls that sellers encounter, so take time to research recent comparable sales in your county. This allows you to gauge the fair market land value based on lot size, road access, terrain, views, zoning regulations and other value drivers in the immediate submarket. Be sure to gather actual sold prices – not just list prices. List your land competitively from the start to generate more buyer traffic and offers.

2. Play Up the Property’s Utilities and Land Usage Potential

Your property listing or ad should spotlight the parcel’s utilities, accessibility and usage possibilities. Are there any barns, outbuildings or existing structures in place? What about fencing or animal shelters? Is the terrain flat, rolling or steep? Outline these details along with flora/fauna, bodies of water or other natural features. Showcase potential around hunting, farming, gardening, animals, recreation, building a primary home or a getaway cottage. The wider the appeal, the faster it should sell.

3. Widen Your Marketing Net Through Online and Offline Outreach

Don’t just toss up a sign or MLS listing and expect buyers will randomly discover your acreage. You need to actively promote the sale online and offline. List it on land-focused sites like Lands of America and LandWatch then market locally via community bulletins, print publications and networks. Install visible for sale signage on the actual land too. The more exposures you create, the faster word will spread to potential buyers.

4. Survey Lot Lines to Establish Exact Boundaries

Clearly defined boundaries make vacant land much more attractive to prospective purchasers. Consider getting an official land survey done to mark corners and determine precise acreage. This allows interested parties to visually walk and assess the parcel more easily. It also minimizes confusion or future neighbor disputes over where exactly your property ends. Forking over some cash upfront for a survey often yields a higher sales price in the long run.

5. Disclose Any Utility Easements, Setbacks or Restrictions

Transparency is key when listing your land. Clearly outline existing easements, right-of-ways, access points, zoning restrictions, required setbacks, flood zones, usage limitations or other ordinances upfront. Provide maps showing any power lines, pipelines, roads or waterways crossing the acreage. The more buyers understand upfront what they can and can’t do development-wise, the fewer deal uncertainties down the road.

6. Prepare Parcel Documentation Like Deeds and Surveys

During the due diligence process, buyers will request supporting documentation on your tract to vet it fully. Having required paperwork like recorded property deeds, title insurance commitments and the latest tax assessments already prepared makes transactions smoother. Ensure you have 100% clear title without outstanding liens or encumbrances that could derail the deal. Stay on top of taxes too so past dues don’t create closing snags.

7. Offer Creative Seller Financing and Terms

Since most lenders shy away from loans on raw land, you’ll encounter more buyers needing flexible seller financing. Offering your own in-house land contract or financing notes can thus expedite a sale versus demanding lump cash payments. Negotiate fair down payments then set reasonable repayment timelines that work for both parties. Seller financing opens doors to buyers with less capital upfront.

8. Consider Partial Ownership or Fractional Sale Deals

Fractional property sales enable multiple buyers to purchase a stake in – and shared usage rights to – your land. Also called co-ownership or land sharing agreements, this approach expands affordability so more buyers can invest in ownership rights. It works well for recreational acreage parcels, letting owners divide usage for hunting camps, rural cabins and so on by day or week. When you split ownership, tax and maintenance costs also fraction down.

9. Hire a Land Agent to Price, Market and Vet Offers

A qualified real estate agent well-versed in selling vacant land can prove invaluable. They have localized insights on zoning codes, market comps, pricing metrics and factors that home agents lack around undeveloped parcels. Commission fees pay off handsomely when an experienced land pro prices right, markets strategically to ideal buyers and brokers fair deals faster. Don’t skip professional help.

10. Weigh Selling Your Property to a Land Buying Company

Selling through traditional channels does take major time, effort and patience on your part as the seller. However, some land buying companies and investors offer a convenient alternative to sell your land for cash quickly and easily. These specialized buyers have funds earmarked for purchasing acreage across Mississippi and beyond. They buy plots as-is, handle closings internally and pay fair cash compensation to sellers seeking speed and convenience.

The key is pricing rationally then employing a blend of online/offline marketing to drive buyer interest. Highlight your land’s potential while disclosing any easements or restrictions clearly. Consider flexible terms via owner financing or fractional sales. Seek professional guidance to estimate value, boost exposure and negotiate sound deals. With the right approach, you can capitalize on buyer demand and secure fair market compensation selling your land.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Land in Mississippi

Overpricing Your Mississippi Land

One of the biggest pitfalls sellers encounter is overvaluing their vacant land. Often emotional attachment causes owners to overprice their parcels well above actual market value. This deters buyers who can purchase comparable land cheaper elsewhere. Ensure you thoroughly research recent sales of similar acreage in your county so you price justifiably. Trying to start negotiations too high can stall deals fast.

Neglecting Proper Title Work

Failing to handle title work properly before listing can torpedo deals down the road. Make sure a title search is done to confirm you hold 100% clear title without liens, lawsuits or other encumbrances attached. Cloudy titles require legal proceedings to clear up, which buyers won’t tolerate. Pay off any back taxes owed so tax liens don’t scare off purchasers. Handle title issues right away.

Skimping on Property Survey Costs

While dropping $1,000 or more on an official land survey seems unnecessary, this upfront cost can optimize sales price. Clearly marked property boundaries give buyers visual clarity when assessing the parcel. Certified acreage and corner markers also reduce future neighbor disputes over where your land ends. Think long term how a survey elevates marketability now.

Restricting Financing Options Too Much

Since most banks don’t finance vacant land deals, limiting buyers to cash-only terms shrinks your pool rapidly. Consider offering in-house seller financing or land contracts to buyers lacking sufficient capital yet still seriously interested. Get creative with down payments and payment timelines. Saying “cash deals only” eliminates prospects needing flexible terms.

Casting a wide buyer net, understanding true property value, preparing required legal docs and accommodating flexible financing all help you sell your Mississippi land smarter and faster. What steps will you take?

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land efficiently requires a multi-pronged approach that includes competitive pricing, creative financing, professional guidance, and persistent marketing to qualified buyers. Avoid overvaluing your Mississippi property based on emotion by researching recent sales of comparable land parcels in your county. Handle any title or boundary issues proactively and consider offering flexible seller financing terms to attract buyers lacking upfront cash. Hire a real estate agent well-versed in marketing and closing raw land deals to optimize exposure and secure fair compensation. With patience and the right strategies, you can generate lucrative deal flow and capitalize on buyer demand even in remote areas of the Magnolia State. Align yourself with experts and be flexible on financing to finalize a fair deal. The rewards of finding the ideal buyer for your land will pay off tremendously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does vacant land usually take to sell in Mississippi?

On average, marketing and selling raw vacant land in Mississippi takes 1-2 years if listing through traditional channels. Hiring a specialized land broker, pricing competitively and offering creative financing can help shave several months off this timeframe.

What discounts do land buying companies usually offer compared to market value?

Most land buying companies present sellers with offers 20-30% under actual market value since they aim to profit reselling purchased properties. However, some companies claim to offer "fair" cash offers closer to appraised rates for convenience. Expect to receive lowball offers under fair market value if opting to work with land buying firms.

What closing costs are sellers in Mississippi responsible for paying?

Mississippi is not considered a "buyer closing state", so the seller pays agent commissions (if applicable), legal fees for drafting deed transfer documents, county/city transfer taxes, overnight mailing fees, outstanding property taxes and title search/insurance costs at closing time.

Can I sell my Mississippi land if I don't have clear title? 

You can attempt selling land without clear title via quitclaim deeds, but most buyers won't risk purchasing property without clean title deed transfer. Unsatisfied liens, lawsuits and other title issues must get legally cleared for buyers to get financing and valid ownership.

How much does surveying land typically cost in Mississippi? 

Survey costs range drastically based on parcel size, terrain, locations of boundary markers and other factors. However, average rates run $10-$15 per acre according to the land surveyor association of Mississippi. They also offer parcel map checking services.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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