10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Florida

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Florida

Bart Waldon

Booming population growth, temperate winters attracting retirees and second home buyers, coupled with 825+ miles of gorgeous coastline apparently makes Florida pretty popular. In fact, recent figures show over 1,000 people per day moved into the Sunshine State adding near 22 million residents now. All this warmth-seeking human influx fuels ravenous demand for available property. Yet the limited supply of only some 36 million total acreage statewide, including roughly 9 million acres currently dedicated for farming and grazing use per USDA data, ensures savvy land investors enjoy prosperity. For cash property buyers and self-directed IRA holders especially seeking stable places to park money ahead of development curves, the state overflowing with opportunity today to capitalize on America’s obsession with living Florida’s lifestyle either permanently or part-time via vacation homes. 

From the relaxed Jimmy Buffet-esque Keys islands culture to Miami’s cosmopolitan energy and Orlando/Tampa suburbs growth, choose your vibe and invest in affordable land before urbanization sends values soaring in the next decade. Here are 10 reasons seasoned land buyers and brokers alike love staking early property claims across Florida areas showing promising population, job and infrastructure expansion driving resident desire. Which irresistible region matches your vision?

10 Reasons to Buy Land in Florida

1. The Weather Can't Be Beat

Florida enjoys a subtropical climate that brings sunny, warm weather year-round. The state sees average highs in the 70s and 80s and only dips into the 50s on winter nights. Snow is extremely rare in most of Florida. This mild, sunny climate makes every day perfect for being outside enjoying Florida's natural beauty.

When you buy land in Florida, you can take advantage of the weather all year long. Spend your days boating, golfing, swimming, fishing, hiking, gardening, and more. Even on winter days, you'll get to be outside soaking up the sun in a t-shirt and shorts.

2. Tax Benefits for Landowners

One major perk of buying land in Florida is the tax situation. Florida has no personal income tax, making it one of the most tax-friendly states in the U.S. Property taxes are also relatively low compared to other states. Agricultural land is eligible for special tax exemptions.

As a landowner, you get to keep more of your hard-earned money thanks to Florida's lack of income tax. The savings really add up over time. Florida also has no estate tax or inheritance tax, which is great news for passing land down to future generations.

3. Natural Beauty Abounds

From mangrove forests to cypress swamps to pine flatwoods, Florida overflows with diverse natural habitats. The state has thousands of miles of coastline, dozens of pristine springs, expansive prairies, and lush wetlands. Iconic Everglades National Park protects over 1.5 million acres of unique sub-tropical wilderness.

When you buy land in Florida, you have the chance to own a piece of this natural beauty. Your property may contain wetlands, old growth forests, native prairies or other habitats. You can attract wildlife and birds to your land simply by keeping parts of it natural. Every season brings new natural wonders to enjoy on your Florida land.

4. Strong Tourism Supports the Economy

Tourism is a huge industry in Florida, bringing in over $112 billion annually. Over 122 million visitors flock to the state each year to enjoy the beaches, theme parks, cruises, festivals, sports and more. This steady flow of tourists helps support Florida's economy and job market.

For landowners, the booming tourism provides opportunities like short-term vacation rentals. Locating near Orlando's theme parks or popular beach towns can increase your land value and options. Taking advantage of Florida's non-stop tourism can create income from your land investment.

5. A Range of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor enthusiasts will find endless ways to enjoy Florida's natural amenities. The state is a true paradise for boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding and plain old sunbathing.playful but professional.

Golf is also huge in Florida, with over 1,000 public courses across the state. Many PGA pros live in Florida so they can play and practice year-round. Other popular activities include biking, birding, horseback riding and beachcombing for shells.

Buying land in Florida means you can participate in all these activities right in your own backyard. Even small parcels usually provide access to lakes, rivers, the Gulf or the ocean. Larger tracts allow for creating your own trails, fishing spots and more.

6. A Range of Climate Zones

While people think of Florida as hot and steamy, the state actually has a range of climate zones. The northern interior and panhandle have a humid subtropical climate with mild winters. Central Florida is hot and humid in the summer with short, warm winters. The Keys and deep South Florida have a true tropical climate.

This range means you can choose land in a climate that suits your preferences. If you like cooler winters, look north. If you want truly tropical weather, head south. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Gulf of Mexico on the other, water also moderates temperatures across the state.

7. Farming Opportunities

The warm weather and abundant rainfall allow for year-round crop production in Florida. The state produces large amounts of citrus fruits, tomatoes, sugarcane, tropical fruits, and winter vegetables. Florida has rich areas of farmland as well as areas well-suited for cattle grazing.

For the right acreage, buying land in Florida can provide the chance to have your own farm or ranch. You can grow fruits, vegetables or nursery plants, or raise cattle, horses or other livestock. Farming exemptions provide tax incentives for using your land for agriculture.

8. A Business-Friendly Environment

Florida offers an extremely business-friendly environment with many advantages for entrepreneurs. In addition to the lack of income tax, the state provides business incentives, grants, tax exemptions and infrastructure programs. Florida's warm weather and gorgeous setting draw many conferences, events and wealthy vacationers.

Buying land opens up business possibilities like starting a farm, nursery or ranch, operating vacation rentals, or building an RV park, marina or golf course. Florida's steady tourism provides built-in demand for many enterprises. Locals are also generally supportive of new businesses.

9. Endless Recreational Possibilities

In Florida, recreational opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Developing recreational amenities on your land can greatly increase its value and earning potential. Almost any activity can benefit from Florida's climate and natural areas.

Potential ideas include an RV park, campground, dude ranch, golf course, zipline course, shooting range, sports complex, eco-tours, fishing ponds, boating marina and so much more. Building unique recreational amenities attracts tourist dollars and creates fun enterprises.

10. Strong Return on Investment

All of these benefits combine to make land in Florida a strong long-term investment. Florida's population is projected to continue growing at a rapid pace, fueling demand for land. Tourism and retirement drive the economy, keeping land values high.

With land, you have an asset that's in limited supply but high demand. As infrastructure expands into rural areas over time, the value of raw land increases. Appreciation over decades can greatly multiply your original investment in Florida land.

How Land Boss Can Help You Buy Land in Florida

Knowledgeable Experts

With over 5 years of experience and 100+ land transactions under our belt, the team at Land Boss knows the Florida land market inside and out. We stay closely tuned to current trends in prices, demand, and inventory. Our local expertise helps us find the best land deals for your needs and guide you through the buying process.

Network of Seller Contacts

Through our extensive experience operating in Florida, Land Boss has cultivated relationships with numerous motivated land sellers in the state. This seller network provides our buyers access to Florida land listings that aren't available publicly on the open market. We can connect you with sellers offering discounted pricing for quick cash sales.

Smooth Process

We handle the full process of acquiring Florida land on your behalf, from identifying promising parcels for sale to negotiating the best possible price to closing the deal. Our knowledge of regulations and real estate procedures makes the process smooth and stress-free for buyers. We work hard so you can simply enjoy your new Florida land investment.

With Land Boss as your buyer agent, purchasing land in Florida becomes an easy, rewarding endeavor. Our dedicated team enthusiastically guides each client through each step to a successful closing and beyond.

Final Thoughts

For individuals and families looking to buy land, Florida provides an appealing option with many built-in benefits. The state offers a little something for everyone – warm weather, outdoor recreation, business incentives, tax perks, and natural beauty. Demand for Florida land is poised to stay strong with increasing population and tourism. With plentiful reasons to invest in Florida land, it's easy to see why we love brokering land deals in the Sunshine State. For both short-term enjoyment and long-term returns, you can't go wrong buying a piece of Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are available for purchase in Florida?

Florida has a range of land types for sale including wetlands, forests, ranchlands, farmlands, vacant residential or commercial lots, waterfront properties, and more.

What taxes and fees should I expect when buying land in Florida?

Purchase costs include property taxes, which are low, doc stamps tax of $0.70 per $100, recording fees, and other minor closing costs. Attorney fees may also apply.

Can I get financing to buy land in Florida?

Yes, financing is available including land loans, USDA programs for certain properties, and seller financing in some cases. Rates and terms vary.

Is raw land a good investment in Florida?

Generally yes, since Florida's growing population and tourism fuel real estate demand. Appreciation over time can greatly increase raw land value.

How can I generate income from vacant land in Florida?

Options include farming, ranching, timber, solar farms, recreational leasing, vacation rentals on site-built homes,billboards, cell towers, minerals extraction, and more.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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