10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Washington

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Washington

Bart Waldon

Tucked into the Pacific Northwest corner of the continental United States, Washington is a scenic state with diverse landscapes and abundant natural beauty. It's bordered by Idaho to the east, Oregon to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and British Columbia, Canada to the north. Washington's most defining feature is the Cascade Range, which cuts through the state from north to south, creating a dramatic divide between wetter, forested western Washington and the drier, agricultural lands of eastern Washington. 

Major cities include Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, and Vancouver. However, much of Washington retains a quaint, small-town charm dotted with evergreen forests, rugged mountains, and glistening waters that invite outdoor adventure. Nicknamed "The Evergreen State", Washington's natural splendor and relaxed quality of life make it a premier destination for land buyers.

As a Washington-based land company, we've had the pleasure of helping clients purchase many beautiful properties across this gorgeous state. There are so many advantages to buying land here that it's easily one of our favorite places to do business. Here's a closer look at why we're so fond of the Washington land market.

Reasons to Buy Land in Washington

1. Majestic Mountain Views

Without a doubt, one of the biggest draws to buying land in Washington is the spectacular mountain scenery. From the snow-capped peaks of the Cascades to the rolling foothills of the Selkirks, the mountain views here are postcard-worthy. Waking up to a panoramic vista of Mount Rainier on a crisp winter morning or watching the golden light of sunset illuminate the Cascades in summer - these are experiences exclusive to mountain land ownership. The potential views make Washington an ideal place for cabin getaways or off-grid living.

2. Endless Recreational Opportunities

If you love the outdoors, Washington is a real-life adventure playground. The state's diverse geography, from ocean beaches to high-country lakes, provides opportunities for nearly every outdoor activity under the sun. Own a piece of property near the Puget Sound and enjoy world-class saltwater fishing, kayaking, and beachcombing. Buy land in northeast Washington and experience top-notch hunting, horseback riding, hiking and more through thousands of acres of public land. Outdoorsy folks will feel right at home.

3. Mild and Pleasant Climate

Thanks to the moderating influence of the Pacific Ocean, most of western Washington enjoys four distinct yet mild seasons. Winters tend to be cool and wet but not frigidly cold like the upper Midwest or Northeast. Summers are warm and dry with cooler temperatures along the coast. This temperate climate means enjoying the outdoors is feasible year-round when you own property. You don't have to hole up inside for months of endless winter like other parts of the country. The pleasant weather makes it a joy to experience the seasons here.

4. A Wine Lover's Paradise

Washington wines get better every year, with a climate ideally suited for vineyards. Buy land in wine regions like Walla Walla, Yakima Valley, Tri-Cities or Columbia Valley and you could even start your own vineyard one day. Or enjoy living amidst the rolling hills of vineyards and paying a visit to the bountiful wineries operating across the state. For oenophiles, few places provide the wine country atmosphere Washington does.

5. A Tax-Friendly State for Landowners

When evaluating places to buy land, it's also worth noting the tax advantages Washington provides. The state has no personal income tax, making it appealing for property owners earning income from rentals, farming or other commercial ventures on their land. Washington also has favorable estate and property taxes compared to other West Coast states. While taxes shouldn't drive a land purchase, the structure here makes ownership appealing.

6. The Array of Microclimates

It's impressive how many different microclimates exist within Washington's modest borders. Buy a few acres in Sequim to enjoy the rain shadow effect of the Olympics. Live in Walla Walla for a true four-season climate plus excellent vineyards. Experience sunny, dry summers and snowy winters in eastern Washington. Each region provides unique climate perks, so you can really tailor where you buy to match your weather preferences.

7. That Small Town Vibe

Sure, Washington has some sizable cities like Seattle and Spokane. But much of the state retains a quaint, small town vibe even as the population grows. Towns like Port Townsend, Lynden, Winthrop and Walla Walla offer local shops and restaurants with a friendly community feel. And access to larger cities is still fairly convenient. Enjoying both the charm of a small town and the amenities of big cities is possible here.

8. Surrounded By Natural Beauty

No matter where you end up buying land in Washington, you're always a stone's throw from beautiful scenery. Even on a modest plot, having dramatic mountain peaks, everygreen forests or ocean views right out your back door never gets old. It's a constant reminder of the natural world and invites you outside. Waking up to a stunning landscape every morning is a joy.

9. The Local Food Scene

Washington is agricultural heaven. Our land here produces everything from apples, cherries, pears and potatoes to award-winning wines. When you buy a property, opportunities abound to cultivate the rich soil and sell your bounty to the thriving local food scene. Attend weekend farmers markets in cities across the state, or even start your own organic farm. The localvore movement is strong here.

10. It's a Playground!

Above all, Washingtonians have a common love for escaping into nature. Hiking, fishing, boating, snow sports - enjoying the outdoors is practically a religion here. Buy land and you join a community of folks actively making the most of this natural playground in their backyard. There are always new mountain trails to explore, different fishing holes to try and plenty of rivers to paddle. Washington brings out your sense of adventure.

With its stunning landscapes, friendly communities, laidback lifestyle and abundant recreation, it's easy to see why we love helping people buy land in Washington. The Evergreen State has so much going for it as a place to invest in property or enjoy a weekend cabin retreat. Do your research, partner with a reputable land company and start finding your perfect parcel today. The advantages here for land buyers are incredible.

Should You Invest in Washington Land?

Excellent Appreciation Potential

Over the past decade, land values across Washington have steadily increased. As the population grows and more people move to the area, land near cities and recreation continues appreciating. Investing now while land is relatively affordable could pay off down the road. The Puget Sound region in particular has seen property values rise.

Amenities Nearby

Even if you buy rural land in Washington, you'll still be within a reasonable drive of amenities. Major cities like Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Olympia offer plenty of shopping, dining, arts and entertainment options to complement time spent on your property. Healthcare facilities and international airports are accessible too.

Abundant Natural Beauty

Washington's diverse landscape, from the Cascades to Puget Sound, provide phenomenal nature access. Owning property here allows you to soak up gorgeous scenery on a daily basis. Few other states offer such a variety of landscapes within their borders. Waking up to mountain, forest or water views never gets old.

Vibrant Local Economy

Major industries like tech, aerospace and agriculture help keep Washington's economy strong. Seattle in particular is a hub for innovation and job growth. A prosperous economy bodes well for land investment, development and value appreciation over time. Overall, Washington offers encouraging conditions for owners.

The natural beauty, recreation options and economic strength make Washington a very appealing state to buy land in. Do thorough research to find the right parcel for your goals. But for many buyers, investing in Washington land while the market remains favorable can pay big dividends down the road.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Washington provides an ideal trifecta for land buyers and investors - abundant natural beauty, close proximity to cities and amenities, and a strong local economy. The state offers diverse landscapes to choose from, ranging from the Cascades to the Pacific Coast to fertile farmlands. No matter what terrain speaks to you, odds are you can find an appealing parcel to call your own. Recreation abounds right out your back door, yet major metro areas are still accessible. And continued population and job growth, especially in the Puget Sound region, point to healthy appreciation potential in the coming years. For these reasons and more, purchasing property in Washington while the market remains receptive can pay dividends for years down the road. Just be sure to partner with a reputable real estate professional to identify the ideal parcel for your needs and budget. With proper research and planning, investing in Washington land could prove to be a sage decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are available in Washington?

Washington's diverse geography means all types of land are available, from dense forest acreage to open rolling meadows ideal for livestock. Popular options include mountain properties with scenic views, farmland for cultivation, and wooded parcels near state parks or other recreation areas. Coastal properties are also available along Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.

What is the process for buying land in Washington?

The process is similar to buying a house. Decide your budget, work with a real estate agent to identify suitable parcels, make an offer contingent on inspections, and close once the title work is complete. If financing, make sure to get pre-approved. Also research zoning, easements or other restrictions on the land.

What is the average price per acre in Washington?

Prices vary dramatically based on location. In rural areas of eastern Washington, grazing land can sell for $1,000 - $5,000 per acre. In popular recreation areas like the Cascades, averages are $5,000 - $10,000 per acre. Near cities like Seattle, expect to pay $20,000 per acre or higher. Do your homework to understand value.

Are there tax advantages to owning land in Washington?

Yes! Washington has no state income tax, so income generated from commercial activity on your land isn't taxed by the state. Washington also has no estate tax, which can help heirs retain more value. Property taxes are reasonable compared to states like California.

How can I evaluate land investment potential?

Look at population growth trends in the area, along with job growth. Also research recent land values - areas appreciating quickly may still have upside. Proximity to local amenities can also impact value. And understand any development limitations or restrictions on the parcel before purchasing.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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