10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Arizona

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Arizona

Bart Waldon

A vibrant land market sees over $1 billion changing hands annually across Arizona according to recent data from the USDA. However, individual property owners still face difficulties attracting buyers willing to pay top dollar for their rural acreage or inherited parcels. Listings can sit idle for months or even years in the state’s highly variable market conditions driven by factors from tourism impacts to groundwater availability in a given county. The dilemma leaves many landowners asking what steps they can take speeding up sales and securing fair prices. The answer lies implementing targeted marketing efforts, enlisting professional guidance and tapping into alternative buyer channels beyond just what traditional listings yield. 

This guide examines 10 key tactics Arizona land sellers should deploy accelerating deal closure from widening online visibility to exploring direct sales avenues that simplify transactions for ready purchasers.

Ways to Sell Your Land Faster

1. Price Your Land Competitively

One of the biggest factors in how quickly your land will sell is the listing price. Make sure to research recent land sales in your area and price your land accordingly. Overpricing will lead to few, if any, offers. Underpricing, on the other hand, will attract more potential buyers. Consider pricing your land slightly below market value to generate more interest.

2. Use a Realtor Familiar With the Local Land Market

Working with an experienced real estate agent or land broker who specializes in land sales in your part of Arizona can help you accurately price and market your property. They have in-depth knowledge of the local land market and can provide guidance on pricing, paperwork, and steps to take for a quicker sale.

3. Create Detailed Listing Materials

Provide potential buyers with detailed information about your property. Include acreage, zoning, utilities access, topography, road access and frontage, and boundaries. Gather surveys, geographic assessments, mineral rights data, etc. The more due diligence materials you can provide upfront, the easier it will be for buyers to make an offer.

4. Market Your Land Aggressively

Don’t just post your land listing and wait. Actively promote your property through multiple platforms like industry forums, social media, listing sites, print ads, and signs on the actual land. The more effectively you market to motivated land buyers, the faster you’ll find a buyer.

5. Be Flexible on Terms

Consider offering flexible terms to attract more buyers and sell your land faster. This may include owner financing, land contracts, or terms allowing a lower down payment. If needed, you can require a shorter escrow or option period to protect your interests.

6. Target Specific Buyers

Research who may be interested in your property - residential developers, farmers, recreational buyers, investors, etc. Reach out to buyers that may have a specific interest or use for your land. This proactive approach connects you with motivated buyers.

7. Offer Incentives to Buyers Agents

Offering a higher buyer agent commission than the typical rate can incentivize real estate agents to show and promote your property more actively to their clients. This exposes your land to more potential buyers.

8. Consider Subdividing Your Land

If feasible based on acreage and county ordinances, subdividing your land into smaller parcels makes the pieces more affordable and can expand your pool of buyers. The infrastructure costs can be recouped through higher per-acre pricing.

9. Auction Your Land

Hiring an auction company to sell your land brings many motivated buyers together to competitively bid. You can set a minimum reserve price so that you only sell if receiving your desired land value. Auctions create urgency and excitement around the sale.

10. Sell to a Land Buying Company

A reliable option is selling to a local land buying company, like Land Boss. They have cash on hand and can buy land as-is, reducing needed time and costs for closing. Companies like Land Boss make fair cash offers and can close quickly, getting you funds faster than selling through traditional channels.

Selling land doesn’t have to be a slow process. With the right prep work and marketing moves tailored to Arizona land dynamics, you can reduce the time it takes to sell your land. Using even a few of these tips can help you proactively connect with buyers and sell your Arizona land faster. With strategic pricing, active promotion, flexible terms, and targeted outreach, you can generate excitement and find an ideal buyer within your desired timeframe.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Land in Arizona

Selling your land quickly and smoothly in Arizona’s complex real estate market requires an informed strategy and avoiding key mistakes. Steer clear of these common pitfalls that could delay closing on your land sale:

Overpricing Your Land

One of the biggest mistakes Arizona land sellers make is listing their land far above recent comparable sales in the area. For example, pricing your 40 acres in Navajo County for $12,000 an acre when nearby parcels sold for $7,000-$8,000 will turn most buyers away. Be realistic - price your land 5-10% under similar parcels to attract serious offers. Consider creative pricing terms where the buyer pays you over several years to increase interest.

Not Confirming Zoning and Development Regulations

Before even listing your land, thoroughly research and disclose all county zoning restrictions, density allowances, and land use ordinances. If you market a 100-acre parcel near Tucson as ideal for a housing development without realizing it’s zoned for 1 unit per 10 acres, you’ve now wasted time fielding offers from invalid buyers.

Attempting to Sell Without Legal Counsel

Attempting to handle the extensive legal work of a land sale yourself without an experienced real estate attorney puts you at major risk. Land transactions require proper title transfers, title insurance, lien removals, deed paperwork, disclosures, etc. Having a knowledgeable lawyer represent your interests is critical.

Not Checking Easements and Access Rights

Make sure you research and disclose any easements for utilities, drainage, shared driveways, or access to adjacent public lands. Easements and access rights that encumber or border your parcel can impact property use and value. Disclosing this info upfront prevents issues later.

Hiring an Inexperienced Real Estate Agent

Your agent’s expertise directly impacts how quickly you find buyers and close the sale. Don’t just use your aunt’s friend who just got their real estate license last year. Vet several agents with deep experience completing Arizona land sales, not just home sales. Their pricing guidance and marketing reach will attract more buyers.

Not Surveying Your Property

Having an official boundary survey by a licensed professional surveyor gives buyers confidence by documenting precise property lines and total acreage. This reduces later disputes with adjacent owners. Disclose any existing surveys and offer to split costs if the buyer requests an updated survey.

Skipping Environmental Testing

For commercial, industrial or agricultural land, have Phase I environmental assessments done upfront to identify any issues like contaminated soil, groundwater, or well water. Remediate any identified issues prior to listing so buyers aren’t scared off. This is mandatory due diligence.

By avoiding these key mistakes and instead working with qualified land professionals, you will be in a much stronger position to sell your Arizona land faster and for fair market value. Patience and diligence are key.

Final Thoughts

Selling land smoothly takes time and effort, but with an informed strategy, you can reduce the sales cycle and close faster - whether selling to individual buyers or professional land investors. Avoid overpricing and take time upfront to gather due diligence materials like surveys and zoning research. Hire specialists like real estate attorneys and land brokers to ensure you correctly navigate required legal paperwork and marketing tactics. Considering creative pricing and flexible terms also helps attract buyers who can see the value quickly and make serious offers. With proper guidance and avoiding key mistakes, selling your land in Arizona's thriving real estate market can be completed in weeks or months, not the years it takes with traditional listings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What steps can I take to sell my land faster in Arizona?

Some key steps are pricing competitively, hiring a knowledgeable agent, marketing aggressively online and offline, offering flexible terms like owner financing, directly contacting likely buyers, and considering creative sale methods like auctions. Preparing due diligence materials upfront also helps buyers evaluate faster.

How long does vacant land usually take to sell in Arizona?

Typically 6-12 months if selling through traditional real estate agents as most listings expire before finding buyers. But utilizing creative marketing, pricing 10-15% under market value, and flexibility on terms, you can reduce the timeline to 4-8 weeks in many cases.

What are the most common mistakes Arizona land sellers make?

Overpricing their land significantly above recent comparable sales is one of the biggest mistakes. Also not confirming zoning and land use regulations before listing, attempting to sell without an attorney, hiring inexperienced agents, and not getting surveys done upfront.

Should I consider owner financing when selling my Arizona land?

Owner financing can open up more potential buyers and sell the land faster. By creatively financing 20-50% of the purchase price yourself at competitive rates, you create more interest by making the property more affordable.

How much can pricing my land below market value help sell it faster?

Pricing 5-10% below recent comparable sales generates the most interest from buyers. Greater discounts of 15-20% will move the land fastest, but likely below fair market value. Price just slightly under similar parcels to balance maximizing speed and getting full value.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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