10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Mississippi

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Mississippi

Bart Waldon

You may not hear Mississippi mentioned too often when folks talk about top states to live in or visit. But make no mistake – this southeastern gem has earned its "Magnolia State'' nickname fair and square. Known for down home hospitality, rich history and gorgeous natural scenery, Mississippi has a certain soulful charm that keeps calling people back.

From the Delta's famously fertile farmland to the stunning sandy beaches along its Gulf Coast, Mississippi truly offers something for everyone. No matter if you're looking for recreational acres, residential neighborhoods, profitable agricultural fields or solid real estate investments, you'll find appealing options here. The state's diverse landscapes cater to all sorts of tastes and plans.

Let's dig deeper into ten stellar reasons why so many buyers get drawn to purchasing their own slice of Mississippi heaven these days. The Hospitality State lays out quite the welcoming banquet of benefits that will tempt just about any land buyer out there!

Reasons to Buy Land in Mississippi

Affordable Cost of Living Stretches Your Budget

Mississippi boasts one of the lowest costs of living in the United States, allowing land buyers to get more property for their money compared to other states. The average home price sits below $175,000, significantly lower than the national median price. From housing to groceries and utilities, Mississippians pay less for common goods and services. This affordable lifestyle certainly appeals to those purchasing land in Mississippi, especially first-time buyers or retirees wanting to make the most of their budgets.

Abundant Space for Outdoor Recreation

For hunting enthusiasts, anglers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers, Mississippi offers bountiful wilderness ready to explore. Nearly 65% of the state is forested, with almost 20% covered by public lands perfect for recreation. From wildlife management areas to national forests and state parks, options abound for those who want space to have fun and enjoy nature. Buying recreational land grants you endless access to partake in activities like hunting whitetail deer and wild turkey, freshwater fishing, boating, horseback riding, camping, and more throughout the seasons.

Rich Soil Supports Fruitful Farming

The broad, fertile floodplains of the Mississippi Delta foster some of the most agriculturally productive land in the world. Farmers have cultivated the region's nutrient-dense soil for centuries, harvesting abundant crops of cotton, soybeans, corn, sweet potatoes, and other bounty. The southern climate allows an extended growing season, often with three harvests per year. These optimal conditions continue attracting buyers wanting to own quality farmland. Investing in Mississippi agricultural land can pay off through crop yield profits, land leases to farmers, and potential property value increases over time.

Pleasant Climate with Moderate Seasons

Relatively mild winters and hot, humid summers define Mississippi's comfortable climate. The average high temperature reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July, while January typically sees average highs around 53 degrees. This pleasant weather allows residents to stay active year-round. Compared to states with extreme winters or summers, Mississippi's moderate temperatures provide a happy middle ground. You won't have to hunker down for months due to snow and ice, nor will insufferable heat keep you stuck indoors. This stable climate satisfies land buyers wanting four full seasons without drastic swings.

Small Town Charm with Welcoming Communities

From its quaint Main Streets to its genteel citizens, Mississippi exudes traditional small town charm. Peaceful communities thrive statewide, each possessing its own proud history and culture. Residents epitomize the hospitality Mississippi is known for, welcoming newcomers with open arms. The relaxed pace of life helps breed warm connections between neighbors. For those seeking tight-knit neighborhoods away from big city headaches, Mississippi offers charming locales brimming with heart and soul. Buying land here lets you lay roots in a friendly locale.

Abundant Local Flavor

Mississippi's one-of-a-kind food scene stems from generations of tradition, history, and diverse influences. From hearty Delta barbecue to Gulf seafood boils to soul food kitchens statewide, homegrown Mississippi flavor celebrates the region's roots. Locally owned restaurants and beloved recipes passed down through families help the local food culture thrive. Those who purchase land in Mississippi will never lack for lip-smacking cuisine to sample thanks to this culinary abundance.

Diverse Natural Wonders

Although Mississippi flies under the radar for some, its enviable landscape never disappoints. Lush green woodlands, serene marshes, stunning shorelines, and abundant wildlife populate environments statewide. Iconic natural landmarks like the Gulf Islands National Seashore and the Holly Springs National Forest draw nature lovers from around the world. With open spaces spanning highways to the coastline, opportunities to enjoy Mississippi's natural splendor stretch as far as the eye can see when you own property here.

Tax Incentives Offer Savings

Mississippi maintains business-friendly tax laws containing exemptions that benefit land owners. As an agricultural state, farmland falls under an exemption lowering taxes. Forested acreage also sees reduced property taxes. Investors may qualify for elimination of sales tax on certain business-related purchases. On top of low living costs, tax incentives like these allow land buyers to keep even more money in their pockets. The savings add up over time, granting land owners stable financial benefits.

Varied Water Sources Abound

From the mighty Mississippi River to serpentine bayous, waterways lace through Mississippi serving important ecological and economic roles. Hundreds of streams and rivers shape the landscape, including renowned fisheries perfect for anglers. Vast reservoirs like Ross Barnett Reservoir supply water statewide while creating recreational opportunities. The Gulf of Mexico also touches the southern edge of Mississippi, providing even more aquatic access. For land owners, these ample water sources support irrigation, recreation, transportation, and industry needs, adding to Mississippi's allure.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Some states possess shiny veneers that lack substance, but not Mississippi. A rich cultural heritage dating back centuries imbues the state with tangible history and character. From native nations and early colonists to the Civil Rights movement and beyond, Mississippi's storied past molds its identity. Historical landmarks stand sentry statewide bearing witness to the struggles and triumphs of eras past. This distinctive heritage sinks its roots deeply into Mississippi's soil, nourishing a lively, enduring sense of place that touches land buyers and visitors alike.

Final Thoughts

With plentiful natural resources, low cost of living, pleasant climate and seasons, rich history and culture, and bountiful space waiting to be explored or cultivated, Mississippi entices land buyers year after year. The reasons to purchase property in the Magnolia State stretch as far as the horizon. Whether seeking farmland, waterfront parcels, hunting grounds, investment property or residential space, Mississippi offers something special for every land buyer. Its wealth of assets explains why so many planters take root and grow here - the seeds of opportunity await.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are most popular to purchase in Mississippi?

Some of the most sought-after lands in Mississippi include recreational properties like hunting acreage, fishing camps, and wildlife habitat. The state's abundant forests, wetlands, and water bodies provide prime grounds for outdoor sports. Farmland is also highly desirable, especially across the fertile Mississippi Delta. The region's optimal soil and climate foster valuable crop yields. Commercial land in areas like Jackson, Gulfport, and Tupelo draws investors wanting space for businesses. And waterfront properties remain coveted for residential living along the Gulf Coast, lakes, and rivers.

What is pricing like for land and properties in Mississippi?

Compared to national averages, Mississippi real estate sells at affordable prices, from land parcels to homes. Vacant inland acreage can start below $2,000 per acre on average, while premium farms fetch over $4,000 per acre. Coastal properties see higher price tags nearing $6,000 per acre. The statewide average home price is just under $175,000. Investors can secure warehouses, storefronts, and other commercial buildings for less than other U.S. markets. Overall pricing varies by location, but Mississippi generally offers lower buying costs that stretch your budget.

What tax benefits or incentives exist for Mississippi land owners?

Mississippi maintains business-friendly tax structures offering perks for land buyers and real estate investors. Agricultural properties receive a reduced tax assessment lowering annual payments. Conservation programs also decrease taxes for sustainable forest management practices. Qualified commercial land owners can save substantially on sales taxes for equipment purchases and operating expenses. On top of low living costs, incentives like these help owners retain even greater financial gains from their land assets and investments over the long run.

How easy or difficult is it to develop land in Mississippi?

The state aims to encourage growth with streamlined land use guidelines for owners and developers. Zoning laws remain flexible with common allowances for mixed-use projects. Building codes and permit processes also continue modernizing to simplify new construction. Mississippi's development atmosphere makes it more navigable than many states to convert raw land into functional spaces like housing divisions, industrial parks, or recreational resorts. Rapidly expanding markets along the Gulf Coast specifically appeal to investors because of the area's development potential.

What natural features make Mississippi land valuable?

Some of Mississippi's greatest assets giving its land value include water resources like the Gulf Coast, rivers, lakes, and streams. Around 65% of the state contains woodlands, full of marketable timber. Nearly 20% constitutes public lands open for recreation. The fertile Delta farmlands foster essential crop and livestock yields. Other natural features boosting land prospects include oil and gas reserves, Mississippi's salable white sand deposits, and granite formations used in construction materials. Abundant natural resources make property here more useful, profitable, and coveted.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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