10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Connecticut

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Connecticut

Bart Waldon

Connecticut holds particular allure for land investors and private owners alike seeking property rooted in nature, stability and legacy building potential. As attitudes surrounding land stewardship and rural preservation evolve, the realities behind buying raw acreage in Connecticut come into sharper focus. Even with nearly 2 million acres deemed undeveloped by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, only 500,000 currently boast protective status as momentum gathers behind competing priorities playing out. 

This timely overview examines 10 top motivators beckoning a new generation to stake claims across Connecticut’s inviting terrain through private purchases. Beyond wealth building or recreational motivations that span economic conditions over multi-generational time horizons, buyers increasingly derive identity and values alignment when sourcing special Connecticut land plots that resonate. Get a pulse on the promise and prudence guiding today’s maturing property arena as both heart and head rationales fuel lasting land bonds.

This article will dive deeper into the top 10 reasons people love buying land in Connecticut.

10 Reasons to Buy Land in Connecticut

1. Scenic Beauty and Abundant Outdoor Recreation

Connecticut is filled with quintessential charming New England landscapes, from the rolling Litchfield Hills and fertile farmlands to the jagged coastline along Long Island Sound. The state has a tremendous amount of protected open space, state parks like Kent Falls and Cathedral Pines, vast nature preserves, over 1,500 crystal clear lakes and ponds, rivers such as the Connecticut and Housatonic perfect for fly fishing, as well as plenty of lush green forests. 

The natural beauty and chance to own a piece of the gorgeous Connecticut scenery is undoubtedly a major draw. With so much preserved land and waterways, opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking the Appalachian Trail, kayaking off the Connecticut coast, hunting deer in the woodlands, or camping along the banks of the Farmington River abound.

2. Convenience of Access to NYC and Boston

While maintaining a peaceful rural charm, Connecticut offers easy access to major metro areas thanks to an extensive rail system and highway infrastructure. New York City can be just a 1.5-hour train ride away from New Haven. The fast Amtrak Acela trains connect Hartford to Providence, RI, Boston and Washington DC quickly as well. 

The convenience allows land owners to easily visit urban amenities for weekend entertainment, while still having a quiet home base nestled in nature to retreat to. The land values manage to stay lower than directly surrounding states that border the major cities as well.

3. Established Infrastructure in Place

Unlike buying raw vacant land plots in very rural locations without any existing infrastructure, Connecticut offers well established infrastructure, public utilities and local government that makes building, accessing your acreage and daily living much easier. While still allowing for substantial privacy with wooded lots and plenty of elbow room, there are paved roads & highways, electric grids, high speed internet/cell access, municipal water lines, advanced sewer systems or at least strong septic capabilities and experienced local contractors available so owners can responsibly develop their land. Not having to build everything entirely from scratch saves Connecticut land buyers huge upfront time, effort and development costs compared to more remote areas.

4. Prime Conditions for Agriculture and Farming

The rich fertile soil, four distinct seasons, and generally moderate climate enable vibrant farming activity across Connecticut. Land buyers have the opportunity to maintain beautiful nurseries overflowing with colorful perennials, Christmas tree farms full of Fraser Firs, vineyards producing award-winning New England wine varietals, thriving organic farms yielding bountiful produce harvests and so much more to even potentially generate income from the acreage. 

Additionally, there is an expansive existing network of bustling farmers markets in cities like Hartford and Bridgeport to sell goods alongside the many other agriculture programs supported by the state.

5. Reliable Woodlands for Forest Products

With around 60% of the Connecticut landscape covered in valuable woodlands full of strong oak, sugar maple, paper birch, eastern white pine and stately evergreen trees, purchasing forested acreage allows land owners to responsibly harvest timber, firewood and other forest products to use over time or sell for income. 

Well managed woodlands also provide excellent habitat for wildlife including wild turkeys, white-tailed deer and even black bears while simultaneously enabling recreational activities like hunting and hiking through the property's trails. Harvesting timber sustainably over the long-term helps supplement owning forested lands.

6. Peaceful Countryside Steeped in History

Connecticut's countryside played an influential role early on in U.S. history as a key New England state, including hosting the famous Hartford Convention in 1814-15 pivotal to opposing the War of 1812. Buying land allows you to be part of historic small town America with colonial churches, quaint village greens, well-preserved historic homes and numerous museums sprinkled near acreage around the state to explore. 

Yet everyday modern amenities and stable infrastructure also run throughout the landscape blending the best of both worlds. This mix allows buyers to own acreage immersed in the iconic regional scenery while still benefitting from contemporary convenience.

7. Open Space for Custom Homesites and Vacation Properties

A common reason many buyers choose to purchase Connecticut land plots comes from prospects to build a custom main home or vacation property on acreage that suits their dreams. The gorgeous natural settings, privacy and elbow room allow customized homes with sweeping vistas, while still often being able to reasonably access necessities likes groceries, healthcare, entertainment venues, reputable school districts and more to sustain an exceptional quality of life. 

Compared to the tighter land restrictions present in surrounding states, the looser development regulations frequently make constructing new homes in Connecticut locations much simpler as well when starting with raw acreage.

8. Lakeside Living and Abundant Water Sports

As touched upon earlier, Connecticut benefits over 1,500 lakes and ponds plus major rivers like the Connecticut, Housatonic and Thames sprawling across the landscape allowing for tons of fun water sports during warmer months. Waterfront property allows activities like fishing, waterskiing, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and boating to happen right from one's backyard. 

The coastline along Long Island Sound also enables beachcombing, saltwater fishing, sailing and watching unforgettable sunrises/sunsets over the water. There are plenty of marina options too for docking boats. Between the freshwater and saltwater options, living an active watersports lifestyle comes easily owning Connecticut land.

9. Financial Savings and Green Incentives

Connecticut happens to offer appealing financial savings in many cases compared to the densely populated states it borders. Property taxes generally cost noticeably less than New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey taxes on equal value land and homes. Overall cost of living remains under the national U.S. average as well when factoring grocery, utilities, transportation, healthcare expenses enabling household budgets to stretch farther. 

Additionally, excellent state sponsored incentives exist for land owners installing solar panels, wind turbines or planning substantial farming activities because of Connecticut's renewable energy and agriculture initiatives allocating grants for sustainable projects on acreage.

10. Job Market Across Diverse Industries

While relishing in a peaceful small town charm integrated across the state, Connecticut simultaneously maintains a very established and stable economy thanks to companies headquartered there across industries like manufacturing, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, education, tourism and beyond. 

There are prestigious universities like Yale spurring impressive technological innovation plus steadfast companies hiring ranging from growing tech startups to historic corporations like Pratt & Whitney, Otis Elevator, PepsiCo and more founded in CT providing in demand job opportunities. This blend allows prospective land owners stable employment options to balance owning acreage.

In conclusion, not only does the gorgeous Connecticut landscape foster opportunities for outdoor recreation with its lush forests, farms and waterways but it also provides an enticing lifestyle owning your own acreage retreat with balanced modern convenience nearby to villages. The state truly brings an appealing combination of nature's beauty while still offering access to necessities to make acreage work as daily living. With recreational enjoyment, agriculture capabilities, historic towns supporting infrastructure, plus a solid job market and lower costs in many areas, buying land in Connecticut has very wide-ranging appeal to all different types of buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are most commonly purchased in Connecticut?

Some of the most popular land purchases in Connecticut include forests and woodlands, farmland, rural sites intended for building a home or cabin, waterfront properties along lakes or Long Island Sound, and land for recreational use like hunting grounds.

How expensive is land in Connecticut compared to surrounding states?

Land prices in Connecticut can vary tremendously based on exact location and amenities, but overall are more affordable than the neighboring states of New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey. On average, acreage in Connecticut costs 20-30% less than those densely populated states while still enjoying a convenient location and modern infrastructure.

What tax incentives or cost savings exist for buying undeveloped land?

Connecticut does have lower property tax rates compared to adjoining states, which saves land owners money each year. There are also tax incentives related to sustainable farming or installing renewable energy like solar panels or wind turbines on acreage through Connecticut state programs to encourage environmentally friendly land development.

Is financing available for buying land as an individual?

Yes, there are typically mortgage financing options available for individuals’ buying plots of rural land with acreage lending programs through banks and credit unions across Connecticut. 20% down payments are often minimum requirements. Rates vary depending on credit and income qualifications among other factors.

What are important factors to research before purchasing land in Connecticut?

Before buying land, make sure to research zoning regulations in the town, survey the precise property boundaries, learn about any easements or rights of way, verify what utilities/services extend to the property, assess terrain or soil conditions that may impact building, and get inspections for things like wetlands as some key considerations. Speaking to local real estate pros helps too. An informed purchase is always best.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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