10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Louisiana

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Louisiana

Bart Waldon

When we think of Louisiana, vibrant images come to mind - fiery Cajun cuisine, jazz bands parading down lively streets, fan boats gliding through lush bayous draped in Spanish moss. Nicknamed the "Sportsman's Paradise," this southern state certainly lives up to its billing, especially for those of us enamored with the rewarding outdoor lifestyle.

Yet beyond the party atmosphere of the always entertaining New Orleans, opportunities abound across the Pelican State, particularly when it comes to land. With its sub-tropical climate and access to ample waterways, Louisiana provides a tranquil backdrop to build a homestead, nurture fertile soil, tap into natural resources or develop commercial potential.

Understandably, many folks craving space to unkink, unplug and unwind find this bayou country irresistible. However, as with any major investment, buying land requires ample research and preparation to make informed decisions. By understanding key motivations behind why people love snapping up Louisiana land parcels for cash, we gain insight into this intriguing real estate trend. In this article, we break down the top ten reasons behind this bayou land rush.

Reasons to Buy Land in Louisiana

1. Hobby Farms Offer a Peaceful Change of Pace

The grind of city living drives many to seek refuge in the countryside. Buying a few acres of land in Louisiana allows building a hobby farm to escapeurban congestion. With abundant rainfall and 300 growing days, crops thrive with minimal effort. Farmers’ markets offer opportunities to sell seasonal produce, herbs, honey, and homemade goods. The slower pace fosters overall wellness.

2. Hunting Enthusiasts Have Endless Options

Sportsmen flock to Louisiana to stalk deer, duck, turkey, and hog. The Creole Nature Trail All-American Road runs through 180 miles of National Wildlife Refuges and wetland habitats, creating a hunter’s paradise. Buying land along this route or other wildlife management areas guarantees access during peak seasons. Hunting leases also offer income potential for landowners.

3. RV Campers Enjoy Louisiana’s Scenery

From the rolling hills of North Louisiana to the sandy Gulf Coast beaches, landscapes make memorable backdrops for RV camping adventures. Investing in a spacious lot or park space to park rigs gives snowbirds endless options to explore the Sportsman Paradise’s rich biodiversity and ecosystems. Building an RV pad with electric and water hookups creates a home base.

4. Waterfront Property Abounds for Fishing and Boating Lovers

With over 2 million acres of lakes, 9,700 miles of fishable streams, rivers, and bayous, plus saltwater access, Louisiana ranks among the best fishing destinations. Buying land along these pristine waters allows building boat launches or docks for quick access. Nothing rivals sunset views overlooking the cypress-tupelo swamps or Gulf sunrises with a line in the water hoping for a trophy catch.

5. Louisiana’s Steamy Climate Supports Tropical Gardening Dreams

Gardeners craving year-round tropical plants, fruits, and flowers find their paradise planting roots in Louisiana soil. Average winter lows above freezing make growing heat-loving flora possible. Land purchased for plant nurseries or orchards bears abundant harvests. Backyard banana and papaya grow effortlessly. Gardening fills long growing seasons with beauty and bounty.

6. Foodies Savor Louisiana’s Unique Culinary Identity

Food-focused folks eager to capture Louisiana’s distinctive flavors buy land to build cooking schools, restaurants, or bed and breakfasts. The local cuisine blends European, Caribbean, African, and indigenous influences creating iconic dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, andouille sausage, and beignets. Louisiana’s culinary identity ranks top in the nation. Sharing regional foodways builds connections and community.

7. Nature Lovers Thrive in Subtropical Forests

Botanists, bird watchers, and other nature enthusiasts flock to Louisiana to explore 11-million acres of wetland forests, home to species found nowhere else. Bald Cypress trees draped in feathery Spanish moss create shady, mystical swamps. Rare orchids bloom in the leaf litter below stretching boughs. Buying large tracts of undeveloped land for conservation ensures safe future habitat. Ecotourism lives here.

8. Offshore Oil and Gas Boom Lead to Lucrative Land Deals

Port Fourchon services over 275 offshore oil platforms drilling deep-water wells, generating massive fuel supplies. This operations hub requires extensive onshore infrastructure. Investors see the opportunity and competitively buy any usable land for expanding warehouses, docks, and operational facilities. Quarter-acre marshland plots sell for astronomical rates to the highest bidder. Minor land deals reap major rewards.

9. Elite Companies Relocate for Strategic Edge

Major industries ranging from tech and manufacturing to healthcare, animation, and more, capitalize on Louisiana’s central location, transportation infrastructure, and affordable cost-of-living by moving facilities here. An educated workforce and top universities sweeten the deal even more. Corporations gobble up every buildable acre to construct ambitious, sprawling campuses. Local landowners make a killing meeting this lucrative demand

10. Real Estate Holds Steady Through Tough Economic Times

While stocks crash, inflation soars, and markets fluctuate dramatically, land retains inherent value. Backyard aesthetics may vary greatly, but everyone needs a home base somewhere. As the saying goes, “they aren’t making any more of it.” Investors large and small accumulate properties as traditionally stable assets. Even through hurricanes and floods, people prize private patches of the beloved Sportsman’s Paradise. Locals know land equals security.

The reasons folks cherish land deals in Louisiana are as diverse as seafood gumbo recipes or weekend festival themes, yet buying motives ultimately distill into lifestyle quality. Time moves slower gazing over mossy oaks draped in Spanish moss. Laughs sound richer over steaming crawfish pots. Bonds grow stronger around campfires and under starlit skies. Love sinks roots here in the fertile soil - the biggest motivator of all to own a piece of Louisiana.

The history and culture of the Pelican State beckon dreamers, innovators, adventurers and visionaries seeking new beginnings, profitable possibilities or a peaceful refuge. Abundant natural resources fuel booming industries, while vibrant traditions feed souls. Much like a hearty pot of jambalaya, Louisiana simmers with acres of opportunities awaiting anyone desiring to make the region home, one parcel of land at a time. Cash talks and makes deals happen fast in this high-demand market. Buyers must move swiftly to manifest their Louisiana land ambitions into reality.

Should You Invest in Louisiana Land?

Louisiana Offers Prime Real Estate Opportunities

Louisiana is a state with abundant natural and cultural riches that make it an appealing place to live, work, and invest. From verdant farmland to bustling metropolises like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana offers prime real estate prospects. Consider investing in Louisiana land for sales, development, or to build personal residences.

Fast-Growing Industries Drive Demand

Major corporations continue relocating offices and facilities to business-friendly Louisiana, drawn by tax incentives, an educated workforce and central location. Port Fourchon, the operations hub servicing hundreds of offshore oil platforms, stimulates constant infrastructure expansion too. As industries grow, demand for usable land escalates, elevating property values. Invest now before rates skyrocket higher.

Tourism Bolsters Investment Potential

Tourism proves Louisiana’s backbone, with over 51 million visitors spending $18.8 billion annually pre-pandemic. New Orleans alone hosted over 18 million tourists its tricentennial year in 2018. As jazz music, Cajun cuisine and bayou culture attract endless crowds, small businesses thrive. Stake claims in destined-to-boom entertainment districts or develop campgrounds and hospitality ventures tapping this high demand.

Long-Term Gains Beat Volatile Markets

While traditional investments like stocks and equity funds fluctuate wildly, especially during economic uncertainty, real estate values traditionally hold steadier long-term. The inherent usefulness of land persists despite downturns. Louisiana offers stability amidst modern volatility. Patient investors think future generations and accumulate properties for posthumous portfolios. Buy plots now and watch land values rise.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why Louisiana land represents a wise investment: the prime location attracts rising industries, a burgeoning tourism sector promises continued growth, and property values hold strong over the long run. The natural splendor, cultural richness and strategic economic advantages of the Sportsman's Paradise should attract investors and buyers eager to capitalize on Louisiana's bright outlook. As oil rigs pump deepwater wells and tourists flock to New Orleans' jazz scene, land will prove a good commodity to own. The time is ripe for forward-thinking investors to put down roots. Whether seeking to build a personal residence, develop commercial properties or simply park cash in a stable asset, Louisiana real estate offers the potential for promising returns if acquired at the right time and place.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main industries driving growth in Louisiana?

Major industries fueling Louisiana's strong economic growth include tourism in popular destinations like New Orleans, offshore oil and gas, particularly around Port Fourchon, and technology/manufacturing. Large corporations are relocating to take advantage of Louisiana's central location, tax incentives and educated workforce.

Which areas of Louisiana are best to invest in land?

The New Orleans metropolitan area promises continued tourism expansion. Port Fourchon and the Gulf Coast region benefit from offshore drilling demands. North Louisiana near universities and cheaper prices offers opportunities. Research localized growth when identifying promising parcels.

Should I buy swampland or marshland in Louisiana?

Swampland can be purchased more affordably but requires extensive drainage/development to provide usage. Marshlands near the Gulf see very high demand for drilling/transportation support facilities, driving astronomical sale prices. Understand restrictions before purchasing wetlands.

Is land investment in Louisiana risky due to weather events?

Louisiana's location on the Gulf Coast in hurricane alley means storms and flooding always pose threats. However, proper flood/wind mitigation construction and comprehensive insurance on developed properties can minimize storm damage risks.

What factors should I research before buying Louisiana land?

Carefully vet parcels for viability of intended use, especially around zoning restrictions, protected wetlands regulations and flood zone classifications. Study area growth patterns and local market sales trends to determine fair pricing. Inspect lands in person where possible before acquiring.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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