10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Hawaii

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Hawaii

Bart Waldon

Hawaii's land is notoriously in scarce supply, with a total area of just 6,423 square miles across the islands comprised of the entire state. According to the USDA's 2017 Agricultural Census, the average value of farmland per acre surpasses $28,500 across Hawaii - significantly higher than the national average farm real estate value of $3,140 per acre. Despite ongoing demand for parcels of all sizes, Hawaii landowners still routinely spend several years trying unsuccessfully to sell properties without the right strategies. 

Fortunately, a variety of proven approaches exist to finally offload vacant acreage faster to both local families and investors. By implementing creative pricing terms, expanded digital marketing outreach, strategic parcel divisions and enhanced site preparation, sellers can exponentially increase deal flow and land liquidity regardless of current market conditions. Read on for 10 tips proven to effectively accelerate Hawaii vacant lot and acreage sales.

1. Price Your Land Competitively

Properly pricing your land is the first critical factor in selling quickly in Hawaii. The state has unique localized land values varying greatly by island and micro-location. Setting your asking price too high will almost guarantee your Hawaii property sits unsold on the market for extended periods. Pricing too low leaves money on the table at closing.

Work with a knowledgeable Hawaii real estate agent to complete thorough market research and analysis. They will study recent comparable land sales in your specific neighborhood. This helps determine the current true market value and price range buyers are willing to pay. Proper pricing aligned with local area rates generates immediate buyer interest, traffic, and quality offers. Realistic competitive list prices lead to land selling in an average of 1-2 months in Hawaii's active market.

2. Highlight Your Property's Best Attributes

You can greatly accelerate Hawaii land sales by crafting an appealing listing presentation showcasing your property's finest features and amenities. For example, highlight convenient access to beautiful beaches, trails, resorts, and attractions drawing buyers to the islands. Emphasize large lot acreage or spacing allowing gardening, farming, animal keeping and other desirable Hawaii lifestyles.

Invest in professional photography and videography capturing stunning visuals of the lush foliage, trees, plants, and landscapes on your land. Use drone videos to showcase the layout and terrain. Compile these into eye-catching brochures, ads and online listings conveying the property's beauty. Tailor your collateral around the most attractive attributes that generate increased buyer interest and traffic.

3. Utilize Multi-Channel Marketing

Gaining maximum visibility and exposure among motivated Hawaii buyers requires an aggressive multi-platform marketing strategy. The most effective approach combines both traditional and digital media tailored for Hawaii's unique demographics.

Start by listing the property on high-traffic websites like Zillow, Trulia, Lands of America and Realtor.com. These draw heavy buyer audiences searching for Hawaii real estate. Facebook Marketplace also connects with many local buyers leads.

Print full-color professional flyers to post on community bulletin boards in busy public locations. Place eye-catching lawn signs prominently along the property's frontage and at key neighborhood intersections. Run classified listings in Hawaii's most popular local newspapers and real estate magazines.

Each channel expands your marketing reach and compounding odds of connecting with an interested buyer quickly. Casting a wide net captures buyers missed by only single-channel strategies.

4. Offer Creative Buyer Financing

One of the biggest impediments for buyers in hot pursuit of attractive Hawaii land is funding and financing the purchase. Offering interested buyers long-term and creative financing dramatically expands your pool of qualified prospects and probability of prompt sale.

Consider terms like low down payments, multiple year repayment periods, and favorable interest rates to foster deals. Be flexible and open to financial terms that allow more buyers to realistically purchase the land. Programs like veterans’ land financing, USDA home loans, and rent-to-own arrangements attract buyers lacking traditional mortgage lending resources. Providing financing vastly increases buyers who can purchase your higher-priced listing.

5. Consider Partial Acreage Sales

Another sales approach allowing you to capitalize on diverse buyer budgets and needs is fractional land sales. This involves parceling your large land holding into multiple smaller segments for individual sale. For example, a 10 acre tract could be divided and sold in ten 1-acre lots. Each then offers an affordable option catering to buyers only able to purchase smaller pieces of land.

Fractional sales multiply your pool of potential buyers compared to selling the entire parcel in one lump sum. Families seeking space for a home often prefer smaller 1-5 acre lots aligned with their budget. Breaking into bite-size pieces broadens options for buyers at various financial levels to own a piece of Hawaii land.

6. Tout Strong Investment Potential

In Hawaii's sizzling real estate market, buyers aggressively seek vacant land parcels offering strong upside investment return potential. Factors like ocean and mountain views, proximity to resorts and attractions, generous acreage, and commercial zoning dramatically elevate land value. Savvy investors and developers recognize properties with superior capital appreciation prospects for short and long-term gain.

Be sure to heavily market your land's revenue generation opportunities to investor and developer buyers. Play up site strengths supporting profitable projects in tourism, hospitality, vacation rentals, recreation and other areas. Touting lucrative development angles will drive fierce bidding wars and premium offers from investors seeking Hawaii's next hot opportunity.

7. Provide Buyer Incentives

Implementing buyer incentive programs is another way to boost offer speed and likelihood of prompt sales. Consider concessions like discounts for quick closes, credits for surveying/permitting costs, waived title transfer fees, free first-year tax payments, and bundled site improvements. First-time land buyers may also be swayed by reimbursements of real estate agent commissions.

Sweetening the pot makes buyers more emotionally invested in chasing your deal before other competing options. Incentives also build goodwill and satisfy buyer desires to feel they got the best possible value from negotiations.

8. Hire a Skilled Real Estate Agent

Engaging an expert real estate agent experienced in Hawaii land transactions is strongly advised to expedite sales. Skilled real estate professionals have extensive buyer networks, marketing resources and micro-market knowledge all driving faster deal velocity.

Agents can tap their spheres of qualified buyer leads tailored to your listing's attributes. Their salesmanship and account management talents help inspire buyers to take action. Experienced agents also smoothly handle sales logistics and mitigate obstacles that commonly delay land deals.

Paying fair commissions is well justified by the agent's ability to accelerate sales through expert representation. They have the tools and connections to generate lucrative offers quickly.

9. Prepare Your Land for Quick Transition

Taking key steps to prepare your land for buyer occupancy sends signals that you are highly motivated for quick sale. This facilitates faster title transfers versus land needing months of work before livable.

Prioritize visual enhancements like clearing greenspace, putting in walking trails, and landscaping to boost emotional buyer connections. Offer welcome packages with discounts on surveyed plots, soil tests, fencing, utilities access, well drilling and permits to speed move-in readiness.

Accommodating infrastructure and ready-state preparations demonstrate your intent for swift sale. Buyers favor turnkey land parcels with improvements minimizing their own hassles and delays.

10. Consider Direct Land Buyer Companies

For those needing to sell land instantly due to financial duress, liens, back taxes or other strains, direct land buyer companies offer reliable quick cash sale solutions. These specialized real estate investment firms are connected to equity capital partners supplying guaranteed cash offers and fast 7-14 day sales.

Land buyers possess the resources and funding to purchase properties directly from owners in any condition. After buying sites at wholesale prices, they then develop, subdivide, or resell the land at higher retail prices to end-users and builders. This allows owners under the gun to quickly liquidate land holdings into cash fast.

In Hawaii's paradise islands, selling land swiftly involves proper pricing, preparation, marketing and buyer incentives. Visibility and perceived value drive buyers competing for coveted land deals. Following these expert tips, you can captivate buyers ready to move quickly when they identify prime land opportunities. Then you can relax and enjoy Hawaii's beaches knowing your lucrative land sale will close in days or weeks, not months or years.

Final Thoughts

Selling land quickly in Hawaii takes the right combination of strategy, preparation, and execution. Properly pricing your land competitively and marketing it aggressively across platforms will drive buyer interest. Offering financing, incentives and site readiness accommodates buyers to close deals rapidly. Hiring an expert local real estate agent provides guidance and connections to facilitate sales velocity. With Hawaiian lands in continued high demand for investment, development or personal use, savvy sellers who put these tips into practice are rewarded with lucrative deals and fast timelines from motivated buyers eager to purchase their own piece of paradise. Implementing these proven techniques, Hawaii landowners can cultivate the buying urgency needed to sell faster in this unique island environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to sell land in Hawaii?

With the right pricing, marketing and incentives, most vacant land parcels in Hawaii sell in an average of 1-2 months. Prime properties in desirable locations can sell in weeks.

What discounts do Hawaiian land buyers expect?

Buyers expect 10-20% below asking price. Offering additional discounts for quick sale, financing, or prep work speeds sales.

What Hawaiian Islands sell land fastest?

Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island sell fastest due to tourism. Rural islands take longer. Location impacts demand.

Should I subdivide my land for faster sale?

Yes, fractionalizing into smaller parcels broadens affordability. Breaking a large plot into smaller acre lots can multiply and accelerate buyers.

Does my land need improvements to sell quickly?

Cleaning land, adding basic utilities/access, and minor cosmetic improvements indicate readiness and can accelerate deals. Buyers favor move-in ready.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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