10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Maryland

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Maryland

Bart Waldon

Maryland is known for its rolling hills, waterfront views, and lush farmland. With diverse geography spanning from the mountains in the west to the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay, it’s no wonder so many people dream of owning a piece of land here.

However, when reality sets in and it comes time to sell your Maryland property, the process can easily become complicated. Between fluctuating land values, changing tax laws, and the sheer time involved with listings, closings, and negotiations, selling land isn’t always as idyllic as owning it.

The good news? With the right strategy, you can minimize headaches and reduce the time it takes to complete the sale. Here are 10 insider tips to help you sell your land faster in Maryland.

10 Tips to Sell Your Land Faster

Get Clear on Your Motivation

Before listing your property, think carefully about what’s prompting you to sell. Understanding your goals upfront makes it easier to set a timeline and pricing.

For example, are you selling because you need cash quickly for a new home or investment? Do you simply no longer use the land? Is it becoming a financial burden? Whatever the reason, get clear on your motivations and timetable. This clarity drives smarter decisions throughout the sales process.

Research Local Land Values

Pricing your Maryland property correctly is crucial for a quick sale. Overpricing will deter buyers, while underpricing leaves money on the table.

Work with a local real estate professional to research recently sold comparable properties in your county and area. Aim to price your land in line with current market values for fastest interest and offers.

As a word of warning, be skeptical of the wildly inflated “Zestimates” and tax assessed values you see online. These automated valuations rarely reflect true land prices in Maryland’s complex real estate market. Lean on your agent’s expertise for accurate pricing.

Hire a Specialized Agent or Land Company

Selling land has unique complexities agents without rural property experience often miss. You need someone well-versed in the niche issues that affect marketability, like:

  • Access and road frontage
  • Easements and right-of-ways
  • Clearing titles with multiple heirs
  • Tax implications
  • Partial mineral rights
  • Drainage and soil conditions
  • Local zoning and restrictions

A specialist helps avoid common land deal-breakers. At Land Boss, for example, our dedicated land professionals buy and sell Maryland properties every day. Leveraging our experience means faster sales and fewer negotiations.

Invest in Basic Cleanup and Staging

Overgrown fields and boundaries, trash piles, and dilapidated structures scare away buyers. Before listing, handle any obvious eyesores on your land requiring heavy equipment or disposal fees.

Also, make the property accessible. Unlock gates, clear brush from the entrance, and make sure four-wheel drive isn’t needed to enter. The more easily a buyer can picture their future on your land, the better.

Understandably, full-scale “staging” costs like tree clearing or installing roads can deter people needing a quick sale. Talk options with your agent when pricing for maximum appeal.

Draft an Accurate Property Description

Write a detailed, realistic overview highlighting your land’s investments and possibilities for the future buyer. Concentrate on tangible selling points like:

  • Square acreage
  • Road frontage and access points
  • Utility availability
  • Mineral/water rights conveyed
  • Past uses like farming or timber
  • Recreational options like trails or hunting
  • Nearby community amenities

Also disclose any easements, title issues, boundary disputes, or restrictions upfront. Transparency builds trust with buyers and helps align expectations on both sides early in the process.

Utilize Targeted Marketing Techniques

Maximize land visibility through digital and print platforms specifically catering to rural property seekers in your area.

Your chosen real estate agent should have relationships with reputable land listing sites like Lands of America, Land And Farm, Land Watch, and Land Flip. Strategically placed print ads in regional farming magazines and signage on high-traffic local roads further expand potential buyer reach.

Offer Owner Financing

Not all buyers can obtain traditional property loans, especially for vacant land. Expand options by offering your own financing at a favorable interest rate.

Carrying a contract yourself allows you to collect regular payments over several years while avoiding bank underwriting requirements. The buyer still builds equity as though paying a mortgage. This creative win-win often clinches faster deals.

Just be sure to record the deed and loan paperwork properly to protect your legal interests until the buyer pays the land off fully.

Consider a Land Company or Investor

When you need to sell your property rapidly, land investment companies like Land Boss provide reliable options traditional buyers can’t match.

Unlike individuals, our business model offers:

  • Speed - we buy land properties AS-IS within days for cash, not months. No lengthy showings, closings, or financing delays.
  • Simplicity – there’s no staging, repairs, or price negotiations. We determine fair value through research and make competitive offers quickly.
  • Flexibility – we buy all property types and work with complex ownership issues individual buyers often avoid.
  • Cost savings – we handlе title paperwork, legal fees, and all closing costs on your behalf.

Selling your land does require compromising some profit. However, if fast cash and convenience are higher priorities, companies like ours get deals done.

Price below Market Value

Aggressively discounting your asking price seems counterintuitive. But pricing 10-20% below actual land value attracts more buyers and prevents over-sitting on the market.

The initial lower cost combined with Maryland’s high closing fees still allows you room to negotiate yet close near fair market value. This positions your listing as a smart buy for shoppers while avoiding haggling battles.

Just ensure your agent truly knows area sales to set an accurately reduced price that’s still profitable. Blindly decimating value purely for speed’s sake wastes money.

Be Flexible About Terms

Rigid stances on issues like timing, access, financing, title transfers, etc. limit viable offers and drag out the sales timeline.

Discuss with your agent where you can compromise to overcome common land sale barriers. Remain open rather than demanding only ideal arrangements.

Sometimes creativity is key. For example, consider lease-to-own terms, seller financing, fractional sales by parcel, or closing in tranches. The more flexibly you can meet buyers halfway, the faster deals progress.

Lean On a Qualified Professional

Selling raw land solo is complex with substantial money at stake. An experienced agent or company reduces work and risk on your end massively.

Rather than you wrestling with the learning curve, lean on their expertise in areas like:

  • Accurately pricing and marketing property
  • Identifying qualified buyers
  • Listing on the best advertising platforms
  • Vetting offers and weeding out time-wasters
  • Handling negotiations start to finish
  • Navigating title, taxes, transfers, deeds, etc.
  • Guiding you on next best steps when stalled

Knowledge is power in any real estate transaction. So equip yourself with a specialist leading the way.

The process of selling land in Maryland can certainly feel overwhelming at times. Yet armed with the right guidance and strategies, your property can move quickly and profitability. Use these tips when ready to pursue the sale path best suiting your needs and priorities.

Final Thoughts

Selling land is a unique real estate journey with many complexities to navigate. While the process can seem daunting on the surface, especially when you need to close a Maryland property quickly, the insights shared in this guide shine light on a clear pathway to success. By understanding your motivations, accurately pricing your acreage, enhancing marketability through smart staging, employing targeted marketing techniques, exploring creative deal terms, and securing specialist guidance, you now have proven strategies to sell your land faster. Of course, flexibility and realistic expectations remain paramount. Not all these tips may apply or even be feasible depending on your scenario. But by leaning into just a few that align with your priorities around speed and profit goals, you can reduce hassles and unlock the equity in your Maryland land asset sooner. With the groundwork in place, may your next chapter as a savvy property seller begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What paperwork do I need to sell my land in Maryland?

To sell your land, you typically need to show proof of ownership through your land deed, property survey, and property tax bills. You’ll also need identification, titles for mineral rights or water access, information on any liens, and documentation of encumbrances like easements. A real estate attorney can help compile all required paperwork.

How long does vacant land take to sell in Maryland?

In Maryland's real estate market, selling raw vacant land takes an average of 12-24 months if listing through traditional channels. However, specialized land buying companies and investors often purchase properties in as little as a few days.

What fees will I pay when selling land in Maryland?

When you sell a property in Maryland, fees can include real estate transfer taxes, attorney costs for closing services, title search and insurance fees, recorder costs for the new deed, and commission for your real estate agent if applicable. Total fees often equal 8-10% of the final sales price.

Should I sell my Maryland land myself or use an agent?

While you can sell land yourself through for-sale-by-owner listings, land deals have a high level of complexity better navigated with an expert. Real estate agents and land buying companies know the niche process, paperwork, regulations, values, and marketing needed to sell faster and for more money, making their services worthwhile.

What are the steps in the Maryland land sales process?

Major steps when selling land include researching its value, preparing documentation, obtaining a lawyer for closing, listing the property through targeted marketing channels, evaluating and accepting an offer, finalizing contracts and paperwork, completing due diligence items, and closing the sale by recording the deed.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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