10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Colorado

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Colorado

Bart Waldon

Boasting awe-inspiring terrain spanning towering Rocky Mountains, expansive high plains and stunning mesa vistas across over 66 million total acres, Colorado's natural beauty lures outdoor adventurers, families seeking space and investors alike. Once deemed the "Great American Desert,” Colorado’s diverse landscapes now drive a booming $1.62 billion agricultural economy according to USDA rankings for the state. Beyond yielding bounties of crops and livestock, the state’s boundless acres also enable a $19.7 billion tourism industry centered largely on national parks, forests, wilderness areas and wildlife preserves enveloping over 60% of all land. 

For these reasons and more, Colorado lands constantly attract new buyers even amid dense regulations, development hurdles and recent market volatility as affirmed by a 2022 Federal Reserve Bank survey highlighting the Rockies among top regions for increased farm real estate loan activity this year. We share key facets cementing Colorado as a premier destination for securing scenic acreage delivering enjoyment today with financial upside down the road.

If you’ve been considering buying land in Colorado, rest assured there are ample reasons why it remains a fantastic investment and lifestyle choice. We at Land Boss are highly familiar with the Colorado land market, so let us share 10 reasons we absolutely love buying land in this amazing state:

Reasons to Buy Land in Colorado

1. Majestic Mountain Scenery and Endless Recreation Opportunities

It's nearly impossible to find words that fully capture the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains that give Colorado its reputation. There are 58 total mountain peaks over 14,000 ft in elevation, providing postcard views from any land located nearby. You’ll enjoy the perks of world-class ski areas like Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge in the winter. When the wildflowers bloom in the spring and summer, you’ll hike through colorful meadows near tree line with vistas almost too perfect to believe. From mountain biking to camping, hunting, fishing, horseback riding and more - Colorado land opens unlimited doors for adventure.

2. Tax Benefits and Land Value Appreciation

Purchasing Colorado land can prove to be a smart financial decision. The state has relatively low property tax rates, avoiding excessive annual costs. Appreciation rates for Colorado land also remain consistently strong year after year. Vacant land values continue rising acrosspopular Front Range cities like Denver and Colorado Springs as the entire state attracts new residents and real estate developments at a rapid pace. Even if you buy land as an out-of-state investor, rest assured the long term returns in equity, investment growth, and earnings from land sales down the road make owning Colorado land a savvy move.

3. Abundant Wildlife for Nature Lovers

For wildlife enthusiasts who prioritize living near animals in their natural habitats, Colorado makes an exceptional choice. The state is home to several hundred mammal species, nearly 500 identified bird species, and almost 100 amphibian and reptile species. Deer, elk, big horn sheep, black bear, mountain goats, moose and the iconic bighorn sheep call Colorado's forests and parks home. Other wildlife include bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, river otters and beavers. With diverse ecosystems ranging from high elevation alpine to wetlands to canyons and grasslands, you'll discover amazing biodiversity via Colorado land ownership.

4. Four Distinct Yet Mild Seasons

Through the course of the year, Colorado enjoys four separate seasons, each with its own climate, characteristics and outdoor activity options. Winter brings world famous ski conditions with plenty of snowfall. Spring sees temperatures rising and wildflowers blooming across mountain basins and valleys. Summer means warm sunny days perfect for boating, fishing, hiking and camping adventures. And fall dazzles with explosions of gold and crimson colors in the trees preparing for winter. Thanks to the mid-continental location, summers aren’t too hot and winters often stay reasonably mild apart from the mountains. This blend makes Colorado a comfortable place to live year-round and fully enjoy each seasonal shift.

5. Numerous Options Across Counties and Price Points

A huge perk of looking into Colorado land is the diversity available to match your goals and budget. Want an alpine luxury cabin in Vail? Check. Seeking a remote off-grid parcel far into the western slope toward Utah? Not a problem. Hope to buy and subdivide a 20-acre ranchette as a developer? Totally workable. There are land possibilities across terrain types ranging from the Great Plains to the most rugged 14ers. Values range from $500 an acre for empty range land to $100k-plus an acre for elite ski resort property. With over 60 individual counties across Colorado's 104,100 square miles, rest assured you can own your ideal spread.

6. 300 Days a Year of Colorado Sunshine

Enjoying time outdoors and soaking up sunshine ranks high for most land buyers, making Colorado's average 300 days a year of bluebird skies another prime asset. Even during winter when snow covers the hills, the sun shines brightly most days thanks to the dry continental climate. Parts of the Western Slope and San Luis Valley regions see significantly more annual days of sun that anywhere else in the continental U.S. When skies do yield storms, they often clear rapidly allowing Colorado landowners to get right back outside the next day. It's simply easier to enjoy the benefits of property ownership when mother nature gives you ample opportunity to do so!

7. Skyrocketing Population Growth and Development

Smart investors recognize that buying land early in up-and-coming areas leads to excellent value. As of the 2020 census, Colorado ranks as the third fastest growing state at nearly 15% population gain over 10 years. Much of the appeal comes from Colorado's vibrant economy with booming industries such as tech, renewables, bioscience, aerospace and more. Even tiny rural towns across Colorado report new housing shortages as more transplants arrive. While increasing crowded Front Range cities have their appeals, buying land now in Western Slope towns like Grand Junction or Durango poised for expansion presents savvy opportunities.

8. Year-Round Recreational Marijuana Legalization

In 2012, Colorado voted to pass Amendment 64, legalizing cannabis for recreational use. The first state to fully repeal prohibition, this groundbreaking law opened doors for cannabis entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Far reaching industries related to marijuana cultivation, sales, extraction, testing and retail now drive state tax revenue and job creation. For land buyers who also hope to tap the “green rush”, places like Pueblo County and the Western Slope offer affordable acreage well suited to cannabis grows and greenhouse operations both indoors and out. Paired with stunning landscapes, Colorado indeed rolls out the green carpet for canna-businesses!

9. Overall Strong Economy and Job Market

Despite ups and downs nationally, Colorado continues posting impressive economic stats that support in-migration from other states. Denver now stands as one of America’s fastest growing major metros, reporting record setting numbers of new inhabitants looking for homes and employment. Denver and Boulder also rank as top locales for tech industry growth, with IT salaries rising 35% over the past decade. In addition to tech, fields like healthcare, education, construction, hospitality/tourism, government and more all thrive here. For land buyers who split time between two places, living part time in Colorado can be an ideal choice thanks to the robust economy.

10. The Unbeatable Colorado Lifestyle

Sure, buying property in any state comes loaded with practical considerations like jobs, taxes, schools local amenities and more. Yet perhaps the number one reason we love Colorado land is simply because of the unmatched lifestyle living here. Your perfect Colorado acreage lets you craft a personalized paradise shaped by your unique passions. Maybe it’s a larger luxury estate hosting gatherings with your extended family and friends. Or perhaps it looks more like an off-grid tiny cabin along a remote trout stream with no neighbor in sight. Regardless - making Colorado your own gives you the chance to live life to its absolute fullest, soaking up everything that makes this state so undeniably special.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are abundant excellent reasons to seriously consider making Colorado your land ownership paradise. From the steep slopes of the majestic Rockies to the canyon river valleys and forests perfect for weekend adventures or full time living, opportunities abound across every region of the state. Whether you envision a small remote parcel or sprawling legacy ranch - or anything in between - rest assured the benefits only continue growing from the day you finalize buying your piece of Colorado. With Colorado's endless days of sunshine showering the landscape, unmatched outdoor recreation at your doorstep, an ideal blend of four mild seasons and everything that embodies the coveted Colorado lifestyle, your dreams can absolutely become reality. Reach out now and let the land professionals at Land Boss guide you further on the journey toward owning your own sensational stretch of the Centennial State!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What parts of Colorado tend to have the most affordable land prices? 

While the posh mountain resort towns like Aspen and Vail sell land for sky-high prices, you can find more reasonable pricing looking at the Western Slope, Southern Colorado, the San Luis Valley, and the Eastern Plains. Areas closer to cities or key amenities still hold value, but may offer prices accessible for more buyers.

Does Colorado receive much rain or deal with flooding that impacts land usage? 

Fortunately Colorado's overall arid climate means drought worries exceed flood risks most years, especially for higher elevation parcels. That said, some years see heavier spring snow melt or summer monsoons that cause flash flooding in areas with steeper terrain. But drier locations see less impacts, and it's relatively rare for floods to damage property severely across the state.

What types of trees and vegetation grow on Colorado land? 

While much of Colorado looks rather barren at first glance, you may be surprised by the diversity of greenery taking root statewide. Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, spruce, juniper, pinon pine, cottonwoods and aspens thrive in montane forests. Grasses and wildflowers like columbine blanket high alpine meadows each summer. Heartier shrubs and plants fill the Western Slope, while Eastern Plains farmland sustains crops.

Can out-of-state investors or second home buyers purchase Colorado land easily? 

Yes, definitely! Colorado imposes essentially no restrictions on buying real estate for non-residents. In fact, many land buyers live majorly in other states like California and Texas, owning Colorado land for periodic visits and future retirement. No special regulations exist limiting this across the state's counties. The process looks nearly identical buying here versus in your home state thanks to digital closing options.

Is it difficult to build on vacant Colorado land, either for homes or business uses? 

Construction requires adhering to zoning regulations like anywhere else, but no unusually strict building codes or limitations exist statewide. As long as infrastructure like roads, electric and water get pulled in as needed, you can obtain building permits, hire contractors, and develop raw land into whatever facilities suit your plans for the parcel. The state and counties mainly just ask you stick to proper engineering and environmental rules.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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